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These Ascended Masters pages contain information compiled between 2004 and 2010 as we wrote our Ascended Masters and Ascension workshops and courses:

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This page contains information about 6 of the Ascended Masters and their twin flames:
The Melchisadek, Lady Nada, Pallas Athena, Master Paul, Paul the Venetian and Lady Portia.
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The label or name "Melchisadek" encapsulates an energy or vibration and refers to a vast and Unified Being that is existent throughout all life-streams — Elohim; Angelic and Universal. This great Master is one unified consciousness, having re-united all its aspects and unified its masculine and feminine flames, and as such is probably the closest to Source energy of all the Masters we may access at this time. The "Melchisadek" vibration may be accessed at many different levels throughout the Universal order, depending upon what each individual needs to know; what energy they are capable of holding and what they are working upon. When each person "taps in" to this energy therefore they are not contacting different parts or aspects of the Melchisadek, but its complete energy at a level specific to what they require. There is also no specific etheric retreat to visit in order to access the Melchisadek energies — this frequency surrounds us at all times, and may be accessed from and through wherever we choose. The level that "spiritual" members of humanity are most likely to "plug into" is the Melchisadek energy functioning at Cosmic and Galactic level, where it functions as a member of the governing council of our Galactic centre (the Milky Way) and serves as a liaison between Earth and the other representatives of the planets and bodies of this sector (that of the Great Bear) and the Galactic centre. The Melchisadek energy at Universal level acts as one of the three guardians of the Ascension Gateway, which it holds open with Archaeons Metatron and Michael in order to create a bridge and act as a connection between the Higher Dimensions and ours. There are several spellings of the name "Melchisadek" and we believe that ALL are the same energy, but each person's perception of what they are connecting into may be affected by the way they choose to spell it (MELCHIZEDEK; MELKIZEDEK; MELCHISEDEC etc.)
Many embodied and discarnate beings have held the title of Melchisadek, having been influenced and guided by the energy of this great Master. Indeed some in embodiment today take on this title, indicating their commitment to that vibration and its fundamental principles. There also exists an order called 'The Order of Melchisadek', which is a Cosmic order and priesthood. The underlying principle of the Order for us on Earth is to prepare us for our transition into the fifth dimension (what we refer to as Ascension) by mastery of the four planes of matter — our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of being. The work of the Order is extensive, supporting the same spiritual principles for worlds within other Galactic centres and other Universes — akin to the faculty of a vast University! The name 'Melchisadek' may accordingly be given to any initiate of the Order who has passed the seven levels of initiation into the Order and many of the Great White Brotherhood, including many Ascended Masters, are members. Priesthood is automatically carried over to future incarnations although the Order also initiates individuals when they are in embodiment, which happened to Abraham, Moses and Jesus in their "human" lifetimes.
As you may expect, Melchisadek's work with us today includes helping bring into our subconscious and conscious understanding information concerning spiritual principles and how to work with Light. This includes teaching us to understand and use the Language of Light, and understand, build and work with developing our own energetic Light Bodies. We will need these skills to aid us in our own personal Ascension, and to support Earth and our fellow humans throughout the transition period. Indeed the principal reason behind all the actions of the Melchisadek energy is that of raising vibrational frequencies in order to bring about Unification — of the Self and then ultimately with Source.

The Melchisadek has this message for you:
We stand foursquare at the centre of the Universe, guardians and Keepers of the Light. The Light began within the heart of God, and so too it is with you — your Inner Light, the threefold flame of your heart, where perfect wisdom sits with perfect love and perfect power, all in balance and all in harmony, each one supporting and enhancing the other. For these flames are your source of Light and your bond with the God spark within, which in turn is your connection to all that is and ever will be. Your flames 'Light up your lives' and provide a beacon of illumination and hope for your fellow walkers on the path. Allow your Inner Light to shine forth and offer it in service unconditionally to those in need of your love, wisdom and power. For each one is dependant on the progression of our fellow travellers, whether they encourage and support us from in front or hearten and sustain us from behind. ALL are evolving on the ladder of life, and true reunion with Source cannot occur until all have attained the topmost rung. So as you reach out your hand to others, so too do I reach out my hand to you, to aid and support you in your quest to become rainbow bodies of Living Light, with my eternal love. I AM Melchisadek.

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Lady Nada

Lady Nada served for a long time with Sananda (Jesus) on the 6th Ray, having walked his path of Peace and Love in many incarnations. She became Chohan of the 6th Ray as he moved on, but since the Higher Rays have had access to the Earth she has taken the role of Chohan of the 11th Ray. This is the Ray of Service — the bridge to the true New Age and the Ray that enables us to balance the last remnants of aspects of ourselves that we do not need and which will not serve us as transformed Beings of Light. It will bring us true balance and stability as we recognise ourselves to be Divine Beings and take the brave and resolute steps required to permit the anchoring of our Christed-Body template. Lady Nada has a close bond with Mother Mary and with Lady Magda. It is my feeling that they are of the same soul group, and were embodied together, Lady Nada choosing to re-embody after ascending, as Elizabeth, cousin to Mother Mary and Mary Jacobi and mother to John the Baptist. She is one of the Lords of Karma, with a seat on the Karmic board and also works closely with Archaeons Seraphina, the Lady Charity and Annunciata, the Lady Hope.
In many lifetimes on Earth her focus has been the sharing of the qualities of love, compassion and selfless service to others, and the fields of Healing and Truth. In past incarnations on Earth she has been an Atlantean priestess of the healing arts in the Temple of Love, and a lawyer who championed the cause of Divine Justice for the oppressed. In other lifetimes she remained in the background, quietly and humbly using her energies, especially the energy of the pink flame of her heart, to support the work of those around her with constant and enduring love and devotion directed towards advancing and enabling their work and paths of Spiritual service.
She shares an Etheric retreat / temple over Lake Titicaca in Peru with the Lady Masters Quan Yin and Pallas Athena, their joint role being to help distribute feminine energies to the Earth, bringing masculine/feminine; yin/yang into balance. She also works with Sananda in the Temple of Peace over the Arabian desert. She and her twin flame, the Master John, have an etheric retreat known as the Rose Temple (home of the Flame of Divine Love) over the East coast of the USA.
Lady Nada works with all aspects of sound, especially in the field of sound healing, which promotes cleansing and balancing of the subtle bodies. A recurring theme for her is that of unconditional love for God, for our fellow humans and for ourselves. She believes that it is of prime importance that we are able to recognise ourselves as perfect Beings and to seek to love ourselves fully and unconditionally, including our "shadow side'. Our Divine Blueprint is one of perfection, and she will help us learn more about how and why we have strayed from that perfection in order that we may make ourselves whole again and return to our true state of Being. To have a heart overflowing with love, which is freely given in service to others, is the sign of true mastery of the pink plume of the inner heart, and thus we have to "heal" and fill our own hearts before this outpouring can occur.
Her twin flame is the Master John, who was incarnated as the prophet Elijah, teacher of Sananda in an earlier embodiment, and who re-embodied as John the Baptist after taking his Ascension. He works closely with Archaeon Gabriel, who influenced him in those lifetimes, and with the Master R. He is a consummate "awakener" and helps to waken us and prepare us on all levels of mind, body and spirit to receive and so acknowledge the Christ (and Divine God-self) within us.

Lady Nada has this message for you:
Know this thing about yourself — you are a wonderful and magical child of God, who deserves every scrap of love and attention in the Universe. Do you not know that we the Masters and indeed God himself believe it to be so? And the most healing and fulfilling love is that of the Self, directed to the Self. So enfold yourself now in a cloud of loving pink Light projected from your heart. For how can you love others if you do not truly love yourself? Give to yourself time, attention, love and care and this will repay you tenfold. Watch your heart expand with the love, care and healing of the bounty you give it, until it is filled to the brim and can hold no more. Then see the waves of love overflow, spilling out through your entire energy field to surround you, and influencing and blessing each and every Being with whom you come into contact. Then love yourself more and see your love spread further — even unto the boundaries of your towns; your countries; your planet; your galaxy and your Universe. For there is no limit, no boundary beyond which your love cannot pass. I will tell you a secret; THIS is the only service required of you. Isn't it wonderful- to learn you do not need to worry about where your path leads, or what you need to do with your life? For I tell you this now: your destination is not important, your path is not important — but the way in which you walk your path IS. For with a heart full of love for yourself and all other sentient life your path is complete. So walk in love and with love always, with my heartfelt love and support.
Master John adds:
I have been the forerunner — the way-shower for the Christ. This too is your role -to prepare your heart, mind, body and soul for the advent and birth of the Christ within you. And with love and devotion so may this be done. I will help you to make ready a cleansed, calm, peaceful and loving space, just as if the most dear, important and beloved guest in the world is coming to stay with you! For indeed this is so, and the time now draws ever closer. So work with me now and be ready to open your heart and welcome them home.

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Pallas Athena

Pallas Athena has been serving as Chohan of the 12th Ray and Goddess of Truth, ensouling the Cosmic Consciousness of Truth. The 12th Ray is the Ray that heralds the New Age, enabling humanity and the Earth to recognise the truth of our rightful nature and to become fully in touch with our own Christ Consciousness and anchor it within to allow a direct and conscious interaction with our Divine Self and so with God. It also symbolises new beginnings, helping each of us to totally clarify our path of service and our connections with Source, ultimately leading to total realisation, nirvana and Bliss. She has now moved to work with her twin flame and in helping ground the energies he is working with, and also is anchoring the Feminine Ray into the planet with Lady Nada and Quan Yin.
Pallas Athena was the original Keeper of the Flame of Truth and High Priestess in the Temple of Truth in Atlantis. She Ascended before the Fall of Atlantis, at which time the Flame was transferred to Ancient Greece by Hilarion (Chohan of the 5th Ray) in one of his early incarnations. It was here in its new location and overseen by Lady Vesta that she directed the Oracles of Delphi, whose original role was to channel Divine and Sacred Truths. She still serves in the Temple of Truth, located in the ethers over the island of Crete, which teaches Cosmic Law, maths, music, sacred geometry, the science of healing and the Laws of Alchemy (transformation). This temple is Hilarion's retreat and he shares with her its emerald green Flame of Illumined Truth, which contains the intense blue and golden Rays of Divine Will and Power and Divine Illumination.
Pallas Athena has a seat on the karmic board, where she represents the 5th Ray, which is the Ray of Science, order, logic and reason. This penetrating Ray has the drive to reach the core of any issue and encourages us to look for new approaches and strategies, prompting us to take control of our lives by actively shaping the events that happen to and around us, rather than merely reacting emotionally to those events. The attributes of this Ray uphold the philosophy of karmic balance, which is experienced as we exercise Free Will and learn about life from different perspectives.
The city of Athens in Greece was named after Pallas Athena and she was an important figure to the ancient Greeks in their spiritual beliefs. She has been depicted in art wearing a golden helmet and carrying a spear in her right hand, with which she fights the Serpent of Ignorance. She is the ideal personification of the triumph of reason over passion, showing what we can aspire to be when we allow True Power and Wisdom to unite in rational behaviour and judgement. When she appeared to me, she stood to my left wearing a silver helmet and carrying the scales of justice in one hand. Strapped to her back were two swords in crossed scabbards, and she told me that this was so that "Justice can be even-handed"! She was an extremely strong presence, and it was clear that the concepts of fairness, justice, Truth and Right are of paramount importance to her. If you need a champion at your side as you stand up for the rights of your Self or others, she is the one to call!
Pallas Athena works closely with Hilarion, with all the Lords of Karma, with the Chohans and Masters who work with the Higher Rays, and with the Sun Goddess Vesta. Her twin flame heads the Office of the Maha Chohan and is an incredibly capable and Powerful Being, likened to the planet's Inner Flame or Spirit. He has a hugely responsible position and works closely with Sanat Kumara, who ensouls the planet. His real name is not available at this time, and so he is simply known as The Mahachohan. He has had a number of Earthly lifetimes, including one as the Greek poet Homer, and with a final very humble embodiment as a poor and simple shepherd in India. In his work with us he enables us to access as many of the Rays as it is safe to do so, and as twin flames he and Pallas Athena strongly support, encourage and protect our innate Right to BE Divine.

Pallas Athena has this message for you:
You recognise me as a strong Being, but what is strength? Is it found in the firm true hand of a warrior in battle? Is it found in unerring fortitude throughout the struggles with the demons of everyday life and existence? Is it found in having the courage to stand up and be heard when you say things from your heart that others do not understand? I tell you that it is all of these things — and none of them! True strength comes from within. It is found in the heart, mind and soul: It comes from an inner knowing and conviction that bears you up even when times are difficult; It is being able to see and understand both sides of a story, using solely the rational mind and without being swayed by the rhetoric of others or by their (or your) emotional reactions; It is placing your Self in another's shoes without preconceptions and without prejudice; It is acting in all situations as God's representative — a wise, balanced, dispassionate — yet compassionate - counsellor.
And in order to be so, there is a need to have cleansed and transformed all negativity from the Lower Bodies — from the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual aspects of your baser Being. And then to bring all into balance — the logical and the intuitive; masculine and feminine; worldly and non-worldly — indeed all aspects of yourself that have two opposite poles. For only when you are clear and balanced in all aspects can you see clearly and know the Truth and only then can you perform your next task, which is that of co-creating and manifesting clearly and precisely within the Divine Light of Spirit. Truth is the conduit to your Higher Self and your doorway into the next Dimensions, when you will take on your existence as eternal Beings of Light.

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Paul the Venetian

Paul the Venetian once held the position of Chohan of the 4th Ray, but he has now moved to work with the Mahachohan in bringing down the Higher Rays to Earth. He and his twin flame have an Etheric retreat over the Ch√Ęteau de Liberte on the Rhone in Southern France, where he lived out his final days in his last embodiment as the famous artist, Paulo Veronese. Today this building is devoted to displaying and encouraging the learning and development of the Arts in all its forms. In that incarnation he was famous for painting pictures rich in deep, bold and contrasting colours, believing that beauty was a catalyst for enlightenment. He often depicted Christian themes in his artwork, which were vibrant with joy and held a luminous power. He also worked with glass makers in Venice to create glass crystal bowls of many hues which could be struck to make different sounds, according to their colour. Paulo is a native of the planet Venus, as were many of the Masters.
His past incarnations have included lives in Atlantis, where he was prominent in art and cultural affairs. He transported a focus of the Liberty Flame to Peru before the destruction of Atlantis in order that its energies could direct and underlie the Incan civilization which was coming to prominence, whilst the Flame was removed to the Chateau de Liberte by the Goddess of Liberty, who influences his twin flame. He later had an incarnation as an artist in the Incan empire, working with pigmentation and stone masonry. He also worked as an esoteric architect in Ancient Egypt, working with El Morya Khan in one of his embodiments on the construction of the Great Pyramid. Today he works closely with Archaeon Chamuel, using the Pink Ray of Divine Love to open our hearts through art, music and colour, and with Hilarion to ensure that new technology and science has a creative and artistic input. He also works with sound healing to help restore harmony and balance through the Rainbow frequencies of Light. His main role is to help ground the Higher Rays and to return simplicity to civilisations on Earth. He wants us to live in Joy, being aware that 'having it all' does not necessarily make us happy. He guides us to "count our blessings" and concentrate on the many positive things in our lives instead of the negatives. Simplicity and Joyful living are the keynotes of his work.
His twin flame is Chi Seong Li, who showed us an embodiment as a widely educated Chinese lady of noble birth who, following changes in her family's circumstances, taught basic lessons including mathematics to the young children of a Japanese noble's household. She is loving and kind, directing and emphasising with Love the necessity of creating a disciplined foundation for how and what we learn, and showing that learning our lessons can be joyful, if we focus on all that we gain as a consequence of our increased knowledge and understanding. Her speciality is the realm of logic, mathematics and form; his is the realm of inspiration and art, and yet each employs aspects of the other within everything they do — for when we live in wisdom and love, appreciating the art and beauty in all things, then we have freedom. Together they support all those who teach / learn about the ways, wisdoms and ethos of the Ascended Masters and Angelics.

Paul the Venetian has this message for you:
Let me put the colour back into your life! Allow me to fill your world with brilliant, joyful hues. See now the hand of God within and around you: in the scarlet of the delicate ladybird or on the wings of the vivid macaw; in the orange and peach of a sunset filled sky; in the emerald green of the fields and pastures after the rain; in the clear deep azure blue of the ocean sparkling under a brilliant sun and in the soft velvet of the gentle faces of the hedgerow violets. To walk within nature and to wonder in its glory costs you nothing except your time. So take your time. Look deeply at everything around you, at the shapes and forms of plants, rocks and trees. Stretch out your hand and feel their textures; sense their life. Let their artistry fill your heart and soul, expanding you as you feel the Love of their Creator. And just as you see, admire and appreciate the wonder of these beautiful things around you, so too do we see your shape and form, both physical and non-physical, and the wondrous colours of your energy fields with their ever changing depths and tones. For you are a Rainbow Child of Light — a walking, talking living work of art!
Chi Seong Li adds:
With delicacy I walk, and with a gentle touch my hand alights on the bowed head of the child, bent with diligence and concentration on its work, entranced by the skills that have been locked within, waiting to be discovered. The pride in each word formed with care and precision and the joy to be found from a new thing understood fills my own heart and soul with delight, as I watch the veils between ignorance and bliss thin and become less real. Feel my hand supporting you now, as you too work to reveal more of your True Self and Nature, which is the beautiful heart of all that you are.

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The Master Paul is the current Chohan of the Fourth Ray, the Ray of Harmony and Balance and the Purity of the Godhead. He is also the Keeper of the White Flame of Purity. He has had some early incarnations on Earth in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis, where he was Priest / High Priest in charge of great Spiritual Temples. In the time of Atlantis he was considered to be extremely pure, and it was believed that simply being within his aura could transmute karma and dissolve negativity. His best known incarnation was as Paul the Apostle, and it is this name he bears as the Master Paul. (There has been some confusion regarding the Master Paul and Lord Hilarion, whom it has been said incarnated as Saint Paul. It is our understanding that they are two separate Beings, and that Hilarion overshadowed Paul in that lifetime.) He and his twin flame, Lady Venusea (ven-oos-ia), came from Venus with Sanat Kumara's original entourage. Paul has the typical appearance of an Atlantean — tall and slender with blonde hair and blue eyes, whilst his Lady has the translucent glowing white skin, white-blonde hair and piercing blue eyes of the typical Venusian. They each wear the Jewel of Atlantis, a 6-pointed Star which is the sign of a fully awakened Star-Borne Being, and symbolises Unity with the Universe. Their Etheric retreat is over the area of Al Hamra in Libya. Master Paul works very closely with Archaeon Gabriel, Hilarion and St. Germain and the Violet Flame, and if we use the Flame of Purity hand-in-hand with the Violet Flame they supply a powerful tool for change. It is Paul's role with the White Flame of Purity which is especially important in his role at this time, which is based on helping us purify all our lower and baser instincts, so that we may become clearer and thus more balanced. This is a constant spiral of evolution — the clearer we are, the more of our shadow side we can see, identify with and attempt to reconcile or clear, and thus the clearer still we become and the more is revealed. He showed us a section of tree trunk, revealing the rings of its growth. Each pale ring indicates the growth of the tree in one season, showing how it changes and grows according to what it experiences during that time. The darker rings show the bark or skin that contains and nourishes that growth and supports the tree's trunk. During each period of dormancy growth ceases, enabling the newly grown material to be integrated into the tree's fabric and become a part of the whole organism. Paul understands balance and how it may be achieved, having worked with its theme in many lifetimes. He also has the immense strength that is to be found from knowing the Truth about who and what he is and what his role is and from having an unshakeable inner conviction in what he knows. This faith and trust enables him to unfailingly hold the white Flame at all times without compromising its essence of Purity and of God/Source.
Venusea is extremely centred and focused. Even in the midst of chaos she is like the "eye of the storm". She has an immense capacity for stillness and calm, and the properties of sound as a vibration for holding and transmitting this balance is very important to her. She can tone a wide range and intensities of notes, which are always very clear and pure, and these tones may be used for clearing, healing and balancing. The sounds may also be passed into or through quartz crystals, which are held to the lips as tones are formed. The crystals may be used either to amplify the sounds or store and incorporate their vibration. The breath — how we breathe and how we use it -including its depth and rhythm — is, she indicates, very important to our clarity and wellbeing!

Master Paul has this message for you:
I stand before you now, the purity of the clear Light of God surrounding me as I wait for you to call. For many ages have I been thus, steadfastly here and holding the energies of this Flame — this great Gift from the Creator. For I have at my call the means by which you may clarify and refine yourself — your body physical; your body emotional and your body spiritual also. Over time humanity becomes mired in the negativity with which you choose to surround yourself in your search and valiant struggle to find your own Truth, your own Light. This great work you chose to take on. And I have deep admiration for each and every one of you, who time and time again have had the courage to take embodiment, accepting the veil of forgetfulness as you follow the path you have set yourself. I know it is not easy. I understand the setbacks and difficulties you encounter along the way, for I have been there myself and in my time I too have suffered. But now I see with clarity and am bathed forever in the Light of God's Grace and through his Love bring you access to the Flame of Purity that can free you from whatever binds you or keeps you from fulfilling your potential. So call for me and my Flame, or ask for my presence when you need the restoration of your Trust in the Divinity within you and the Rightness of all things. I am with you in Spirit always.
Lady Venusea adds:
Be still and listen. The sound of my presence is subtle, the sounds soft and perhaps hard to hear — yet if you empty your mind of all superfluous noise and chatter, you will hear me. It may be as a single note; it may be as a melody or simple rhythm that plays through your mind. I am as the whisper of snow falling upon the ground; the passage of the wind through the leaves on the willow; the gentle play of waves falling upon a remote shore; the murmur of flames in the hearth. Slow your breath and allow your lungs to fill completely with each in-breath you take, and empty as you release that breath, allowing your body to relax. Clear your body, and clear your mind, allowing all tension to fade from you. Be calm and know that what you seek you will find with more ease when you are in this state, balanced and at peace with yourself and with your world.

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Lady Portia

Lady Portia is Chohan of the Gold Ray of our Christed Buddha — self. True service comes about through the application of Divine Love to Divine Wisdom using our unique gift of free will. Lady Portia has previously served on the sixth and seventh rays with her twin flame, St. Germain, who now is working to administer the changes being brought about through the Higher Rays. Together they will be serving as Directors of the Aquarian (New) Age. Lady Portia embodies Divine Justice through Divine Opportunity and so is also known as the Goddess of Justice and the Goddess of Opportunity. She is one of the Lords of Karma with a seat on the karmic board, where she represents the 6th Ray. She is also the Keeper of the Holy Heart Flame (also called the Sacred Heart Flame), which is a feminine aspect of the Violet Flame energy, and she applies the principles and effects of this flame in her work today. She is also Keeper of the Flame of Justice and Opportunity. It is she that is characterised holding the scales of justice above buildings such as London's Old Bailey. "Justice" is to be found at the balance point of thought and feeling, and so together with the hierarchs of Libra (whose sign of the zodiac is of course the set of scales) her role is to teach humanity to attain balance of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through the attributes of the 4 elements of earth, wind, air and fire.
Portia has had many incarnations in many of Earth's very early and important civilisations, but one of her last embodiments was as one of Queen Boadicca's daughter, Tasca, who went into battle at with her mother as a warrior princess. Boadicca was a Druidic and Celtic priestess and she led her people in their fight against the Romans as they colonised this country, bringing "civilisation" and in the process eradicating all "local" spiritual practices, which in Ancient Britain was Druidry. It was thought that after the final battle which was lost to the Romans, the Queen and her two daughters committed suicide. In fact Tasca was spirited away by what remained of the Druidic priesthood to ensure that traditional ways and beliefs (which were transferred by word of mouth) were not lost. Lady Portia is also represented by her namesake in Shakespeare's 'The Merchant of Venice', a play revolving around the theme of 'justice'. Arguments have been made that Shakespeare's plays were written by Francis Bacon, who as it happens was an incarnation of St.Germain (!) and who is said to have based those plays around his own life and spiritual beliefs and (co-incidentally?) included the name of his beloved twin flame in this work. In the play Portia is portrayed as a wise and beautiful woman who spoke eloquently about "mercy" being an integral part of justice in the following lines: "The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath. It is twice blest: It blesseth him that gives and him that takes." Through this Portia is showing us how being able to forgive others for their transgressions not only releases the transgressor from their karma, but also releases the one that is strong and compassionate enough to forgive them. 
Lady Portia holds the balance of polarity for humanity whilst she waits for mankind's sense of justice to become balanced and merciful. She answers all calls for balance and teaches us to attain our own balance between the polarities that exist in the world, whether this be Yin / Yang; Masculine Ray / Feminine Ray; good / evil etc. She is incredibly strong and focused in her work and intention and works today to balance love and wisdom, justice and mercy within the hearts of all and to help anchor the violet flame of transformation within the hearts and minds of all humanity.

Lady Portia has this message for you:
Judgement and Justice come from God, but they also come from your Self — your inner Christ-Self that recognises the truth and fairness in each and every event that shapes your lives and in each and every decision you make. True justice is not man made. It does not conform to tailor-made rules and regulations thought up by man in order to exert control and dispense punishment, tempered not by regard for circumstance or situation. For when God sees, he sees all. He knows exactly what is in each ones' heart and mind and in collaboration with your Higher Self dispenses His Justice accordingly. Not to punish, but to shape and form you on your journey with compassion, wisdom and mercy. It is through this gift of balancing what you teach with what you learn, and through having the opportunity to repay karmic debts incurred by yourself or others, that learning takes place and progress can be made on your Life Path. You are not alone in your journey. Although we may not instruct, your decisions may be guided with loving support from your Guides and Helpers in Spirit and from the Realms of Light and the Ascended Masters. And if your decisions bring karmic consequences for you, we can intercede to temper the justice meted out with mercy so that reparation may be made in the time and manner that is Right for you. Let the Light of Mercy fill your heart too, that you may recognise the True benefit of its absolution.

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