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This page brings you some information about the Ten Sacred Rays of our Solar System and how they are administered by the Archaeon, Archangels, Elohim and Ray-Masters, who act to distribute and transmit the Pure Diamond White Light of Source / God throughout our Universe and Galaxy. All information is extracted from materials used within our School of Inner Light's Angelic Multidimensional Healing Course: those who progress to the AMD Master Practitioner stage will receive attunement to the Ten Sacred Rays and learn how to access them as a part of that study. Hilary's book 'Walking With Archangels' also holds a great deal more information - including how the Archangelics use and work with The Diamond Light and The Rays.

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Genesis, Chapter 1: verses 1-4:
....In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said Let there be Light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness....

The Divine is ONE - a true Unified Consciousness. It has 2 principle aspects - feminine and masculine, which may be referred to as Divine Mother (or Universal Mother) and Divine Father (or Universal Father). Together they are The Divine; Divine Source or Mother/Father God. The Divine exists everywhere, for it is all things. Nothing can exist that is not of the Divine. At the start of creation The Divine spoke and became the Logos and firstly created Light - the energy and matter from which ALL that is made is made, for nothing exists that has not been made manifest of Light. (LOGOS = "word": "Logos" may be defined as "Divine Wisdom made manifest in the creation of all things". It is the controlling principle in the Universe.)

Genesis, Chapter 1: verses 16-18:
.....And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also. And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth, and to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good....

Those we know as Angelics, wherever they stand within the Celestial Hierarchy, are carriers of the Infinite Light. Those of Angelic foundation are present within all planes and Dimensions of matter. They administer the Light through the Love, Will and Power of the Divine throughout the Multiverse. They do not have Free Will as do the life-streams that include humanity, for they ARE the Light made manifest. The Light of the Divine is so pure and intense in its nature that it has to be distributed throughout all worlds by way of its constituent elements, according to their vibratory rate or frequency. We call these divisions of the Light "The Rays" and allocate them a colour according to what we perceive within the visible spectrum of light.

Rainbows over Rhayader - photo Mark Brittain 2008

When we first began working with the concept of the Rays in 2006, Metatron told us this: "...Visible Light breaks down into a spectrum which you choose to interpret as 7 different colours. In fact there is an infinite division within it. Your eyes interpret it differently, because of the way you are made up. If you look at the spectrum, it is continuous. There are no black or white lines to break off or separate each colour from the next. It is a continuous series of changing colours. If you took red, for example, you could divide it into an infinite number of other colours. And so on up the spectrum, if your eyes were sensitive enough to pick up the differences. They are all energy. Whether you say there are seven, or seventy-seven thousand, or a million the concept is what matter. Rays are described as colours because you understand colour. You understand a Ray as a beam of light. But in reality they are not light. They are beyond your understanding. Yes, they are energy that is passed down, but if it was light, you would see it every day. But you do not. So giving them colours is a device to aid understanding, to give them a structure and order for you to hopefully gain the knowledge that is necessary..."


The DIAMOND RAY is the infinite undifferentiated Light of the Divine: the Pure Clear Light of Source. Its boundless entirety is held by the Unified Being, Lux'eon. The Diamond Ray contains the Pure White Light of the Alpha and Omega and exists throughout all Dimensions and Planes of Reality. It is eternally present within all other Rays in variable degrees. The Diamond Light emanates 3 primary expressions of itself: black, (its polar counterpart, which holds the void space within which Formation may begin, brought forth from the non-manifest possibilities created by Divine Mind) gold and silver (the masculine and feminine manifestations of the Divine: gold holds the space and provides the fundamental matter for Creation; silver enlivens and activates that which is Created.) Together they are known as the SOURCE RAYS.

Holding the interface of the diamond/black Rays is Ratziel and his Unified twin flame Jochara and holding the interface of the diamond/black/gold/silver Rays is Metatron and his Unified twin flame Sophia. The BLACK RAY (the void space of potential) is held by Azrael and his Unified twin flame Magdalena who oversee its interactions with all other Rays. He describes its energies as "...dark and empty, yet full and vibrant; without Light, yet blinding to look upon; silent, yet the merest whisper of them would deafen you.... And that.... they hold the black: the Void; the potential; the ability to allow anything to come into existence and BE..." Azrael and Magdalena perform some of their tasks through utilising the energies of the Higher Cosmic Copper Ray, which is connected with Solar Service and the Solar Christ-consciousness and provides a medium through which the un-manifest may become manifest.

The GOLD RAY is held by Scaphoriel and the SILVER RAY is held by his Unified twin flame Seraphiel. They are Unified Beings of Light, holding the masculine and feminine archetypal aspects of Source in perfect balance. Our planet now also has access to the Higher Cosmic Platinum Ray, which is the Ray of Stellar Enlightenment and Illumined Truth - a High energy holding higher dimensional aspects of silver, black and indigo that is connected with Universal Service and Universal Christ-consciousness. This held by Tzaphkiel and his twin flame Okina, who oversee its interaction with all other Rays and its grounding to the planet.

To access all Dimensions and Planes of existence the Diamond Ray passes through "transformers" that adjust the energies as appropriate. To access our Plane of reality the Diamond Ray passes through The Temple of the Divine Light, which is an aspect of the Divine Feminine taking the form of a Crystal Prism. This steps it down into 4 lower frequency aspects: The Crystal (diamond Light vibrating at a lower rate), Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire Rays (the Highest aspects of red, green and blue Light). Together these are known as the GEM RAYS.

new lotus of the soul
The Enlightened Lotus of Divinity
H Hargreaves / A Brittain 2008

The CRYSTAL RAY is held by Gabriel. He also holds its interface with the Diamond Ray and the Crystal Prism; and the "Pearl beyond Price", which is another aspect of the Divine Feminine, and the Pearlescent White Ray. The Crystal Ray passes through the "Pearl", which lowers its frequency and diffuses and softens it so that it may manifest into the Pearlescent White Ray, which holds the higher, finer (and paler) aspects of the seven base spectrum Rays. The PEARLESCENT WHITE RAY is held and grounded by Annunciata, Unified twin flame of Gabriel, who oversees all its interactions with the seven base spectrum Rays, red through to violet.

The RUBY RAY is held by Uriel and his Unified twin flame Aurora. They hold its interface with the Source Rays and the other Gem Rays and also oversee the blending of all colours that contain the Ruby Ray, including purple, violet, magenta, orange and yellow. As the Ruby Ray's frequency range is proportionally much greater than that of the other Gem Rays, they are supported by Chamuel and his twin flame Seraphina, who ground the Ruby Ray through all its hues and saturations of Red, including pink.

The EMERALD RAY is held by Raphael and his Unified twin flame Mareia. They hold its interface with the Source Rays and other Gem Rays and also oversee the blending of all colours that contain the Emerald Green Ray. They also ground the Emerald Ray through all its hues and saturations of Green.

The SAPPHIRE Ray is held by Michael and his Unified twin flame Mikaela. They hold its interface with the Source Rays and other Gem Rays and also oversee the blending of all colours that contain the Sapphire Blue Ray, including aquamarine. They also ground the Sapphire Ray through all its hues and saturations of Indigo and Blue.

Each of these 3 coloured components of Light blend with each other in a circular rainbow of Light that holds the 7 major Rays (the base spectrum Rays) of our visible spectrum, with a "core" of pearlescent white. Each colour Ray has many hues and tones: the greater proportions of pearlescent white they contain, the paler their colour and the Higher and finer their vibration; whilst the greater proportions of their predominant component (Gem) colour they contain, the more intense the vibration becomes.

blue ray energy
The Sapphire Ray at Glastonbury

Each of the 7 base spectrum Rays are held by Angelic twin flames, the masculine counterpart holding the deeper and more intense aspects; the feminine counterpart holding the finer and "lighter" aspects. The RED RAY is held by Chamuel and Seraphina, who also assist with the Ruby Ray; the ORANGE RAY is held by Haniel and his Unified twin flame Maryllisa; the YELLOW RAY is held by Jophiel and his twin flame Lucida; the GREEN RAY is held by Raphael and Mareia, who also hold the Emerald Ray; the BLUE and INDIGO RAYS are held by Michael and Mikaela, who also hold the Sapphire Ray (Tzaphkiel and Okina help administer Higher aspects of the Indigo Ray); and the VIOLET RAY is held by Tzadkiel and his twin flame Amethystia. Finally, holding the interface of the full base spectrum Rays, the Gem Rays and the Source Rays with and for our planet and thus literally "grounding" them to Earth are Sandalphon and his twin flame Shekhinah.


Where Light that has form and vibration (what we call white Light) encounters Light that does not have form or vibration (what we call black Light) the greatest extremes for the application of Free Will through choice are to be found, for here anything may become manifest. Light is energy. It forms and founds everything that exists in our world, whether tangible "solid" matter or less tangible matter such as our thoughts and our feelings. Free Will, for humanity, essentially means the gift of being free to experiment with Light in any way we choose in order to appreciate and understand its potentials, its uses and its consequences. As we move closer to our Divine nature (our True Self) we still operate with Free Will, but make our choices more and more as if we are operating through Love (as Divine Light does) in full awareness and understanding of our Divine nature and the causes and effects of all our actions. What we describe as Darkness is simply the absence of white Light and thus, by definition, black Light - or what might be referred to as dark matter. It awaits the revelation that it is Divine and has the potential of awareness. Black Light is not therefore "bad" or undesirable. Those we might choose to describe as "dark" or "evil" are simply those that are experiencing lesser degrees of awareness of their true nature. They are either not yet awakened to the Truth of their Being or have cloaked it with the density of their choices, which has led them to forget or reject their true essence and move away from Divine Unity.

Raising our vibration (as a part of the pathway of our Ascension) is NOT actually a process of raising our frequency - i.e. vibrating at the "higher" end of the spectrum of visible Light (taking our awareness solely to the "upper" energy centres). Rather it might be better expressed as expanding or increasing our ability to hold and carry escalating quantum of Light - grounding "finer" and greater amounts of energy into our entire energy system. Thus, as we learn to use Light in all its aspects and gain understanding of how it functions, we are able to use it as a fully conscious co-creative aspect of the Divine; and as we become more able to hold or carry the Light in its purer forms so our Light quotient increases. To enable this to occur we need to CLARIFY our energy bodies (chakras, centres and aura). This process is one of becoming aware; seeing truly; and gaining understanding of all the aspects of our Self and its motivations in our current 3rd Dimensional world experience. It is not that we need to "shed" or reject those aspects of ourselves that are not operating fully in the Light (and which we might describe as "dark"!): rather that we need to understand their nature and purpose and then reconcile with and assimilate them. At that point of recognition and acceptance Divine Light falls upon them and they become transformed into active elements of white light and thus contribute to raising our Light quotient still further. Therefore the process of transformation is not an action of REMOVING something from our energy field, but one of TRANSFORMING and assimilating it into our energy field.

buddha in snow
Buddha in Snow - picture M Brittain 2009

THE ELOHIM: (the Hebrew for "God" = ELOAH; Elohim is the plural.)

The Elohim are very High level Light Beings. They are the architects, mathematicians, engineers, scientists and alchemists of the Divine, who govern and direct manifestation through the application of Divine Law. Not only do they carry out the manifestation of matter, but they also oversee its evolution, continuance and dissolution. In the cosmic hierarchy they are on a par with Great Cosmic Beings, Avatars and the Highest Angelics. As with the Angelics, they do not have Free Will, acting at all times according to the needs and impulses of the Divine, within Divine Law. They act as a bridge between the Light and all its manifestations throughout all Dimensions. They are the builders of form, directing the elementals (sylphs, salamanders, undines and gnomes) and their Directors, who create using the raw materials manifested by the Elohim. These include the elements themselves, both as matter built of atoms and as fundamental forces. Richard Leviton (an author who has inspired much of our work with the Rays, and the final paragraph, below) tells us that: "...they were formative workers and Directors of the visionary and sacred landscape formations of the planet. They achieved this through the elements of fire, earth, air and water, and with their elementals. In ancient myths they were remembered as Giants for they took human form, but with immense size and stature. Often they were described as Cyclops.... whose one eye symbolised and demonstrated their single mindedness and Divine focus.... showing that their attention and essence never departed from a blissful state of unitive consciousness, and where their eye never strayed from God's vision for the formation of the world of matter and its sentient life forms..." [The Gods in their Cities, ISBN 0-595-38339-4]


The Angelics and Elohim are carriers and administrators of the Light, which is distributed through the Universe, Galaxy and (for us) to our Solar System and Planet. There it has to be utilised and administered on a constructive co-creative level in order to supply determined measures and blends of the appropriate energies and create appropriate learning environments for the benefit of embodied life-forms. Each Ray has Ascended Masters that work with it for this purpose, helping to administer and direct it accordingly. Having Ascended into Light they now Master it in order to accomplish arcane goals, creating with perfect freedom ANY form, whether subtle or solid, using both matter and light. They also act to oversee the development, unfolding and evolution of consciousness and the Light on Earth and other planets. Their mission is to determine the direction human cultures take, working at all times within the parameters established by the Divine for Earth as a planet of Free Will. They wield tremendous Power at ALL times, for they are unwaveringly in alignment with God, having guarded the expansion of Light within humanity upon Earth since her inception and birth. They continuously radiate Divine Love, Light, Perfection, Wisdom and Power in order to direct, protect and assist the expansion of Light on Earth at individual, group, cultural and planetary levels. They also act to educate, initiate and assist each member of humanity to expand their consciousness into the Ascended state, so that they too may join with them as conscious co-creators of the Plan.

PLEASE NOTE: We have copyrighted all material that we have created on this site - which is ALL of it, unless alternate credit is shown. You may freely use any of it for private or personal use only, but we ask that if you wish to use ANY of our material, including pictures, for publication or reproduction in ANY other shape or form, including using it on other internet pages or sites, that you contact us for permission; credit this site as the source of your information and create a web link back to our site. We are happy to share, but dislike the rude practice a few other websites have of using material without due credit to its originators.