* Wings of Light
This site about the Archaeon is run by Alison Knox, and has lots of information  about the Archaeon and the story of the creation of their paintings and the grounding of their energies in 2007
* UK Reiki Federation
This site is the organisation that Mark belongs to and recommends. It gives details of practitioners, who must have at least 12 months experience and insurance, plus background information about the setting up of standards for the UK. There are some other useful links from here too.
* Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
This site is an organisation that campaigns on behalf of the whales and dolphins of the world and is actively employed in marine conservation and observation of the cetaceans of the Moray Firth in Scotland. You can adopt a dolphin from this group or a humpback whale from a group off Maine in the USA, and know that your contribution is making a difference. You will also receive newsletters and photographs to keep you abreast of what is good (and bad) in the whale and dolphin world.