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This page brings you an overview of OUR Archangel information (some now Archaeon — see below). We have devoted separate pages to each of the following Archangels / Archaeon, bringing you lots of information about the following wonderful Beings of Light: Azrael; Chamuel; Gabriel; Haniel; Jophiel; Metatron; Michael; Raphael; Sandalphon; Tzadkiel and Uriel. Many of them you will find occupying places on the "Tree of Life" in the Kabbalah, and each of them help oversee and administer aspects of the 10 Sacred Rays. Simply follow the links bars at the head of the page. We have also put together a separate page devoted to our research on their feminine aspects, the Archeia, which you may find by following the links or dropdowns.

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I have now written and published my first book (pictured above).
Winner of the 'BEST SELF-PUBLISHED SPIRITUAL BOOK OF THE YEAR' category in 'Soul & Spirit' magazine's Spiritual Book Awards for 2018, it is a 400+ page hardback book titled 'Walking with Archangels' (hardcopy only £25) that holds a great deal of completely new and unique information, channelled messages, 'Teachings' and Guided inner-journeys given to me by the 11 Archangels mentioned above and their Archeia PLUS Ratziel and Tzaphkiel, and their twin flames Jochara and Okina (see below*).

The book offers you a self-led programme of work that will catalyse, aid and support your own personal journey of personal and spiritual growth and healing for less than the cost of a one-day workshop! It also includes information about (and aid and support from) 78 animal spirit guides; 78 crystals and minerals, and 52 trees. 

The Knowledge and Wisdom of The Ancient Ones; The Book of Ratziel — Love, Light and The Word; The Gift of The Black Light of The Alpha and Omega.
Apache Tear, Snowflake Obsidian, Jet ..... Cheetah, Ostrich, Elephant ..... Maple and Acacia.

The Fundamental Forces of Air and Water; The Fundamental Forces of Earth and Fire; The Gift of The White Light of The Alpha and Omega.
Aquamarine, Tibetan (Black) Tektite, Snow (White) Quartz ..... Condor, Mountain Goat, Polar Bear ..... Rowan and Date Palm.

The Alignment of Personal Will and Divine Will; The Gift of The Spear of Divine Enlightenment; The Enlightenment of The Platinum Star of Illumined Truth.
Hawks (Falcons / Blue Tiger) Eye, Rainbow Obsidian, Clear Quartz ..... Peregrine Falcon, Octopus, Sparrow ..... Cypress and Baobab.

The Ray of Revelation and The Mind of The Divine; The Gift of The Golden Halo of Universal Awareness; The Magenta Ray and The Cosmic Seeds of Light.
Cobalt Aura Quartz, Pyrite, Chrysanthemum Stone ..... Otter, Scarab Beetle, Skunk ..... Wych Hazel and Elm.

EVERYTHING in the book is totally new, and written from a brand new perspective, making the Archangels and their Love accessible to everybody, whether you are just setting out on your path, or are already on your way to Enlightenment! 
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If you like what you read here and want to use it yourself PLEASE NOTE that we have copyrighted all material that we have created and channelled on this site — which is ALL of it, unless alternate credit is shown. You may freely use any of it for private or personal use ONLY, but we ask that if you wish to use ANY of our material for publication or reproduction in ANY other shape or form, including using ALL OR ANY PARTS OF IT on other internet pages or sites, that you FIRSTLY contact us for permission... We will then usually ask that you use extracts only (NOT whole blocks); and that you credit us as the source of your information AND create a web link back to the relevant page(s) from which you took the material. We are happy to share our work, but dislike the very rude practice some people have of copying material without due credit to its original authors.

Since publishing these pages, we have been asked many questions about some of the information in each write-up, and I would like to add these following observations:

For most of humanity the reality of this planet, Earth, is that of the physical 3rd Dimension. Just as with our physical bodies, the Earth's physical body is built around templates that exist in many other Dimensional realities. At the time of the Earth's "conception" many energy constructs were put in place in order for the Earthly aspect of the "Divine Plan" to begin. The Angelics were amongst those participating in this, and they anchored aspects of their Being in various locations within Earth's developing energy field to facilitate and support specific aspects of her growth and that of all sentient life that was to evolve therein. The Angelics True place of Being is a 7th Dimensional (+) reality: their anchor points for the Earth were placed within a 5th Dimensional reality of her energy field, thus creating a bridge or access point between the "human" and "angelic" Dimensional realities. Thus when we talk of their retreats being in the ethers, or "above" locations mapped upon our physical 3rd Dimensional world, we refer to a "space" within a Higher Dimensional reality, which was created to put forth a set resonance or frequency at the time of Earth's manifestation as a physical entity. These resonances have been in existence as long as the Earth has, and have accordingly influenced many of the planet's evolving cultures and civilisations, not just those that inhabit the regions currently within their sphere of influence. 
The Angelic Light is always given with complete dispassionate compassion, shining forth at all times to bring Divine Light to all sentient beings within their governance, that each may awaken to the gifts and realisations brought by that Light. If we travel in physicality to these locations on 3rd Dimensional Earth we will be subject to a greater intensity of this Light and may sense their influence and energies with more ease. However we can only "visit" or "see" their retreats in the 5th Dimensional Realm (or Higher) by connecting with them through our Higher Dimensional bodies, not our physical 3rd Dimensional one. Hence we can access them only through journeying in our Soul Bodies (Light Bodies) or through visualisation, where we "tune-in" to alternate realities. No physical travel is required!

With regards to the "twin flame" references, the Angelics were expressed firstly as a singular spark of the Divine, with a specific remit associated with the distribution of the Light of the Divine (All That Is). The Angelics ARE a singular unified energy with roles to play throughout all the planes and Dimensions of reality, just as we too are merely aspects of the Divine, struggling to remember who we are and reunite with our True Self. It may be easiest therefore to see each Angel as simply an aspect of a Unified Reality, just as our physical body is a complete life-form, yet is composed of many organs and systems that each have an individual function to perform in order for that physical body to exist. Each Angelic aspect has two polarities, required for the fullest possible expression of their Light. These are what we describe as "masculine" and "feminine": twin-flames of the One Flame. I like to see them symbolised as an infinity loop: one form, yet with two sides. The crossing point exemplifies their True Unified nature: the further away you travel from this to either side the greater the influence of the male or female polarity. 
I was once asked if being twin flames means that they are married — and (with some amusement) they told me that theirs is an alchemical marriage, if we like to think of them that way!

Much of the information in these pages has been received directly from the Archangels and Archaeon themselves: they are our constant companions and loving influences. We also have a great deal of steady support and input from our other Guiding Lights and the Ascended Masters. Two reference books that have been invaluable in our underlying research however are "The Masters and their Retreats" by the Prophets, published by Summit University Press, and also "Archangels and Earthangels" by Schneider and Pieroth, published by Arcana Publishing.

ARCHAEON INFORMATION — an Archangelic Ascension:

In October 2007 we discovered that certain Archangels had been "promoted" from their previous roles — an Angelic Ascension, if you will. To access a page about their new state of Being follow this link or the links menu at the head of the page.

You will find out more about the Archangels / Archaeon that follow (listed in alphabetical order) on separate pages in this site. Click on their names or follow the drop-downs to go to them... AZRAEL, CHAMUEL, GABRIEL, HANIEL, JOPHIEL, METATRON, MICHAEL, RAPHAEL, SANDALPHON, TZADKIEL and URIEL.


Each Angelic's page includes a picture painted by a co-worker at our request in accordance with the descriptions and details we gave to her as a result of how each (then) Archangel chose to present themselves to us at the time of our research in 2005/6. Each picture attempts to show the personage and scene shown to us by each Being at that time and contains a great deal of detail and symbolism that illustrates the attributes and gifts they wished to present. Nothing in the pictures is superfluous — from their clothing and ornamentation to the insects, birds, animals and background detail. EVERYTHING we were shown has a symbolic or esoteric meaning! (THERE IS MUCH MORE ABOUT THIS IN MY BOOK 'WALKING WITH ARCHANGELS' — see TOP). You will also notice that not all of the Archangels are pictured with wings. I asked Amethystia, the Lady Purity, why this was, and she told me this:
I can have wings, if that is what you require. But what are wings? What is their significance to you? They are depicted in the figures, the statues and paintings created by a variety of artists, which show Angelic forms with haloes behind their head and wings on their back. But this is symbolism, so that you realise that if you see a winged being depicted, then it must be an angel! For that is the link that humanity have in their head - the thought that the angelic kingdom are winged beings. So wings are symbolic and representations of the intensity of the energy emitted by our energy fields, just as the halo painted behind the head was symbolic of the Light from the energy field, and the concentration of the golden or white Light around the head and the upper chakras. And also to illustrate Divine wisdom, or symbolise Divinity. And you too may have wings and a halo if you wish! It all depends on what it is that you wish to depict and what impression you wish to convey. Many of us in our pictures with you have chosen to be displayed without wings. For you know we are of the angelic realm. You do not need this extra reminder to make you aware of this. And the things that we show you and want placed within these pictures are much more symbolic and relevant to what you are trying to put across to people at this time.

The affirmation for each Angelic that follows their synopsis summarises the attributes of each Being and links them to how we might wish to walk our path. We also use the direction of the affirmations in our Angelic courses and workshops, together with many channelled messages from each Archangel / Archaeon that amplify and extend these further. The channelled messages that follow each affirmation have been given to us for use in our course, workshops and books. I hope that you might find that what the Archangels / Archaeon have to say supply you with what you are looking for and help to support and encourage you on your pathway too. A "Pick a Card" page is also available on this site, to enable you to receive a random Archangelic / Archaeonic message as you need one.

You may also like to follow this link to a site that has some amazing and beautiful original artwork of Angelic Beings and their energies by their creator, Alison Knox (mentioned above), which can be purchased as cards and prints as well as giving an option of commissioning a piece that will be uniquely yours for very reasonable prices! Go to for this and more.