The Stranger

This page is about a large artwork of which Mark and I are privileged to be custodians and also links to a page about Sam, our crystal skull, who was the catalyst for the opening up of the energy. It also offers details about its creation and the discoveries and revelations that subsequently opened for me, Hilary, both in the time immediately following its appearance in our lives and then again later, following my attendance on a "New Shamballa" 5-day course in May 2009. The painting has been instrumental in forming associations with "The Illumined Ones" (more on a separate page) and the space provided by the Shamballa course has helped me understand where the essence of the Ascension course we are writing and teaching and our Angelic Multidimensional healing course are destined to lead.

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The image within the artwork may mean or open up many things to different people: for the Artist and Manifestor of the energies, which came through following the grounding of the energies of the Archaeon in 2007 (see separate page), it remained something of an enigma for many months until it finally opened to her on the weekend of 22nd and 23rd November 2008. To me, in my session with it on 23rd November, it spoke of many things, including who and what we are and about our obligations as we move towards Ascension. The painting was then gifted to us on that same day by Alison Knox, and I reproduce her words and information immediately below:

"This Divinely Inspired writing was channelled by Alison Knox on 23rd November 2008. These are the words of a Consciousness which appeared as a large painted artwork early in 2008. Until this moment of revelation, on a beach in Bournemouth, it had remained intriguingly silent. The catalyst of connection being a large quartz crystal skull owned by Hilary Hargreaves and Mark Brittain of the School of Inner Light. This seems to have provided the communication link. The original painting now resides with Hilary and Mark at their teaching centre in Llechryd, Ceredigion that it may continue its work in safe hands.".......

The STRaNGeR. . .
(words channelled by Alison Knox)

"I am nothing; without you. . . a mere potential, perfectly unformed, an untaken breath poised on the brink of a life as yet unlived.
I am no-one; a Stranger, until you embrace me as Beloved. . . friend.
I am without purpose; until you bid me join with you on the journey.
My love is tangible, wholly formed and undeniable; yet . . . still you may not recognise it within me.
I break the surface of your unconscious; scattering its shards like broken glass across the landscapes of your dreams and the oceans of your Lifetimes.
I release you; that you may release me.
I am the Stranger without; peering within through your eyes, hoping that my longing will be felt and I will be permitted Sanctuary.
I am nothing.
I am no one.
I am the Stranger.
Until now; when you recognised me, and embraced me as I Am. . . ."

 The Stranger

Divinely INSPiRED ARTWORKS created by Alison Knox

It is our intention to continue to work with the painting and its energies on our courses and workshops, and also to make the energies of the work available to genuine Seekers on the Path to Ascension, who may benefit from a period of time spent in its company. THANK YOU to Alison and those Beings who channel their energy through her for this opportunity for our continued growth and learning!


Firstly, a little background: The energies of this huge canvas were brought through Alison at the start of 2008, following the grounding of the artworks and energies of the Archaeon at the end of 2007. It contained within it as it was painted and created many aspects of the energies of each of the Archaeon as well as elements that were within each of their individual paintings. Our initial thoughts were that this energy represented a Group Consciousness - perhaps the group Consciousness of the Archaeon - displayed as a Unified Energy. However the painting itself remained silent until its visit here in November, when it finally showed itself....

The first words it spoke to me as I awoke that morning (and we weren't even in the same room!) were "I speak through your lips, I see through your eyes." Later that day as I sat with the painting and sensed its energies, I saw within it a silvered Unified Spirit glowing with Light and striding forwards, and suddenly felt that the form within the painting did not portray the Archaeonic group consciousness, but US! I felt it was showing the Potential of Humanity - awakened and / or ascending humanity - bursting forwards through the energies and elements that have been shed and made available to us by the Archaeon, as they extend their roles in order to allow us to realise our true potential as Beings of Light also. Surely this painting shows US, perhaps in our Christed and Unified Body of Light, striding out to claim the garments or robes of our Divine Angelic Selves. Then I heard / knew this.....

ALL seeing
ALL loving
ALL hearing
ALL Being.
Striding out in the full Light of our reality towards regaining our Real and True Self;
moving forwards with confidence to take on THEIR* mantle -
even to supersede them and surpass their legacy of Love, Truth and Power.

The Stranger then addressed me.....

"LOOK into the mirror:
Find yourself.
LOOK into my eyes:
See yourself.
LOOK into my heart:
Know yourself.
WALK in my footsteps:

I then heard / knew this.....

THIS is our potential and ALL that we may become.
And as it is I, and as it is YOU, it is WE:
A Group Consciousness - a UNITY indeed.
Melding our potential with their legacy:
THEIR* gift to us,
OUR gift to the World.

(N.B. *The words "THEIR" I felt referred to the Archaeon.)


Looking back with hindsight and wisdom (what wonderful things they are!) I see now that the energy that I now know as "Unity Consciousness" has been with me since we started working on putting together our series of workshops for Ascension, which began in earnest at about the time the painting was created. The painting itself formed a connection for me on a personal level, linking me with my Angelic Self as a part of the process I was to undergo to prepare me to work with "The Illumined Ones" some time later (see separate page). In fact elements of that energy have probably been around for much longer, maybe since I began working with the (then) Archangels in depth in 2004, and later in the revelation to me of the "Lotus Light" concept in 2005. It certainly came to the fore during the New Shamballa course in May 2009, when my "human" side was getting frustrated that I was not (seemingly) getting anything useful from the teachings, which I found contradictory, confusing and muddled. I had hoped the course would provide background knowledge that would enhance my Angelic Reiki teaching: It didn't! I thought that I might wish to learn to teach and pass on this course to others: I don't!  I then thought that being on the course may have been a test: It was (in more ways than one.) What the course did give me I now understand (and a belated thank you to Christine and Kevin Core for this) was the time in which to expand my mind and connect with the Universal energies, and within which to open to allow my own truths and understandings of all my learnings over the past 6 years to clarify and fall into place. Unity Consciousness told me during that course: "Walk the paths of your soul with care and focus. Be guided, not led, and let the Light of your Heart illuminate the Way. Take all into your heart, for there are neither falsehoods nor truths, but only Love." They then told me: "Oneness is a point of realisation. It cannot be taught. It cannot be learnt. It can only be found. There is no singular Truth; there is no singular fact - save one........ that the Divine IS Love." The lesson I was to learn from the course then hit me with profundity: I didn't go on the course to learn about the Dimensions - I already know them. I didn't go on the course to be attuned to the Dimensions - I already am. I didn't go on the course to understand the Dimensions - I already do. I didn't go on the course to find illumination - I AM Illumination! Thus attending the New Shamballa course prompted me to think beyond the restrictive box the course was presented in, in order for me to realise the profound potential for wholeness and health that is to be found through expanding one's Self to connect with the resonance of All That Is and in BEING the magnificence of Unity. This is what the work we have been putting into writing our Ascension courses is aiming to achieve, and the goal towards which we have been working for the last few years! It was only on returning home from the course and being with the energy of the painting again that I found I truly understood who "The Stranger" is. To re-iterate what I wrote (above) in 2008: THIS unity is our potential and ALL that we may become. And as it is I, and as it is YOU, it is WE: A Group Consciousness - a UNITY indeed. Then just 12 weeks later we and eleven others attended an event (in August 2009), when the energies of another Unified presence was grounded through us and into our planet. There I came face-to-face with a group of Cosmic Avatars known collectively as "The Illumined Ones", and here too I found and knew myself to be part of something so much greater; joined within a Unified energy that, each time I think I have become ALL, proves me wrong as we expand and grow further into infinity! The Illumined Ones told me (spelt as instructed!):

Open YOUR bEing to the Universe.
Feel its sound resonate through and around you
Encompassing all that you are; heart, soul and mind.
For in that moment; in that perfect Peace
You find yourself.
Complete; whole; entire.
Time is the deceiver, the magician's illusory masterpiece,
For the Universe cycles through the ever present NOW:
Stillness within movement; singularity within unity
ALL is HERe; all is WE; all is ONE, as I AM.
And know that this is TRUE
And all else is mere illusion -
A role that the unreal plays within the unseen reality
Of All That IS.
I have your heart: I AM your heart -
The pulse of which creates ALL
That IS, and WAS and ever shall be.
When there is Oneness; when there is Unity,
Recognised and held within the fabric of all Life,
Then shall there be both END and BEGINNING.


Each of Alison's major artworks have within them (amongst other things) a crystal, crystals or tissue thin metallic leaf. These mineral energies contribute to the energies of each painting, and a little about the crystals within "The Stranger" is set out below. The information has been extracted from one of my favourite books, "The Book of Stones" by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian (Heaven & Earth Publishing, ISBN 0-9621910-3-5.)

heart crystals

The High Heart centre (Ananda Khanda) is the main focus for the crystals in the painting. The central stone is a Pink Lazurine, and there is an outer ring of Moldavite pieces surrounding it. Around that is a circle of outwards facing Clear Quartz points.  When the painting was first created the space between the centre and outer rings was filled with small pieces of Rose Quartz, but these had to be removed from the canvas after their energies were transferred to the painting, leaving hollows showing where they had been. Currently at the third eye centre is a pink artificial stone, which will be substituted at some time for a small piece of Tugtupite, which I have in my collection, and which will fit the space perfectly. I feel perhaps the pink stone used originally was temporarily holding the space until the canvas was ready to receive the new energy. 

Pink Lazurine: is a lab-grown stone, created as a side product of making artificial quartz for the laser industry for use in cold-fusion experiments. It is ironic that those working on military research have created a stone that is all about Love, and which powerfully carries the energies of the Pink Ray. It vibrates powerfully, opening the channels of Divine Love; self-love and love for all of humanity. It might be thought of as the Higher Octave of Rose Quartz. This stone resonates powerfully with the High heart centre, which is the expanded heart centre of the fully activated Light Body. It has appeared now as a tool to help us find resonance with the Highest vibrations of the heart, which is the centre of our new consciousness. One of the Masters it resonates with is St. Germain, and Lazurine is also a passport to the Highest of the Angelic realms.

Rose quartz: is the quintessential stone of love and compassion - for oneself, ones world and ALL that IS. It activates the heart chakra and clears and integrates the emotional body, allowing the whole of the heart's potential to come into being. The heart is the most powerful generator of Light within the whole body, and this stone supports the energetic stabilisation of the heart as it shifts to accommodate changes in the frequency of the planet.

Moldavite: is the stone of transformation, cleansing and change on all levels. It lays bare the limitations we have put on our life and our development, then explodes them and propels us headlong down our spiritual path. We can either go gracefully and willingly, or kicking and screaming - but make no mistake - we WILL go! It allows the greatest connections to be made and expansion to the Highest frequencies to become possible as we change and transform with this stone of activation.

Clear Quartz: is the most versatile of all crystals, and can work with and amplify any frequency of energy. It embodies the concept of clarity and the value of becoming a vessel for the Light of the Divine. It brings clarity of thought and purpose to the mind and the soul, and can help make a strong connection to Higher Guidance and the Higher Self. It is a stone of Light and its ability to be programmed and its properties of amplification have huge implications for the wide ranging potentials for its energetic use.

Tugtupite: is a stone of the deepest energies of the heart chakra, releasing the pure emotion of love in all its uncontrollable intensity. This is a powerful stone for initiation into Universal Love and Consciousness. It opens the heart completely if we are willing to open ourselves to this potential, which may release both joy and sorrow as it connects us fully to those around us and our planet. Yet it is through allowing these feelings to flow without hindrance that we may come to a place of profound peace, where agony and ecstasy are both experienced, calmly, as one. As the heart opens to its full function, so the upper chakras receive this rising flood of energy, leading to the integrated and harmonious functioning of the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. This permits us to connect fully with the Higher realms, creating a state of expanded consciousness, states of bliss and rapture and a sense of all-encompassing Love and union with the heart and mind of the Creator.

PLEASE NOTE: We have copyrighted all material that we have created on this site - which is ALL of it, unless alternate credit is shown. You may freely use any of it for private or personal use only, but we ask that if you wish to use ANY of our material, including pictures, for publication or reproduction in ANY other shape or form, including using it on other internet pages or sites, that you contact us for permission; credit this site as the source of your information and create a web link back to our site. We are happy to share, but dislike the rude practice a few other websites have of using material without due credit to its originators.