Blue Ray Energy
Picture: "Magdalene Energy at Glastonbury"
2007 Mark Brittain

This page brings you some information about Mary the Magdalene and the Magdalene Flame: how to work with it and experience its energies using a channelled crystal grid / layout.

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The energies of the Magdalene, which are part of the Mary (Ma-Ray) frequency and as such associated with the Divine Feminine, are an essential part of our growth at this time in our spiritual history. In 2008 I had an experience that showed me the significance of the feminine figures that were part of the Christ family, emphasising their spiritual strength and innate resilience. It is said that Joseph of Arimathea brought Mary the mother of Jesus, together with Mary Jacobi, mother of the Magdalene, and Mary Magdalene and the daughter of her union with Jesus to the Isle of Avalon after the crucifixion, so that the healing and assimilation of what had gone before could begin. As the peace and timelessness of the place where I sat surrounded me I felt time drift...

We came to Avalon: footsore, weary, travellers three
And there upon the sacred isle we set foot
Bound by Love and sacrifice; spent yet strong.
Rootless in body, yet anchored in Soul.
Isis set her gently smiling face upon us there
Bestowing relief from the hurts that beset us;
Gifting the heart space to grieve; to mourn,
Whilst the soul settled and licked its wounds.
The birds gave out their song in sweet remembrance
As bees wove their dance to the Sun, in tribute and honour
And blossoms showered us with blessings of fragrance and grace -
Each sound and action balm to the soul and release to the heart.
In peace and quiet solitude the Earth reflected her love
And with the waters of the night we were freed,
And in the mists of the dawning day we were found again
Held close in the arms of Eve: refreshed and restored.


In the autumn of 2004, our attention was drawn to the significant changes in energies that were reaching the Earth, firstly as a consequence of the planetary alignments and lunar eclipses that occurred in October, and then from the foundation and the activation of the Magdalene Flame on 14th November. Information about this was sketchy, but we finally were directed to details about it on the temporary website of Edwin Courtenay. He channels Shekinah, and begins:

"In this universe there are laws that govern the forces both material and spiritual. These laws exercise power over everything that enters here, including the highest Divine expression and the lowest manifested thing. There are forces within this Universe that have revealed themselves to mankind that are known about and talked about and drawn upon. But all these forces in one way or another will be made manifest here in polarity, even though the counterpoint of the force that is known may not be known to mankind at this moment in time. Our message is one which identifies a polarity which up until this moment in time has been largely hidden from the consciousness of man, but which is soon to be not only revealed but also returned to the physical plane and to the hearts of man and womankind. The force is ancient and powerful and was once known by man and woman on Earth, but has long since been forgotten and receded into the dim recollection of the consciousness of the world. Now it is time for it to return."

We believe that it is important for as many people as possible  to call upon the flame and anchor it in their own hearts, if they are willing to and if they feel the time is right for them. The flame may be used on a personal level for healing and change, being the flame that reflects the purity of our origins before we left Source. It brings the intense Blue / silvery-white flame of innocence, purity and love, and is especially powerful when used hand-in-hand with the Violet flame of transformation, using the violet flame first to burn away  negativity and then the Magdalene flame to restore a state of purity through the energy of innocence and pure love. These flames are the two major tools we use in our work with planetary healing and transformation, and are extremely powerful being capable, when used with correctly focused intent, of transforming negativity on a massive scale and dealing with the most unpleasant of negative or dark-force entities.

Working as we do with crystals and especially with using crystal energy grids to experience Energies and Energy Beings, we asked if there was a crystal grid that would help us to bring down the flame in a group setting, and anchor it into that area and into the participants. Mark was given and shown the layout that is described and pictured at the end of this page. 

Having been told that we only needed to use the stones in part one with our smallish  group, I asked for guidance about the use of the grid by groups of people, and was given the following information by our Guides:

Is it alright to use this grid with any group of people to bring in the Flame regardless of their stage or state of spiritual development - is it completely safe? 
"The Magdalene Flame is suitable for all. It does not matter the stage of development of the Self, simply there being a desire to balance the polarities of the Self and to be able to be willing to accept and integrate the energies being offered."

How does the crystal grid work - what is it doing?
"The energy of the Magdalene Flame spirals down from beyond the Universe and grounds itself into the very centre of the Earth herself. The energy then flows out and over the surface of the planet and around and through all energetic structures and pathways. The planet is already surrounded in the energetic "mesh" created by the anchoring of the Flame on the 14th, but the flow will increase and become stronger as it is fed by the heart flames of those of humanity who have connected with it and accepted it into their being. This layout will create a local vortex of  energy which will concentrate the energy of the Flame and make it more easily accessible to those who are within its field.

We are only using the first part of the crystal grid given - is this sufficient, and are the crystals correct for our purposes now?
"The stones you have here are sufficient for this small group of people - larger groups or spaces would benefit from the increasing spiral and number of stones. Because you are also being asked to help ground the Flame into the planet in these early days these crystals are the only ones you need at this time. As time progresses and the needs of the matrix change, it may be that the nature and number of the stones given at this time may alter."

After I had sat with the crystals we were to use in the energy grid and asked my questions, I became aware of a very powerful energy source behind me, and then an extremely strong sensation of heat, weight and movement in my heart centre. I linked hands with Mark and together we felt the energies flowing through us - it was very loving and emotional, despite its great strength. After a while it faded, although it left a definite energetic impression in the heart centre (almost a feeling of indigestion!) When Mark looked at us with his psychic vision, he saw a column of blue and white light behind each of us, and a great fountain of blue and white light coming from our heart centres. 

We decided that it was important to bring the Flame and the energy grid to others we knew and were working with, and to as many other people who we could reach as possible. We were running a diploma module that weekend (20th / 21st November) and talked with everyone about the Flame, and asked if they would like to do the layout with us and accept the Flame into themselves. Everyone was keen to do so, and so at the end of the two days we cleared and prepared the space and then formed a circle of 9 people within the crystal spiral we had laid out. (As there were 9 of us, we were able to set up alternate male/female, and also in effect formed three triangles of three, with each threesome being energetically balanced to help keep the flow as even as we could and take into account the varying energetic capabilities of the participants.) We all settled and centred ourselves and then invited in the energies of Sananda, Maitreya, Sanat Kumara, Lord Lanto, Lady Nada, Mother Mary and the Lady Magdalene to bring down the flame into and through the circle we had set up.  We stood close enough to each other to link hands, and the energy built up gradually, flowing through us directly into our heart centres and also from the giving hand of the person next to us in the circle as we all drew upon the energies around us. It was very important to be consciously aware of our roots into the Earth and to remind ourselves to keep well grounded - by doing this the energy flow became much more stable. As the energy (and heat!) built it became harder to hold the circle, but at last we knew the Flame had reached us all and we were able to unlink our hands. Everyone then stepped out of the space and sat down for a while to bring ourselves back to our centres and allow the energies to settle. It was a very intense and quite emotional experience for us all. When Mark looked at the group, he saw the same columns of blue and white light he had seen earlier behind each one of us, and also the blue and white fountains of light erupting from our heart centres. He said that when we were in the circle and bringing down the energy, he could see it spiralling through and around us, and then finally erupting into a vast soaring column of blue and white light that formed in the centre of the circle, reaching down into the Earth and up into the sky through the roof of the building we were in.

Several people have noticed energy changes in themselves and in their capabilities since. One friend (thanks Darren!) e-mailed us the following: 

Some feedback on the Flame of Magdalene grid layout............the day after I went into the back yard and can see (eyes open) The Flame of Magdalene firmly rooted near the green house, flickering's been there ever since!!


We offer this energy grid with love to any groups of people working for the Light who want to use it, and who feel that the time is right for them to do so. 

Magdalene Flame Grid

The stones are listed in the order in which they should be laid, starting at the centre, and the number of each stone to be laid out in turn is given next to its name:


Garnet x 1; Black Obsidian x 2; Jet x 2; Snowflake Obsidian x 2; Lapis Lazuli x 3; Sodalite x 3; Blue Lace Agate x 3; Green Aventurine x 4; Jade x 4; Malachite x 4.

PART TWO (continue laying these out following straight on from the crystals in part one):

Pink Tourmaline x 5; Rose Quartz x 5; Rhodocrosite x 5; Hematite in Quartz x 5; Orange Tourmaline x 6; Carnelian x 6; Amber x 6; Sunstone x 6; Red Tourmaline x 7; Red Jasper x 7; Ruby x 7; Red Zircon crystals x 7; Yellow Tourmaline x 8; Natural Citrine x 8; Yellow Jasper x 8; Tigers Eye x 8; Clear Tourmaline x 9; Herkimer Diamond x 9; Clear quartz x 9; Pale Smoky Quartz x 9.

The crystals are to be laid out in a spiral formation, to spiral ANTI-CLOCKWISE out from the centre staring with the garnet. Lay them with ever increasing distances between them, so they are closer together at the start of the spiral, and space them according to the area you have to cover and the number of people who need to stand within the grid. The stones listed in part one were the ones we were told to use, and are sufficient to cover an area of about 12 x 12 feet, and to easily contain a circle of up to 16 people. If you have a larger space and / or many more people, then you may need to continue with the next crystals in the list, or space them further apart. You do not have to do the full grid - potentially the full layout will cover a vast area (and some crystals may be hard to find)!

N.B: The grid may also be used in a specific way by individuals as a personal energy grid, but care is needed when doing so and this method may not be suitable for everyone. If you wish to use the Magdalene Flame crystal energy grid in this way, please contact us for explicit instructions and advice.

PLEASE NOTE: We have copyrighted all material that we have created on this site - which is ALL of it, unless alternate credit is shown. You may freely use any of it for private or personal use only, but we ask that if you wish to use ANY of our material, including pictures, for publication or reproduction in ANY other shape or form, including using it on other internet pages or sites, that you contact us for permission; credit this site as the source of your information and create a web link back to our site. We are happy to share, but dislike the rude practice a few other websites have of using material without due credit to its originators.