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For interest only, this page contains some extracts from our journal that I have kept as transcripts of the tapes of our sessions since we first started our Blue Lotus (Planetary Healing) work in January 2005, until its cessation 7 years, 7 months and 7 days later. Mark led us with Azuriel, and their (and any other) verbatim transcriptions are indicated as being within "quotation marks".

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Please consider adding your voice to protest against the pointless and barbaric slaughter of these wonderful Beings, and consider adopting or sponsoring a whale or dolphin via sites such as THE WHALE AND DOLPHIN CONSERVATION SOCIETY (WDCS) and so helping to conserve and protect cetaceans everywhere. (Go to our "links" page.)



The whales told us:

"The polarities have been set. The possibilities exist. Change is available if enough follow. Believe it can be. If not the stasis will remain and this opportunity missed. And all is certain — always opportunities given. Seek your Light, your life, your existence, and you may adjust the balance for all that are here upon this Earth. We can only give you so much: YOU must seek your true nature, for there lies understanding and the peace you truly seek. For your existence and ours are truly linked in more ways than you know. For now, farewell. ...." 


"Think of your worst; now think of your best.... show your understanding of the two situations… do not judge, just allow your understanding of what could be; what might be, to be present… Those on Earth still hold the choice, the true balance — so think about the extremes: what it means to have power over someone, and what it means to be powerless.... what it means to be rich beyond your wildest dreams, and also to have nothing.... and as thoughts flow through your mind push them to the very edges of what you can comprehend, both good and bad.... For in understanding the limits it is possible to achieve balance - but you must choose it; you must know it for yourselves... You are given choice, freedom, the ability to be the best you can be, or the worst — and it is the choices you make that determine the individuals you are — and the choices you avoid that force you to become that that you do not wish to be…."

"Disparity causes disharmony. Disparity in your world is the root cause of the disharmony you are suffering at the moment. Until those realise that having does not being happiness, and not having does not bring unhappiness, the struggles will continue. ..."

The entries beyond 2010 includes accounts of two of the places visited at the start of our work, to give some idea of the sort of things we come across and how we are always learning to do something new (place names and other names have been omitted.) Then it gives two more later extracts from late 2005, when we found the work to be becoming more complex — yet even more fascinating and rewarding. Then follows an update from summer 2006, showing some of the things we experience off-planet at a Cosmic level and with our cetacean friends who joined us (or perhaps more accurately allowed us to join them!) in the summer of 2005, when some of our work moved into the oceans. Next comes an entry from early 2007 showing the planet-wide work that is being done with other groups of humans from different cultures around the world, hand in hand with pods of cetaceans and the elementals, and then an entry from an extremely significant session just before Wesak in May 2007, when balance of planetary polarities was enabled.


"When man was first upon this planet he sought to corrupt and use only for his own benefit what was here for all. This corruption was sustained and contained and man was all but wiped from the face of the Earth. A second chance was given and this too fell by the wayside. Thrice now, you have been given the choice – accept and choose well with your Life, this time." 

MAY 2010:
We met several times this month, and spent some time working with the consequences of the oil spill (perhaps "gush" is more accurate) in the US Gulf. Other groups were working to help clear the damage etherically and we were being asked to direct sea creatures and birds away from the region. We were also shown the great sacrificial undertaking being carried out by the billions of minute plankton and microbes, who are consuming the pollution and dying in the course of it, thus becoming a part of the great cycle of decay and renewal. Please give your thoughts and positive energies to these tiny creatures, of whom we are usually blissfully unaware. Our Guides said in our first meeting:
"What man has wrought upon man, man needs to understand. Our Earth can correct some of our deeds, but not all. We must learn to live in harmony with her, and once we do life will be much simpler, for we will no longer fight her, but move with her needs and she may move with ours. And once we have this understanding, then we may choose to leave this Earth of ours and seek out others or places to be. But first we must learn to live in harmony... To the plankton of the seas give the Violet Ray. Give it too to the undines, that they may refresh them. To the sylphs of the air give the Violet Ray that they may seek to help undo what we have done...." and in a later meeting the observation was made...
"Humanity knows what it must do, the path it must tread. But too few wish for too much and too many are left with nothing."

We met 4 days after the Haiti earthquake and were asked to go to the West of the island, and assist the cetaceans, who had been doing a valiant job of containing some very nasty energies that had been released from deep below the seabed. Our wonderful whales and dolphins, assisted by undines overseen by Neptune, then cleared the root of the problem, with our support. PLEASE include all these wonderful beings in your thoughts and wishes. Our Guides had this observation regarding the work of the cetaceans, and about the quake:
".....They have held the energies here for many days, seeking to prevent them from polluting the environment around. This has allowed humanity to help relieve the suffering of those who are affected..... Just as we seek to advance ourselves, so all life of intelligence upon this Earth must also be given the opportunity. As we work, so do they. As they work, our lives take meaning: our meaning for them; their meaning for us.... Humanity starts to value humanity, and as this happens so humanity starts to value all life upon this Earth, and the Earth herself. Live in peace and harmony with those around you....."

HISTORICAL POINTERS — 2008 and 2009:

JUNE 2009:
Following some new work that was undertaken and understanding that there is still too little thought being given to how negativity from healing and clearance work is disposed of, our Guides gave this message, with the request that sources of Violet Flame be created for all the elementals to draw on in their ongoing battle to maintain balance and clarity:
"We ask this day that each of you create upon the Earth a source of the violet flame, so that those who work for her may clear the negativity that is thrust upon her still. Visualise a fire, burning bright. The coals like amethyst crystals, the flames of pure violet energy. Send to it the violet flame and see its energies grow. Now choose a place — on land, within the oceans, within the air or within the very core of the planet and place your fire there. If you wish you may place more than one......"

APRIL 2009:
After more disruptions of the Earth, with earthquakes and weather disruptions we are told: "The turmoil is not yet over. The changes you face now may be harder to comprehend. But face them you must. Steadfast in your Light, joyful in your knowledge you can allow others to see there are other ways than that which has gone before."

MARCH 2009:
A timely reminder from our Guides:
"All have choice. This place exists to allow Free Will. But free will gives responsibility to all those who receive it. Your choices decide who you are, what you are, and who you become."

The Earth has given to humanity an immense gift encapsulated in a giant crystal pyramid, which carries the Blessing of Grace. This has been celebrated and acknowledged by the cetaceans, and we have been told that this gifting of Grace from a planet to its dominant species / inhabitants only happens rarely, so we are truly blessed.
".....The whales respond with song..... They sing to the oceans. They sing in response to the pyramid. The pyramid and its energies bring Grace to this Earth. They allow people to understand and do what is Right and for this the reward they shall receive is the knowledge of what they have done. And this will bring them joy. This will allow them to give without thought of recompense. The Earth has given this to us — this crystal; these notes; this feeling of righteous joy."

A new year dawns, bringing with it an upsurge in violence and uncertainty around the planet and at home. The keywords given for 2009 are TOLERANCE and POSITIVITY! This is a time for seeing the darkness for what it is, which is simply a manifestation of our own shadow sides, and reconciling and encompassing it in our Light. It is also a time for reclaiming our own power and not being taken in by the words and actions of those that seek to keep us in fear. It is vital we listen to our hearts and make our own choices, guided by our own Inner Truths. Archaeon Haniel and his Lady have been a strong presence around us, especially following the anchoring of the Feminine Ray near their etheric retreat, and he said this as we focused on the year ahead:
"From out of the old cometh the new.
The serpent opens its mouth and a Great Light emerges. From within the darkness Light appears — not consumed by the shadows, but sheltered within until the time is right for it to be revealed in all its Glory. And the Light comsumeth not the darkness but illuminates its source, bathing it in the mercy of the Light of God, so that ALL is revealed: stark in its nakedness and simplicity. No longer a thing reviled and thrust aside, but accepted and encircled by the Light, which hath neither pride nor dominion. THIS is completeness. For in the Light is revealed the Truth: the serpent is cloaked in feathers that it may take flight and return home, illuminated by the Light of its own Spirit."

Great News! On the 9/11 the Flame of Mu — the Flame of the Divine Mother and the Ray of the Divine Feminine have successfully been returned to their rightful place within the body of the Earth. We have been permitted to return these energies to our planet from their etheric home, where they have been kept in safekeeping for thousands of years. This means that true balance between masculine and feminine energies is finally achievable, although we doubt the process of getting there will be easy!
"This Day the Mother Ray has been restored to its rightful place within the body of the Earth. She weeps tears of joy as she welcomes its return..... May you allow the energies of the Divine Feminine to be restored to its rightful place within you, and may they blend and harmonise with all else you hold, that you may settle into balance and grow into the True and Complete Magnificence of your Being."
And on 18/11 the neutral Ray was reconnected into the planet, creating a triangular "holding pattern" of energy and finally allowing a balance point to be anchored between the masculine Ray anchored in the Himalayas and the feminine Ray anchored in Peru. The 9 days between the two events proved difficult for many and adjustments to the new energies may be ongoing for some time — the discomfort being greater for those whose masculine / feminine balance is poor!
"The masculine and feminine must be in balance. No one may dominate the other. At some time the balance may move towards one or the other, but it may not remain. It must swing, as a pendulum, back. When the balance is distorted, freedoms are taken away. For when the balance is true all are empowered, free and responsible for themselves. This time you have another opportunity. Take it well. Our support is always with you."


The Earth's economy hits a turbulent time, and today (14th) also was the date that had been given to many for "First Contact" the end of our session we were told 2 things by those that had guided us:
"Turmoil may be about you. Be strong as a rock. Constant, unmoving. Allow the turmoil to flow past you, leaving in your wake a calmness, tranquillity and peace that others may see and seek out." .......... and............ "Truth can be restored, Truth can be seen. They who wish to visit now know we are here. They may choose to be present, or they may not. For they have to decide if we are ready to understand. They face, maybe, chaos. They know this and will decide if they are to make themselves known this day, or not."

AUGUST 2008:
Earth's representatives summoned the Council of Seven from the Seven Logoi of the constellation of the Great Bear to convene, and accordingly they will make a decision and judgement concerning our (and Earth's) readiness to move to the next level.
We await their edict.

The True Light, the Diamond Light and the Star of Truth and Light have been grounded for the planet. These are the Lights of our Pure Potential, and many of humanity are now being forced to make the choice about which side of the lines they wish to stand.
TRUTH IS TRULY THE WATCHWORD! STOP PREVARICATING! GET OFF THE FENCE AND REMEMBER YOUR SACRED CONTRACT..... and know that each one of us counts. There are many out there (both on our Earth and outside it) who would prefer that we fail in our tasks of planetary Ascension, so have courage and remember we can call on the Kingdoms of Light for strength and resolve. Our Guides told us:
"Sometimes one man may stand against a tide, where many would fall."

The Silver Ray has been returned to the Earth herself (but not yet to the grid), bringing with it the Silver Ray of Purity, and the silver-white Light of Understanding. Although most of humanity are not yet ready or able to accept the energies of the Silver Ray, it is waiting for us to be ready for it and will be there when we need to connect. Also the Diamond Light was lent to us to enable us to release the planet and the Solar System from the "Spiritual Quarantine", which had been in place around us for many thousands of years. Accordingly many Universal and Galactic Beings are permitted access to us once more, and we can once again have true and full access to the Universe. Be aware however that contact is not limited to those of the Light, and there remains a great need to be discerning and on the alert when being asked to accept and work with "new" energies. NEVER forget to use the "Right of Challenge" and always test fully. True Guides with good intent who work in the Light always respect us for doing so. These energies peaked at Christmas Eve, when some important new energies were grounded, and until about Easter 2008 we needed time to become acclimatised to the new and more powerful energies that are becoming a part of our lives and began to adjust our energy bodies accordingly.......

The Platinum Ray of Enlightenment has been firmly linked into the outer Galactic / Cosmic grid and into the Earth, and also the Earth has been gifted with the blue-white Flame of Truth and Light, which is being grounded within her core and within the hearts of many Lightworkers around the planet, who are becoming ready and able to take within themselves these new and increased vibrational energies.

AUGUST 2007:
In the middle of August, as things began to hot up, Azuriel our Guide said this:
"The Time of Realisation begins upon the Earth as people begin to understand and respect that which allows them to live. That which gives them hope. This realisation is one of the many things that they must go through if they are to reach Unity once more. For some the lesson will be difficult: for others it will be so obvious that they will not understand how others do not see it. But have patience, for each learns in their own way, and some will only learn by experience."

JULY 2007:
By the end of July a protective Solar shield had been put in place to protect the Earth from increasing Solar activity, which could otherwise be harmful to us. This activity was contributing to the very unsettled weather we were experiencing. Also three additional colours have been brought down into the Earth's energy field and linked into her primary grid, to join with the basic rainbow spectrum colours that she (and we) are able to access. The new ones are: pearlescent white, silver and gold. Gabriel and Ishmael (Azrael) joined Azuriel at the end of the session to give a little of their input, which follows:
Gabriel: "Today the Earth moves closer. She reaches for the Higher levels beyond which she has stood before, and slowly she assimilates them. As she raises, so may we. Seek forth the good in all: take joy in it....Enjoy the differences in all: take joy in it.....Seek out the common that all of us have: take joy in it.....Prepare for what must be and what must come: take joy in it.....Thank your whales and dolphins for their efforts and for their songs of joy: and take joy in that.....Note how they (the elementals) are beginning to rise in their vibration: and take joy in that too."
Azuriel: "Strange have been the events — stranger yet are still to come, but all can make a difference. ...... take joy in your presence upon the Earth."
Ishmael (Azrael): "In darkest, deepest despair, joy will always find you. Joy will lift you — laughter higher still. Take Joy in all that you do."

MAY 2006:
The planet's own balancing system for dealing with any negative energy that is directed to her as a "by-product" of healing work on humanity / the animal kingdom was up and running again! If you are in the habit of directing negative energies you remove from others or yourself to the earth, rather than transmuting them by the action of the Violet Flame, please call upon the sylphs and ask them to take the negativity to the Balancer for transmutation. This is just one of the ways you can help make a difference.
".............And so the Balancer is restored. Its energies are there for all who wish to use it. When you give to the Earth for transformation, call upon the Balancer to do its job, and it will change the negativity to an energy that the Earth can use.........."

gnomes in snow


Job done, it was time to move on, and so we flew together to B....... . I was expecting to go to the top, but M..... directed us to a screed slope on the side near the top. I thought (!) I don't like heights, and that I would therefore stand at the bottom of the circle, so I could look up and not down the steep drop! Here we saw again an area in the earth which was very dark. To me it looked like a portcullis, a web of metal grid work holding the energy in. I felt we were perhaps over an old volcanic plug. C...... saw us ground in firmly, with all our energy linked up together like tree roots very firmly into the ground. This time the undines stepped forward, each with a trident, which we were given. We were instructed to strike them into the ground, and to draw off the negativity through the trident and thence through our bodies which were filled up again with violet flame, and as before passing it out of our crowns as white light. So we did this: each time we cleared a small area, and then stepped forward closer to the centre, thrusting the trident in and releasing and transmuting some more each time. We worked forward in this way clearing as we went, and were again instructed to look up where we saw the white light from our crowns twisting together to form a single rope of White Light which went soaring up to plug into the grid, which rippled out with Golden Light as it was fed by the beam, which eventually plugged back into the ground. As we finished, again I declared the beam and work to be eternally and Divinely protected.
Finally, we moved on across the sea to I........., where we were taken to a huge area of green land. I saw vaguely in the distance what looked like a hill-fort (like Barbary Castle) and we were then told to go towards it, and that as we flew time was being moved backwards. And so we then saw the hill fort as it once was, with a stockade of wood, and a big hut standing in the middle. We were told the hut was occupied, and the occupants would be aware of our presence, but would not be permitted to interfere. We were directed to the centre of the building, where 7 beams held up the ceiling. We each had to stand in a circle with our backs to a beam, facing the centre. The roof had a hole for the smoke from the fire to come out, and in the middle of the room a fire was burning. The salamanders were called, and told to reveal the true flame. They brushed aside the burning branches of the fire to reveal a small, weak flame in the centre of the room. It was completely surrounded by darkness and ashes. The flame was very important and had to be preserved and not allowed to go out. Therefore H......., C....... and I were asked to surround the flame with love and to keep it burning throughout the process, whatever happened. I concentrated on sending out heart energy to it, and the 3 of us cocooned it in pink light from our heart chakras and brows, holding it steady. The other four were given brooms, and asked to sweep the darkness and ashes towards the flame in the centre, transforming it through their violet flame bodies as before. They continued to step forward, sweep, and transmute until they neared the centre. We were then shown a dagger or sword hanging above the flame in the centre of the room, pointing down, and then shown the four beams of white light coming from their crowns forming into white snakes and twisting around the dagger, like the energy lines around the caduceus, and then twisting entwined on upwards into the sky. As all this was taking place, we were also told that we might be aware of the room spinning below us, and our surroundings dissolve, because as the work was happening we were all being taken forwards in time again. The darkness was to be transmuted throughout time, and we had to bring the flame forward to the present day intact and alive. This is a flame of freedom. Once again when we finished, we saw the light beams mix together, ground into the earth and soar upwards to connect with and light up the grid, and again I sealed the work with my intent. We stood finally in green space, within the boundaries where the fort once stood, and within the beam of White Light to enjoy the energies, before returning home.

Since the summer of 2005 we have been working in the oceans of the world as well as "off-planet", and join with pods of cetaceans (whales and dolphins) to work Cosmically or wherever else a need is perceived by our Guides, according to what is going on in the world. Each of us in our group is linked to a different type of whale and dolphin, who embody the group consciousness of that particular species and type. For example one of us joins with a Humpback whale, one with a Minke, one with a Sperm whale, one with a Blue whale and so on, thus making a team of 21. We also occasionally link ethericly with six other groups of humans from a range of different native cultures representing each of the other six main continents to work as a massive group of 49. When we meet with these 6 other groups and their cetaceans, we can work as a team of 147 — sometimes this increases still further when we each add in 4 elementals and occasionally a dragon!
Here are two other extracts from our journal made in the autumn of 2005, which gives some insight into this:

.......Here we could see the darkness of the sea as it dropped away into a deep undersea trench. Our 3-fold form descended to the surface of the water, and then further down, below the waves and slowly sinking down into the trench. As it became dark, we let our inner globe of Light shine to light our way. Finally just above the sea bed we began to see a dark patch, unaffected by our lights, and spread out around this and then split into our 3 separate forms. The whales were sent out to swim around the dark area, containing and holding it. Then our dolphins swam to the ball of darkness and plucked out a mote of it — rather as they do when fishing in pods with a shoal of sardines. The mote was brought to us, and we transmuted using the violet flame (I breathed on it and kept a pile of the cleansed ones by my feet, as white Light). Again and again the dolphins swam in and brought us more pieces, and slowly the darkness lessened. As it did so, we started to discern a green light in the centre, at the sea floor. From time to time we cleansed our dolphins using the violet flame, if they got caught up with any dark motes. It was easiest to do this by "hands on" work, very swiftly powering their auras up. Gradually the green light became brighter and clearer, and we moved closer to the centre of the mass until the final motes were picked off by the dolphins, and the water was cleared. Then the whales stopped swimming round, and we could see a green glow, bright and powerful. Then using our minds, we peeled away a layer of the green-coloured sea bed over the area, and the light became paler and brighter. The green layer was a protection for the Light, and not a bad energy, but it was no longer needed. Again we peeled off another layer, until in all we removed 4 layers, revealing a white Light beneath. We then sent towards the Light source the energies we had transmuted from the motes, which went towards the fiery Light, to enable the beam to be charged. The beam then rose up from the sea floor and connected to our grid above, where it belongs. I sealed and dedicated the beam as usual. Then it was time to rise up with the beam, and travel up to see the earth revolve below us, until we could all see Europe below, and then we headed for our next destination..................

...............So we followed that beam out, back away through the atmosphere of ........, and as it gained strength at the outer edges, we found that we could enter it and be transported to our next destination, which was a small cold dark planet, where the Sun is a small dot in the distance. This is called ......... We had to search the surface. We are looking for a large round crater, near to its pole. There: we found it and all landed around it, taking care not to get too close. As we looked down, what we first saw were shades of darkness, and as we looked with our "other" eyes we saw something that looked like a dandelion clock sitting in the centre, with a white, misty surface around a central hub. Above its surface was a layer of darkness which shields the hub from misuse, but which also is preventing it from doing the work that is necessary. We had to first draw upon the power of the red helix and project it forth from our right hand as a spiral, directing it down to the craters edge. As the red energies touched, a ring of red fire appeared around the crater edge. Then we had to take the blue energies and direct them through our left hand in a helix towards the centre of the crater. As we did this, the surface of the crater appeared to crack, with deep fissure of ice-blue which flickered across the surface. Still the darkness held. Then we called in the green helix and directed it through our third eye between where the red and blue energies were being aimed. As this touched the surface the cracks grew larger, but still the darkness held. Then with our heart centre we called out the energies of the Magdalene and Violet flame combined in an elliptical spiral and directed them firstly to our red helix. We then saw the sides of the crater begin to clear and the darkness disappear, letting the red rim slowly turn to white, as the fiery energy burned. We continued to move in the red / violet and green energy beams slowly into the centre, whilst keeping the blue beam steady (talk about multi-tasking!). As we did so the dark areas got smaller and the area became whiter ands brighter as the rim of dark energy was burnt back to nothing. As we got closer to the centre a beam of orange Light started to emerge, rather like a volcano erupting. We had to take care not to touch this. Finally as we reached the central area where our blue beams were, all our beams combined into one and the centre erupted like a pile of smoke — all the darkness disappearing into the sky above. We then had to quickly link our beams together, directing all our beams to each other so that we were all connected. Then we split from our tri-bodies and our dolphins and whales also projected a set of beams so that beams from 21 of us all criss-crossed the crater and started to form a shield of red, green, blue, violet and silver energy as all the colours merged and interlaced. Then we moved anti-clockwise, enlarging the shield as we did so, so that when we reached the position on the rim where our immediate neighbour stood the shield was complete. Then the darkness that had erupted fell back, but as it hit the shield the darkness was transmuted back to Light and the energies then taken by the shield and reused, passed back beneath and to the planet. Then we looked beneath the shield and could see thousands of specks of energy, which had made up what looked like the dandelion clock. There in the centre at the core was where they were being generated. We continued to hold the shield until all the darkness had been absorbed. Then the shield was no longer needed, and we simply "thought" it gone and it was. We took back what energies we needed from the shield, and watched as the motes of Light danced more vigorously. Slowly they rose up from the planet, and then faster and faster they shot up and into space.
We were told "They take with them information and knowledge, imparting knowledge and allowing civilisation to spread to other places. For these are the seeds of Life. These are the seeds of innocence. These are the seeds that developed to allow you to become what you are over Millennia. And so they are free once more. Free to do their work and spread to other places. To allow that spark to ignite again. To allow you to find the Others when the time is right."
As the sparks and motes left, the Light in the crater diminished, but their source was left in the centre.
"This will continue to create more motes, so that they too can travel out and away from where they have been made, from where Creation was made Manifest."
We then lifted off from the planet and found the beam, and surrounded it and then guided it back to the central point so that the energies and information flowing from ............ could reconnect into ............
"So that creation may start with the lessons that have been learned and so it can go forwards and not stagnate. And so it is done".

Here is a more recent entry from summer 2006, showing an experience we were given on a planet or star far from home, and also relays a "poem" given to us by the whales.

Here we found the beam emanating from the communication crystal, and entered it one by one, following M.... / A....... We exited in a cloud of mist, and were directed to see that each of us was greeted by a Being who would guide us and who we would be comfortable with. We were then asked to give the challenge "In the name of God and all that is Light, are you from the Light" x 3. My guide answered "I am" each time, and so I went with him. Each of us were led to a separate area, where we were shrouded in the mists, and found ourselves each in front of a standing stone, which had many areas covered with symbols. Then we were passed an instrument, and the guide gestured to the stone. We were asked to write upon it in symbols of Light an experience from Earth which we wanted to share with others. This may be negative, in which case we had to write the lesson learnt or taught: if positive we had to write of the feelings the experience gave us. My pen was long, thin and golden, and as I used it, a thin beam of golden / white Light came from one end. It was as if the symbols I wanted to write were already etched into the stone, but that I had to follow the etchings with my "pen", which filled in the etchings with Light, which then faded away to leave just the etchings in the stone again. For me the symbols were more like writing, in that they were strung together into long "words" and the letters were quite ornate and rather curly, a bit like angelic writing. My guide then ran his hand across what I had written, and I watched as a play of emotions ran across his face, as he experienced what I had written. We were then asked to read one of the other entries, which I did by running my hand over it. This one was written differently to how mine was, yet it seemed that the touch allowed the meanings to enter the mind, regardless of the form of the letters. Then I touched another set, which were different again, much more compact and shorter in form. In each case it was an experiencing of what was written, rather then reading, which is normally experiencing something second-hand, for our own interpretation. This way all is received as if it were real. Once we had finished, we turned away from the stone, and saw a path back to the centre and the beam where we had come from. We went back to the beam, and again followed M..... / A...... back into the beam, and found ourselves back on Earth again.........
We went south back over the sea, and found a spot where we were allowed to be with our whale and dolphin, communicating and communing with them, to be with them and learn with them and about them and their lives and impressions of life on Earth, and how they see the world and how they enjoy life and have fun. This is what the whales sang to us:

Sky above, sea below: Together we can achieve that which has to be done
Sea below, the sky above: All things for us are possible
In pleasant harmony we work, yet some would hunt us: Yet we can and will prevail
Sea of blue, sky of white; We see all through day and through night
And yet together onwards travel, For we must be as one together
Riding the waves; Diving to the deepest depths;
Travelling the Earth, And from the Earth to the stars, as we wish:
Knowledge to share, given freely so all may learn

Here is part of an entry from the start of 2007, where we had been doing more Cosmic work for the planet hand-in-hand (and out-of-body) with our compatriots from various continents around the globe; the elemental kingdom and the cetaceans. This was a day of huge potential transformation for our Earth, and an immensely powerful and emotional day as we connected deeply and strongly in a symbiotic relationship with the planet and acknowledged her as a living evolving Being, and gave her our respect.

......................As we waited others joined us and soon our seven is joined by seven and another seven and so on, until there are 49 of us We formed a ring around the Earth from the North pole to South pole, passing through the UK. The other sevens formed into rings offset by degrees, so that the whole Earth was surrounded by we 49. "We have the colour, so start to transmit the red energy from yourself around our circle. Now call the sylphs and have them take a strand of the energy from you to one of the other rings, so that each of you connects to a different ring, and allow them to transmit the energy around their circle, so the Earth is surrounded by seven red rings of Light. I hold the energies of our ring (M speaks): you hold the connections to the others. As the circuits become stronger, the rings begin to expand until the whole planet is surrounded in a sheath of red energy. Allow the intensity and focus to grow, until you no longer see our planet beneath us, just the redness. Each of us knows where our seed is buried: now send forth a Ray into the planet, down to where you have planted it, be that on land, sea, air or the earth's core, and as we do so, the other 42 join in. As the energies rise we are joined by many whales, dolphins, sylphs, salamanders and undines — and finally the gnomes. Allow your energies to spread to them too, maintaining also your connection with your ring of people. The dolphins and whales spread out forming yet more rings: the gnomes, sylphs, salamanders and undines similarly spread out. The connections from you become more and more numerous, as we are all joined together as one, becoming one with the fundamental energies of our planet: becoming one with the sentient life-forms upon it. And so we nurture our seed, so that it may grow to give our planet what she needs........and now, as our abilities to hold the energies fade, slowly disconnect those energies from the others, but maintain it in the ring we hold. The whales, dolphins, gnomes, sylphs, salamanders and undines help with the energies now going down to the seeds you have planted. They learn quickly, for they are able to hold their own rings of red energy now, keeping it flowing around the whole planet. Hold fast. You notice the seeds begin to change: to grow in whatever form is right for them. Some grow as plants; some as Light turned on in the darkness, others as waves, but they grow as they must grow. And so we give back to the planet that which we as mankind have taken. We restore to her that which she needs. In doing so, we give her our thanks and respect for allowing us to be present here. And as the energies within us begin to slow, so the connection to our seed fades. The rings of Light around the Earth slowly go out, one by one. We thank all those who have helped us this day, be they whale, dolphin, sylph, salamander undine or gnome. Upon the Earth you may now rest, be it in the oceans with your whales and dolphins, or upon her land with the elementals. Rest and be at peace with her. And as you rest you feel her energies adjusting your flow, your cycle, bringing you once more in tune with her, so that you know that what you have done has helped. You feel her thanks: you feel her joy at the respect you have shown: you feel her acknowledgement and love. The Earth may be renewed — so are we, our paths entwined once more." ...............

Here is part of an entry from May 2007, when we succeeded in a task we had been working towards for some time in bringing about the merger of the "stag" and the "snake"  — symbolic of the polarities of light and dark — and facilitating balance for the energies of the planet and all her inhabitants. It has something important to tell us all about the true nature of "dark", and throws new light (in more ways than one!) on our prior concepts of "good" and "evil".

...... "Now hold your faith. From the centre of the bowl emerges a black snake. Its eyes are clear crystal, shining and bright. It emerges from the bowl, and settles upon the ground in front of us, released from its point, ready for our presence. Allow your energies to separate back out, so that you become yourself once more ........ So that you once more become a Being working of the Light and in the Light, your presence and solidity restored." As we separate out the snake grows larger, but we know that we need not fear it. "Now call forth the stag ........" and the stag in crystalline white and glowing with light comes into our presence. "The snake moves to me, the stag to C...... and beginning in front and behind each of us they begin to weave in and out between us, each in turn — in and out, the snake anti-clockwise and the stag clockwise." As they pass by, we found that in turn one of them was in front of us whilst the other was behind us. They wove between us faster and faster and finally we found that their energies began to merge like a woven web of light, the black and white of their energies starting to merge to form what looked like a pewter-grey band of Light. "Layer upon layer builds up around us and as the layers become thicker their energies come closer to us, and we feel the balance that we hold within — the balance that we control. Now ....... rise slowly from the Earth, spreading outwards as you do so." We moved upwards and outwards whilst all the time the snake and the stag continued their dance twining between us. At last we were far enough away from the planet so that our circle surrounded her completely and we and the archetypes held the combined rings of darkness and light around her, which pulsed around us and then spread wider, working both inwards towards the Earth and outwards towards the grid. "The energies combine and become one — the energy within and the energy without." Then the snake and stag spoke through Mark in turn:
Snake — "Darkness is not to be feared. It is something that we all hold within."
Stag — "Light is always to be seen. It helps remove the darkness where you need not hold it"
Snake — "Darkness is not fear. Darkness is but an absence of things that can form. Darkness gives you the ability to create what is needed."
Stag — "Light gives you the energy that you need to move and do the creations that you must do. But you must hold the balance. For in clearing that which cannot be and creating that which must be, you create the Light and the Life that you need."
Snake — "And once you have done the creation then I am satisfied, as are you. For from me can come what is needed. I provide the space."
Stag — "But for you, you must find the balance of what is right and bring into your lives what is necessary for you to do. The Earth must know how to create from nothing. And how to return what it has created back to the energies from which it started."
Snake — "That is what I provide. Do not fear. Be happy."
Stag — "For all things together once created as One. If all was Light then nothing could be seen. There must be balance between to allow things to be observed and for experiences to be gained. All things are available to all people. The balance is being returned to where it should be. Those of you who seek it will find what you need. For within each of us we have the power to change what we need to change."
Snake — "And we can do it together."
Stag — "The light prevails. The light relies on the darkness — and do not confuse the darkness with that which tries to cloak and hide the Light — for that is not darkness: that is worse than darkness."
Snake — "That seeks to hide that which cannot be seen. That seeks to destroy what must be. That is not my path."
Stag — "The light is our path. The light is where we have been and where we travel. The darkness is part of our path, but it is not what you call evil. Evil is what you have been destroying and changing — for evil is not part of the balance — for evil destroys the balance. The void is the darkness. The void is the ability to create what you need. The snake comes from the void, and so together we must work as one. For with the void all things are possible. But you must create the Light for it, to create the things that you need for the Earth to achieve what she must do."
Their words faded and Azuriel returned and we found ourselves in the void again ....... "Do not confuse the darkness with negativity. The darkness is not negativity. The darkness is merely the template against which the Light may be drawn........ The time of the stag and the snake is upon us. Teach all to understand the balance. How they must live: what they may do. No matter how small they believe it to be, they will find that doing the right and creating what is needed will actually bring them joy......."
The stag and snake then spoke together:
"We are one — ever together — we are brought back together where we need to be. We are restored."

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