Here is a list of books that we have found provide some useful and informative stuff on many aspects of spiritual growth, healing and personal development:


Crystal Co-creators - Dorothy Roeder
(My second favourite crystal book!)

isbn 0-929385-40-3

Crystal Doorways - S&S Lilly
(My old tutors and very knowledgeable)

isbn 1-898307-98-9

Crystal Power, Crystal healing - M Gienger
(Great if you like a bit of science with your crystals)

isbn 0-7137-2677-6

Love is in the Earth - Melody
(The ultimate and original "bible")

isbn 0-9628190-3-4

Crystal Journey - Jane Ann Dow
(A different way of working that makes you think)
isbn 0-9642385-0-0
Moldavite, Starborn Stone - Robert Simmons
(If you are drawn to moldavite, read this book)
isbn 0-9621910-0-0

Stones Alive - Twintrees
(Let the crystals tell you their stories)

isbn 1-890808-09-1

Healing Crystals - M Gienger
(The ultimate "handbag" directory)

isbn 1-84409-067-1

The Book of Stones - Robert Simmons
(Great book - my favourite - although I loathe the Trade Marking he does with "new" crystals!)

isbn 0-9621910-3-5



Awakening to Change - Soozi Holbeche
(One of the first books I read and a good starting point)

isbn 0-7499-1254-5

The Awakener - Sandy Stevenson
(Lots of good and useful stuff in here)

isbn 1-85860-040-5



11:11 Inside the Doorway - Solara
(All about the ascension doorway and the Awakening)

isbn 1-878246-05-4

A Little Light on Ascension - Diana Cooper
(A good basic book that touches on many topics)

isbn 1-899171-81-9

The Gathering - William Gammill
(Beam me up Scotty!)

isbn 1-57174-206-9

What is Lightbody - Archangel Ariel /Tashira Tachi-ren
(One of the most useful books about how we are changing)

isbn 0-9627209-5-x

Prelude to Ascension - Vywamus / DK through J McClure
(A bit out of date, but extremely full of information)

isbn 0-929385-54-3

Life is a Jigsaw - Virginia de la Pole
(Simply written - great if you work with animals)

isbn 1-84401-528-9



Vibrational Medicine - Dr R Gerber
(Another good book for the scientific side of healing)

isbn 1-879181-28-2

Energy healing for Beginners - Ruth White
(Simple and well laid out - all her books are good)

isbn 0-7499-2303-2

MAP Medical Assistance Program - M S Wright
(How to have your own Spirit team for personal healing)

isbn 0-927978-19-9

Reiki for Life - Penelope Quest
(The best book with all you need to know about using Reiki)

isbn 0-7499-2234-6

Self-Healing with Reiki - Penelope Quest
(The first steps should be working with ourself!)

isbn 0-7499-2452-7

Hands of Light - Barbara Brennan
(An excellent book with lots about energy / auras etc)

isbn 0-553-34539-7

Aura Soma Sourcebook - Mike Booth
(great about colour Rays, Masters and Angels too)

isbn 159477077-8



Energy Blessings from the Stars - Essene & Feurst
(Your own personal initiations from beings of star systems)

isbn 0-937147-29-x

Any Kryon books (vols 1-10) see
(A very good series of channelled teachings)

The Masters & their retreats - Prophet
(Lots of excellent info about a range of Ascended Masters)

isbn 1-9720402-4-2

Dancing with the Devil - David Ashworth
(Think you don't need protection? Read This!)

isbn 1-902733-03-7

The Emerald Modem - Richard Leviton
(A new look at Earth, symbolism and hidden secrets)
isbn 1-57174-245-x
The Divine Matrix - Greg Braden
(A scientific look at what energy is, around us always)
isbn 1-4019-0573-6
The Galaxy on Earth - Richard Leviton
(Finding and experiencing the Cosmos in the landscape)
isbn 1-57174-222-0
Healing Lost Souls - William Baldwin
(Excellent if you do any soul rescue / clearance work)
isbn 1-57174-366-9