Developing the Lightbody

rainbow over book with gold rays

Picture "The Golden Light of Universal Consciousness"
as shown to Mark in December 2007

Reach out to embrace ALL, with love and compassion.
See YOURSELF reflected in others' eyes, and know that YOU ARE Divine.
And being Divine, KNOW and see all others to be Divine.
AND SO act with wisdom and without ego in service to the Light.

This page tells you a little about what we see as the process of working with our Energy Bodies (Chakras, Auric Bodies / Layers) and with the process of balancing, clearing and strengthening said fields in order to best attract and anchor the new Energy Templates that constitute our Light Bodies - the bodies of Energy which we inhabit in the Higher Dimensions. Much of what is said in the "What is Lightbody" book by Ariel and Tachi-ren (World Tree Press isbn. 978-0-9627209-5-6) supplies background information that is mirrored here. This is a book we recommend to all our Ascension Course students!

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candles at midnight
Picture: "Candles at Midnight; 2006 Mark Brittain

Working with our auric layers & templates - pre-Unification and beyond:

Templates are matrices of energy upon which our energetic and physical bodies are built. They appear like interconnecting blueprints or architect's plans, constructed of webs of Light in 3 dimensional space - not "flat", but multi-dimensional. All templates are anchored in through all etheric levels to the centre of our physical body, and to the first template that we work with at present - that of our physical body, which is our vehicle for our current embodiment. ALL templates are created from the "outside-in" i.e. the outer templates are formed or designed first (some of which are unchanged throughout our many existences) and the inner templates closest to our physical body are created last. Contrary to biological understanding, the cells of the body grow upon templates that exist in the Higher Dimensions and that we create or construct for ourselves prior to our conception and birth, and are not the first structure to form!

When we incarnate we begin our Spiritual development and (consciously or not) begin the work of Ascension. First we work to clear, make whole, understand, reconcile and balance the first innermost 3 layers of our auric field. These are all connected with basic human survival and life issues, through our base, sacral and solar plexus chakras and the physical (bodily), emotional (reactive) and mental (thinking) aspects of ourselves. All of humanity are working with these 3 layers - unfortunately some do not proceed past this point! This basic work opens us up to working with and understanding layer 4 - the astral / spiritual level and the issues connected with the VERY IMPORTANT heart chakra, knowing ourselves to be loving and spiritual individuals, and where our consciousness starts to be projected away from our ego-self. Although it is easiest to describe and visualise the auric bodies as "layers", remember that they do interpenetrate and therefore affect each other.

Once these first four layers / bodies are awakened and functioning we are able to link in to our Etheric or Causal template at layer 5. Here we are connected in to a greater level of recall of our life purpose, and to the model or plan of the structure of the physical body in the form we have chosen for our current vehicle, which is strongly linked to our Physical template at layer 1. The Etheric template is created and exists in the fifth dimension and if this etheric body (on which the physical body is formed) becomes distorted or damaged, it is on the 5th Dimensional level that repair will have to take place in order to restore the template, matrix and physical body. This layer also links our personality (who we are in this existence) with the collective consciousness of the planet and with the Universe and to some of our past-life information.

hand with snow
Picture: "Hand with Snow" 2009 Hilary Hargreaves

Work then continues on layers 5 and 6 on the issues connected to our throat and brow chakras and to awaken our communication and intuitive aspects, in order to lead us to an awakening of the crown chakra and its advanced template at layer 7 - the Ketheric template. This template is highly dynamic as it has to be able to change and re-structure as we make free-will choices and live, learn and grow. Its outer form is the egg-shaped shell of the old-style "auric body", which contains all the auric bodies / layers of the current incarnation. It has to be extremely strong in order to enclose and protect the structures it contains, and is composed of tiny threads of pulsating golden shimmering light. These hold together the golden grid structure of the physical body and all the chakras. It also contains the power current which runs up and down the central channel from which flow streamers of golden light which link up to completely surround and encase the entire auric field forming a toroidal energy field. The Ketheric template is the point of contact and focus for the Higher Self and the memories of the soul. All past life information is held here, as well as our current life plan. Our life plan will include life work or tasks we have committed to accomplish (both personal and world); karmic needs that have to be met and dealt with; and negative belief systems that need to be worked through or experienced. It will contain many probabilities, allowing us the maximum choice under free-will.

Working with this template to balance, clear and strengthen it leads to the next stages, which start with full Soul Star (8th chakra) and Earth Star chakra activation, leading to an awakening of the Incarnational Star and Seat of the Soul chakra, located in front of the Sacral bone. The latter chakra has an etheric connection with the 9th chakra, linking the soul's purpose into our feelings and emotions, directed through the sacral chakra centres. Our 9th chakra is the gateway through which we may potentially gain knowledge of our True Self and Monad, for we may only truly know our Self by experiencing and understanding the feelings (and emotions) that inhibit us; addressing the beliefs and issues that do not truly support us; and making the life changes necessary to enable us to move forwards on our Path. Our God-Self - our original Source consciousness that is our original spark of Life - is associated with the centre that we may call our Incarnational Star. All that we (and every other Being that exists everywhere, in all places, times and Dimensions) learns and experiences is fed back to Source via this Star, and Source in turn receives and conveys information continuously in the form of energy, which we ground in to our physicality - firstly through our Earth Star chakra and then, following Unification, through our Omega chakra. You could say that it acts as both a receiver and transmitter - hence the shape of the sacrum (and its rather interesting name, which means "sacred bone"!) Also awakened are our 3-fold Heart Flames and our Higher Heart centre, or Ananda Khanda, centred close to the heart chakra and just above our physical heart.

Activation and work with all of these centres leads us to FULL activation of the Alpha and Omega chakras (situated 6-8" above the crown and 2-3" forwards of the central column and 6 - 8" below the base chakra and 2-3" behind the central column respectively) and to enabling the "Waves of Metatron" to activate, helping clear, balance and fully charge the tube that connects them. It is this tube, which contains the Divine Caduceus, that is the central core of the energy torus of our Unified Body. We believe that this core passes through the High Heart and Seat of the Soul areas and forms what we might describe as a "new" central column, connecting all the "Higher" parts of our Self. We further feel that the Divine Caduceus:

nerene at Exbury Gardens
Picture: "Nerene of the Orange Ray" 2007 Mark Brittain

Once all these energy centres are opened and activated this will lead to the opening and activation of the Higher chakras (9 and above in turn) which will ground in the new associated layers of our Auric Body (9 and over) one at a time  and it is now that the real work begins!!

Work will continue with the 8th and 9th chakras and on layers 8 and 9 to further clear, reconcile and clarify outstanding issues relating to all aspects of ourselves on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, but from increasingly Higher and finer perspectives and detail. All this is to ensure that our Energy body is fully prepared and capable of supporting layer 10, which is the foundation template level of our Lightbody, because to ground in the High frequency of this Body before the inner structures are clear enough to support and accept its intense energies would be foolhardy.

The grounding in of the 10th layer therefore begins with the full opening and activation of the 10th chakra and the 10th layer of the auric field, which is our Lightbody template. By now we have prepared all the groundwork to ready ourselves for Ascension, and now the work of constructing and working with our new energy body (our Lightbody), which will be our vehicle for the following Higher Dimensions, really begins.
To summarise this level:

Work follows on opening and activating the 11th chakra and bringing down the 11th layer, through working with all issues connected with Lightbody clarification. As this continues at ever increasing High and Fine degrees, so the 12th chakra opens and activates, and we are able to bring down the 12th auric layer. This is another template layer - this time that of the Christed Body template, which is the template that links us to our Higher Christ-Self, or our Oversoul.
To summarise this level:

For those continuing their development, work follows on opening and activating the 13th Chakra and bringing down the 13th Layer, which is connected with our Group Soul, and with all issues connected with Christed-Body clarification, which continues at ever increasing High and Fine degrees, until there is an activation of the 14th chakra and we are able to bring down and anchor the 14th auric layer. This is another template layer - finally that of the Divine Body template, which is the template that links us to our God-self and Monadic body.
To summarise this level:

There are 2 more degrees of Lightbody development following on from the 10th level, but as it is rare for those who have reached 11th and 12th level to still be in embodiment on Earth, we will not be exploring those here. When you reach this stage you won't need to read about it, for you will KNOW it!

Our planet, Earth, achieved 8th level Lightbody by the start of 2006, when she Unified to Lightbody template level. Since then she has gained 9th level Lightbody and is connected in to the Christ-consciousness Grid, and is currently working on anchoring 10th level Lightbody and connecting in to the Galactic (group soul) grid.

buddha in snow
Picture: "Snow Buddha" 2009 Hilary Hargreaves

Unification and the Unified Field:

We feel that the Unified Body or Field develops in tandem with the opening and activation of the Higher chakras and with the grounding in of the new auric layers and energetic templates, and that this can happen without conscious awareness of the fact. We also feel that the Unified Body is our 4th Dimensional energy body, and is the interim stage to gaining awareness of the 5th Dimensional Self. When Unified one is able to have 2 possible simultaneous perceptions of our energy body (the 3rd and 4th Dimensional Selves) and it is possible to "switch" awareness between them, and hence "BE" in either of them. If you work in the healing or therapy field this may explain why you get some unusual readings or perceptions when you work with people, for what is happening within their energy field at any one time will depend on

Eventually you will be able to consciously switch into and out of Unified Body at Will. When in the Unified state you resonate with the energy or frequency of Divine Love, and this allows you to bring in much Higher and broader spectrums of energy with more ease. What might make you feel as if you have "blown a fuse" in your "old" style energy body is much easier to cope with in Unified Body. It is not a new state for any of you - but you may need help recalling how to be in it, hence the benefit of the Unified Field visualisations (see "What is Lightbody" book or go to the Alchemical Mage site, link on our Home Page). When practising it we suggest you take it in stages and only progress to full Unification when you feel comfortable to do so!

Tony Stubbs in "An Ascension Handbook" (ISBN 0-9627209-3-3) emphasises the importance of being able to Unify the Chakras, and says..... "The shift to unified chakra is the most vital shift you can make because it consciously affirms a recent change in the way the species operates its energy bodies. Traditionally, the chakras were cone-shaped and centred at seven locations in the physical body field. They were the means by which your various energy fields exchanged energy. However, they are evolving from separate cones into one unified chakra centred on the heart chakra. This is important because a unified chakra allows you then to align your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, and to harmonise their energy. When you as Spirit were densifying and creating the main chakra system, you introduced an energy barrier to isolate the heart or fourth chakra from the other chakras. This was necessary for the karma game to work; it allowed the lower three chakras to run amok with little or no moderation from the heart chakra. Thus the heart chakra had little or no role to play in the interaction between the three basic energy fields. As a result, the major responses to life's situations were unbalanced and out of harmony: intellectual responses from the sixth chakra, empty communication and judgement from the fifth, ego and power-based responses from the third, sexual and creative from the second, and survival and fear based responses from the first chakra. These responses were perfect for creating karma because the more balanced responses such as love and compassion were dampened. Working with the unified chakra, you unify the higher and seven lower chakras into one so that they all function in accordance with the frequencies of love-based energy flowing through the heart centre. This also means that your three lower energy fields can align with each other and exchange energy and resonate with each other, with love as the major component of the interactions. The unified chakra eliminates all the processing that you've been used to and allows fast and easy alignment and unification of your energy bodies. Another major benefit is that you can now bring much more energy through the unified chakra into your unified field. You used to bring energy in through separate chakras into separate fields and therefore emphasised, say, an intellectual or power aspect of the channelled energy. Now you can bring in a wider spectrum of energy, especially higher frequency love-based aspects. Finally and most important, the unified chakra allows you to embody even more of your spirit-self. You are no longer trying to filter its love through your mental field or its higher wisdom through your emotional field. Everything you need comes through the unified chakra into the unified field at the same time and in exactly the proportions needed."

We believe that automatic "construction" of your Unified Field begins following the activation of the Alpha and Omega chakras, when the Waves of Metatron will operate. These act to clear your "old" central energy column as well as the new tube of Light that is at the centre of the energetic toroids that will be the templates for your new Unified Body. One of the waves' other functions is to open the seals at the roots of all the major chakras that open into the "old" central column in order to prepare them to expand out into an energetic torus and to begin the foundation of the Lightbody. This begins with the heart chakra, and then each time you expand into another pair of chakras the core of the torus rotates from its initial position front / back, until it aligns with the tube that links the alpha and omega chakras - this then will be the central core of your Lightbody.

Eventually the Unified field will have expanded to fully encompass and contain all the "old" chakras and auric layers 1-14, together with all their templates. The Unified body following full merger will "contain" 12 fields - one to each strand of the grounding cords, which link you in to the Universe. At the point of Ascension (the state of being capable of opening our awareness to include our 5th Dimensional body) the Earth Star chakra will open fully to release the old energetic Body matrix (comprising the old auric layers, individual chakras and the central column that connected soul star / earth star), enabling the new energy body to become connected to the Universal matrix, and the Grid for our New Earth. At this point the frequencies (or Ray energies) of the old chakras will each take on star tetrahedron form and gravitate to their new positions, one at the apex of each of the star tetrahedron that is your merkaba, or Lightbody vehicle. This body will enable us to retain conscious awareness and connection to our 3rd and 4th Dimensional Selves, and will allow us the choice of "being" in the appropriate Dimension - and having / creating a physical vehicle, or not.


Picture: "Rainbows over Rhayader" 2006 Mark Brittain

PLEASE NOTE: We have copyrighted all material that we have created on this site - which is ALL of it, unless alternate credit is shown (refer to notes about "What is Lightbody" book at head of page). You may freely use any of it for private or personal use only, but we ask that if you wish to use ANY of our material, including pictures, for publication or reproduction in ANY other shape or form, including using it on other internet pages or sites, that you contact us for permission; credit this site as the source of your information and create a web link back to our site. We are happy to share, but dislike the rude practice a few other websites have of using material without due credit to its originators.