The Order of the blue lotus:

blue lotus
Lotus Flower
 picture © Mark Brittain 2010

This page gives you some information about a project we are involved in for planetary healing and the establishment of the new planetary grids. There is a section towards the end that gives some hints and tips on techniques for those involved in similar work, and a section about working with the VIOLET FLAME and the MAGDALENE FLAME.

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NEWS — 2011:

20th June — Midsummer's Eve:
The planet now holds her Divine Feminine state of "innocence, purity and love", which has been strongly connected to the / her Universal Grid. And thus her current state has been telegraphed outwards (and inwards) to all that IS within our Universe. Archaeon Mareia told us this: "Enlighten all and you shall be enlightened. Give strength to all, and you will be strong. By giving innocence you receive it. And by holding peace you may find it, for all others as well as yourself. ... To look with innocence; to see with the eyes of a child; to know the joy of the new and of discovery brings unexpected reward. So BE... be innocent; be pure; and allow the surprise of the world to bring you joy... BE... BE... BE...";

15/3/2011: Once more our Earth chooses change, and following the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan the previous week, we once more were working with Azrael and he said this: "The time of change be upon the Earth. Know that she too knows she is moving, and her goal is harmony with the peoples that live upon her surface, but harmony requires respect from both sides; an understanding of the needs of the other... This is not the first: it will not be the last. But know, sometimes great change can only be brought about through dramatic events. Yes, it is possible for one person to change events, but sometimes this can be slow. If rapid change is required then something more significant must be done. Be strong. Be solid. Be the rock that stands in the river as it rages past, stoic and steadfast; unmoving, the point of balance, the centre..."

1/3/2011: With humanity demanding freedom, truth and equality in many places around the world, on 1st March Ishmael, Keeper of the Door and Archaeon of Ascension (and an aspect of Archaeon Azrael) asked that we all help to support change and true choice and freedom by sending out our most fervent hopes and wishes to / for the future survival of our planet and all of humanity, saying: "... Give that which is needed: your compassion; your hope; your joy; your love; your desire for equality for all. This does not mean you are weak. It does not mean you do not stand up and say your truth or stand up for what you truly believe. It only means that you believe that there IS a way that all may live in harmony. When you truly hold this in your heart then you have achieved that which you seek. Many upon this world now seek to right wrongs perceived done; many upon this planet struggle to cling to power they feel they deserve but which has not been given. As more stand up for their truth it becomes harder for those who seek to cloak it, for just as eyes are opened that were once closed so the deceit becomes more transparent and the truth is there for all to see...
GIVE TRUTH to the Earth so she may give it to all...
You know that it is only through LOVE that true justice and harmony can be achieved, so give this also so that all may know love and understand it. Some will fight and rail against change but as their voices become fewer so it becomes harder for them to be heard and eventually they too must accept that they no longer hold the power they sought, and in doing so they actually become free...
Seek to CREATE WHAT IS BEST. Endeavour — strive — to achieve what you know you can complete and be upon this world not a burden but a benefit. Those who understand this will thrive. Those that do not will slowly wither and die. This does not mean do without, it just means do with what you truly truly wish and know you need...
GIVE TOLERANCE to all, so that they may understand one another: for so often people fight on supposedly opposite sides when in fact they both fight for the same thing...
GIVE FREEDOM — for all have been given freedom and you must earn and retain your freedom, for without it you are but slaves...
GIVE JOY AND HAPPINESS, for pleasures are worth much in this world, and be seen to be happy in all that you do..."

In 2008 I wrote this piece, which seems to echo these sentiments. It was entitled


Do we want a world with resources divided according to greed, hypocrisy and nepotism?
Where "who you know" and how much you can grab is the rule.
And in the rush to seize and hoard the precious assets
and make profits that sit in vaults unseen and gather dust
no care or thought is given to the rest, the majority of mankind,
who toil for hours to make a crust to feed their kin
or sit devoid of hope in the dirt, imprisoned in their poverty
waiting for life to give them a reason for being — or come to an end.
What use the natural medicines that cannot be patented and so are not made
so that millions can be made from peoples' misery and pain?
What use a cure for diseases, whose distribution depends on affluence and profit
and not on compassion for the suffering of those who walk the Earth with us?
What use the billions spent on cosmetics and creams for the self-obsessed,
when illness and disease; famine and death shows itself on the face of the world's poor?
What use the acres of trees gone up in smoke or fed into the teeth of machinery
that consumes our planets eco-systems to feed a need that does not exist?
What use an animal or bird, devoid of habitat and lost and alone -
motherless, homeless and only valued too late, when it is gone forever?
What use the profits from weapons given to children to use in a war that is not theirs,
as their childhood is slaughtered along with their family?
What use the fortune daily poured into all the machinations of war across the planet
as blood runs in the gutters and men, women and children suffer and die?
The Gods and prophets shed bitter tears of sorrow
over lessons that have apparently gone unlearned,
their dreams of peace, love and brotherhood abandoned to dwindle and die.
Should WE then not speak out against injustice wherever it hides;
let truth, Light and honour shine forth from our souls
so that all who see us may absorb our words
and take heart from what they feel and know to be fair; just and True.
There is surely no place for those who would hide in the shadows
and seek to deprive their fellows of the justice they would ask for themselves -
living by one rule and imposing harsher rules on those beneath them.
What IS fairness? What IS freedom? What IS peace?
Are we prepared to stand up and say ENOUGH!
Where do we draw the line...


15/2/2011: The world is undergoing great change, and we cannot help but notice the extremes of weather once more being experienced as the Earth works to slough off more energetic debris; of illness and viral infections being rife as toxins are shed; of unrest within countries and demonstrations from groups that are demanding change... We have been told many times the planet is trying to achieve a state of balance and equilibrium and 2011 looks like being difficult for much of humanity on a variety of fronts. In one of our group sessions our Guides told us: "...This is what it is to be human — you are given choice, freedom, the ability to be the best you can be, or the worst. It is the choices you make that determine the individuals you are — and the choices you avoid that force you to become that that you do not wish to be...The time of turmoil approaches. You must be steadfast as your rocks. Hold to what you know to be the truth of your existence..."

NEWS 2010:

(11 May 2010): Following the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico we were doing some work with our elementals and cetaceans, when Chief Red Cloud joined us. He gave this message: "Those who need to understand are still blind. Those who need to hear the words are still deaf. Those who need to speak are dumb. All must learn to feel; to understand; to be one. And once they are one, all will see, hear and speak as one. Mankind must learn that greed is not good. Greed leads to suffering, to division and war. Take only what you need and no more. Live in harmony, live in peace."
And later (13 July 2010) as more radical attempts are made to cap the leak we had completed some containment work with the elementals, and our Guides added: "It is done... You give them now the chance to succeed. Enough damage has been wrought. Now they may cease... Greed begot greed. Power begot ignorance, ignorance bred stupidity and from stupidity man finally saw that greed was not good. A lesson has been learned by many, but still many need to understand. If you use resources for yourself in a selfish manner, the damage you may wreak can well exceed the benefits you received in the first place." How much more do we need our planet to show us, to have the courage and conviction of our own rights as Sovereign Beings to stand up and say "ENOUGH". I think by the end of this year we may have found out... Lets hope the attempts to cap the oil gush now work in physicality, and mankind has TRULY learned something!

Following the Haitian earthquake in January 2010, Metatron told us this:

"The world is changing. It seeks to slough off that which it no longer needs, in order to allow space for those new energies that will support her efforts and endeavours. Many have given their lives, willingly and with full conscious knowledge of the sacrifice they offer. Those that are left will continue to strive for what they feel to be right, with the cooperation of their friends and family in Spirit, who will rise again to carry the Light onwards. Be brave... Be strong... Be True."


We were guided to call our group The Order of the Blue Lotus, for reasons both symbolic and esoteric. On the symbolism side, the blue lotus is also known as the Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile. It was the most sacred plant of Ancient Egypt and was prized as a symbol of creation and rebirth. The four sons of Horus are also depicted as sitting within a lotus. Each son represents one of the four elements of earth, air, fire and water, and it is these elements that we work very closely with, through the elementals and their Directors. The lotus flower is to be found drawn in many wall paintings in the temples of Ancient Egypt, and there represented the flower of Atlantis (where it was used in ceremony and ritual) and thus both "life-force" and resurrection. The lotus also symbolises the Origin of Life.

If you would like to read extracts from our journal detailing some of the work we have been doing, go to the "journal" page.

We began this work at the start of 2005, following the devastation wrought by the Asian Tsunami. These are times of great change for our Planet and, with changes in weather patterns and what appear to be freak disasters and upheavals in the earth's crust, over the past few years we have seen more and more upheavals taking place around the world — such as the Asian tsunami, the floods in New Orleans and the earthquakes in Pakistan. Earth changes at this time are not unexpected and speedy action needed to be taken to avoid much more of the same occurring as the planet metamorphoses into her new form.

We were told that together humanity, the Angelic Realm and Beings of Light in Higher Realms, and the Elohim and Elementals (the gnomes, salamanders, sylphs and undines) need to work together in a spirit of love, harmony and common purpose to help the planet transform into its full potential. We were also told that throughout the world there are seven groups of seven people on each of the seven continents that had volunteered for this task of planetary transformation, and that in all there were 1150 major places around the world that needed humanity's intervention in order to release and transmute the negativity that had built up there to release or cleanse the Earth's  connections to her planetary grid. (Some but not all of these 49 groups are now awake and seven of the groups — one from each continent — are actively working together etherically to bring about change on the Cosmic and Universal level.)
The matrix of the planet has changed. As she goes through the process necessary to transform into a fourth and fifth dimensional Being, so she needed a new matrix on which to shape herself. The old grid that surrounded the planet in the ethers / atmosphere was based on a hexagonal pattern but had become twisted out of shape and was no longer serving her purpose. It was decided by "Higher authorities" that the new grid was to be a Star-icosidodecahedron form (a combination of  equilateral triangles, triangles and pentagons), which will be much more stable and have the potential to carry more positive change.

globe in snow

Richard Leviton in his book "Encyclopaedia of Earth Myths" (ISBN 1-57174-333-2) talks of the "GRAIL KNIGHTS", and describes them thus: "A man or woman of any culture or time who can bridge the realms of the elemental (nature spirits) and angelic with the human in the context and for the benefit of Earth's visionary geography as a part of a long-term process of deep remembering called the Quest for the Holy Grail.... The goal of a Grail Knight's training is to be an effective intermediary between celestial and terrestrial energies and consciousness. The Grail Knight works with the angelic and elemental kingdom on behalf of the planet, both its spirit, known as Gaia; its ecosystem, and its resident humanity.... The Grail Knight, through the acquisition of a focused, competent clairvoyance, is also trained in detoxifying the Earth's geomantic nodes of accumulated negativities, unwholesome entropic energies and stagnation. In this role one may also be called a Grid Engineer, as the Earth's visionary geography, through a living matrix, is also described as a Consciousness Grid. Grail Knights often congregate again while incarnated and throughout their lifetimes because they are part of a Soul Group dedicated to the goals of Camalate." This describes the group and our goals pretty well.

At the start of our work the Earth was beginning to fit into her new matrix, and where the grid needed to be grounded into the planet we were finding the potential for drastic and damaging changes. This was because huge amounts of negativity had built up in certain areas beneath the planet's surface (as well as immediately upon the surface) through untransmuted pain, karma, suffering, war, bloodshed, anger, pollution, hate and fear that we have dumped physically and etherically into the earth day after day for centuries. The Earth was covered in etheric "boils" waiting to erupt, and we needed to clear and drain the poisons from these sore spots in order to release the negative pressure that was building up within her. Then we also needed to release, cleanse and guide the beams of Light that come from deep within the Earth to their place at the connecting points of the new etheric grid surrounding and enfolding the planet. These connections will enable energies and information to be instantaneously transmitted around the planet and grounded where needed as the grid forms part of Earth's new energy body for her Ascension. Our group's field of responsibility was to be the British Isles, Eire, Iceland and Scandinavia, and later we also took on responsibility for parts of Africa and the world's oceans.
Finally at the end of May 2006, with a last-ditch all out effort orchestrated and carried out by the cat people with the cooperation and huge efforts of the whole Elemental Kingdom of Earth and the guidance of the Angelic and Higher hierarchies, all beams were reconnected, the new grid in its entirety cleansed and the whole structure flooded with pure white Light.
Our planet Earth needed and still needs help to transform from caterpillar through cocoon and chrysalis into the beautiful butterfly that is her destiny. As above, so below (and in the middle too) — there are new grids waiting for her and for all of humanity. New connections are still being made between the planet and the other planets in our Solar system, and with other bodies in our Galaxy and Universe, via other Cosmic and Universal grids situated even further out from our planet's surface. You can be certain that the Earth is becoming a multi-dimensional Universal Being! New crystalline forms are also being formed in the ethers surrounding and penetrating the planet to aid this work.....................

There is still a need to release and transmute negativity held within the Earth (as well as that still being created daily by mankind's actions) into Light, thus enabling the Earth to show her true self in all her glory and beauty: and so our work continues....

green man in snow

how you can help

We give here some general hints plus a little advice on techniques we find useful in our work. How we work is quite complex, and too much to try and describe here fully. Also how we work varies hugely from session to session, depending on what we are asked to deal with, however a few general principles remain the same:

If you work as a group, we were told that a group of seven is the ideal number. Any group should be able to work together harmoniously and ideally have the ability to travel out of body using visualisation under the direction of Angelic guidance. At least one of the group needs to be able and willing to lead the other six and to guide them via running commentary and verbal instruction (which may be partly channelled from Guides allocated for that purpose) through the tasks that need to be done. Ideally a group needs to be able to meet regularly and aim to visit up to three different locations out-of-body each session, where they may expect to find a wide range of negative energies requiring clearing. We have found that the techniques employed at each site varies hugely from area to area, and so the ability to focus and hold or channel energy would be an advantage, as the work can be quite intense. Participants should be working with the violet flame and with the Magdalene Flame and will need to understand what they are — see our other web-page devoted to the Magdalene flame. Working with the violet and Magdalene flames effectively ensures that the negativity which is passed through the participants for clearance does not attach to or affect the individuals.


Whether you work individually or a part of a group, we have found that self-preparation is an important part of the work:
Begin by placing your normal "psychic" or energetic protection around yourself and the space or room where you are working and call in such Guides and Guardians and other Beings of Light as appropriate or as you are drawn to.
Then call down the violet flame and have it fill your body completely with violet energy, using the flame to clear, cleanse and transmute any and all negativity you hold within. This may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Then expand the flame and violet energy out through your aura to do the same thing with your energy field. (Once done, you may wish to visualise the outer skin of your field as a mass of tiny violet flames. You may also wish to use one of the violet flame affirmations, such as "I AM a Being of violet fire. I AM the purity God desires".) This technique clarifies and cleanses you, fills you with violet energy to draw upon and also forms an important part of your protection.
Next call down the Magdalene flame — this is a silvery-blue colour and bring it down through your central column, so that it passes into your crown, through your body and down into the ground like a rod of Light. Then allow it to shine out through the front and rear of each major chakra of the central column, so that it forms radiant fountains of silvery-blue Light pouring out of your central column to the front and back. Then allow this light to spread throughout your physical body, filling you with the energy of innocence, purity and love (original Source energy) and finally allow this to spread out to completely fill your auric field, perhaps visualising a mass of silvery-blue flames merging with the violet flames that surround your auric shell. This technique both fills you with the energy of Source that you may draw upon and returns you to a pure state of Being and integral strength.

Generally when you work, use the violet flame first to remove negativity, and then use the Magdalene flame to restore the energy of what you have cleansed with the pure Light of Source, thus returning it to its original state.

some FURTHER notes on the violet flame & "negativity":

Our Guides had this to say about the Flame:
"The violet flame is generated from the heart of the nexus. (*) It clears the soul body of density, transmuting it into Light and restoring clarity to the soul, and thus permitting real choice — a fundamental of Free Will. For most, this purifies their soul nature to sufficient degree that they see and understand the nature of their fall from Grace. Some are so densely mired that they cannot see it, and need to be placed within an area that will saturate them with the Light of Divine Wisdom, that they may eventually comprehend the nature of their descent into density and decide for themselves how this may be rectified. This "quarantine is both for their own protection, giving pause to their descent, and for the protection of other souls that may be made corrupt by those energies if left unchecked. The only path of return to Source is removal of the corruption by degrees, through understanding and the use of Free Will and choice. For a few in whom every particle of their soul body has been corrupted the violet flame can do this instantaneously: if ALL is corrupt, then ALL is removed, leaving only the God-spark or Spirit, which will reunite with Source. Note, however, that the flame may not be imposed upon another, for that would be an act against Free Will; neither would a totally corrupt soul choose to use it for themself, for that would require some degree of purity to be present for that choice to be considered. If, however, a corrupt soul chooses to corrupt another's energy through imposition, and that energy is defended or protected with the violet flame, then the corrupt soul's encounter with the flame would be sufficient to transmute the density in its entirety in an instant. Such is the nature of choice — informed with wisdom, or not."

What we refer to as the "soul body" is the energy vehicle for the Spirit — the God-spark; the essence of each soul's Divinity or Divine Nature, which has travelled "out" from Source to experience and learn. As soon as the God-spark leaves Source it takes on density and its vibrational frequency lowers. The degree to which it does this depends on the choices it makes and the energies it creates or encounters. The density of the energy and its frequency determines how far a soul travels "from" Source — away from the Truth of their pure nature. The only way in which a God-spark / spirit can reunite with Source is when the soul body is 100% pure Love — i.e. of the Highest possible frequency of Light. Therefore our choices under Free Will create this path for us and we have the opportunity to truly see ourselves as we grow, understand the nature of those things that affect the density of our soul body, and then make choices about if and how we change this. We may achieve clarity through complete understanding, but may also (by Divine dispensation) use the violet flame, which has been given to us to as a tool to work with in order to transmute density and raise our frequency. This tool we can only use with Free Will for ourselves, or in our own defence, to protect ourselves against the imposition of density upon us by others, and to clear and transmute density that we have already acquired. Where we find density in the world of matter or in other souls we may only use the violet flame to clear that which has been imposed by others, and may never use it in attack but only in defence. However, some souls may acquire density through making a choice or taking a path that is not made under their own free will, but is imposed upon them or chosen through mal-intentioned influence of another. In these case we may actively use the violet flame in order to remove the imposed density, thus defending their Free Will in order to restore clarity and return true choice to them.

If your work is to be dealing with dark or negative energies, call in Archaeon Michael and ask him to provide you with suitable armour and weaponry (which you should return to him afterwards — do not keep them, for they will need clearing).
If you need to guide lost souls across to the Light, then call upon Archaeon Gabriel.
If you need to deal with very difficult or negative souls and need help, call on Michael and / or Metatron and also ask Azrael to come to take them to the Golden Planet (a place of energetic "quarantine").

gnomes in snow

If working with the elementals, you will need to charge and supply them with violet and Magdalene flames as appropriate — they cannot do this for themselves. You are also responsible for keeping them safe, and for ensuring they are cleansed of all negativity following your work — you can do this by letting them bathe within your violet flame aura.
Salamanders can be charged with violet or Magdalene flame and their breath used like "flame-throwers". They are intense transformers of energy using fire in this way.
Gnomes and their tools (such as buckets and mops or spades) can be charged with violet or Magdalene flame. Their work is very earth based, and slow yet sure and steady.
So too the undines can be charged up with either flame — they work with water and their tears and are especially good at dealing with emotional negativity.
So too can the sylphs be charged up — they work best with airborne debris and with movement of energy.
Each person can be allocated their own personal team of up to 3 of each elemental type, which we suggest you use for small local projects.

If you like what you read here and want to use it yourself PLEASE NOTE that we have copyrighted all material that we have created and channelled on this site — which is ALL of it, unless alternate credit is shown. You may freely use any of it for private or personal use ONLY, but we ask that if you wish to use ANY of our material for publication or reproduction in ANY other shape or form, including using ALL OR ANY PARTS OF IT on other internet pages or sites, that you FIRSTLY contact us for permission... We will then usually ask that you use extracts only (NOT whole blocks); and that you credit us as the source of your information AND create a web link back to the relevant page(s) from which you took the material. We are happy to share our work, but dislike the very rude practice some people have of copying material without due credit to its original authors.