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These Ascended Masters pages contain information compiled between 2004 and 2010 as we wrote our Ascended Masters and Ascension workshops and courses:

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This page contains information about six of the Ascended Masters and their twin flames:
Quan Yin, Master Rakoczy, Sananda (Jesus), Sanat Kumara, Serapis Bey and St. Germain.
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Quan Yin

Quan Yin is a Bodhisattva (a Being of Enlightenment), the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, and one of the Lords of Karma. She is Chohan of the Pearlescent White Ray, and a member of the karmic board. As well as Directing the Pearl Ray, Quan Yin also works with the 8th Ray and with developing the 8th chakra (also associated with the pearl) and opening and activating those centres above that. She embodies the qualities of compassionate and loving kindness is also a powerful Master of healing. She heads the Temple of Mercy which is situated in the ethers over the foothills of the mountains north of Beijing, China, which is also the retreat of her and her twin flame, Lao-Tsu. This temple is said to have a central pagoda with a golden dome, rising above 12 surrounding pagodas, each of which focuses the Yin and Yang qualities of the 12 Solar Hierarchs. Within each of the 12 temples one can hear the "music of the spheres" which encapsulates these energies, and hanging over each doorway within each temple are pieces of crystal mounted in a precious metal that chimes each temple's note as the winds blow through them. Quan Yin is the Divine Feminine aspect within Buddhism, equivalent to Mother Mary, Isis and Shakti in other world belief systems. Her full name means 'She who listens to the cries of the World' and she has vowed to remain in the earthly realms until all other living souls have completed their own enlightenment. In many images She is depicted carrying the Pearls of Illumination and longevity, which were created by Lao Tsu and are connected to her role as Chohan of the Pearl Ray. She is often shown pouring a stream of healing "Waters of Life," from a small vase (she refers to this as "The Flask of Immortality"). With this water all living things are blessed with physical and spiritual peace. She may also hold a sheaf of ripe rice or a bowl of rice seed as a metaphor for fertility and sustenance. Some also see her riding a dragon, both an ancient symbol for high spirituality, wisdom, strength, and divine powers of transformation, and a symbol of the serpent and the polar and complete energies held by Lucifer/Lux'eon. Her symbol is a lotus flower, and her electronic signature a 5-petalled lotus. Quan Yin was adopted by the Buddhists as an incarnation of Avalokitesvara (Padmapani) and is invoked with the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum – "Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus". According to legend she was born from a ray of white Light emitted from the right eye of Amitabha, the Buddha of Boundless Light, thus she is seen as an enhanced emanation of great compassion, the quality embodied by Amitabha. Quan Yin provides the high-reaching and far-sighted perspective over and through the realm of opposites and polarities, transcending and dissolving all conflicts and bringing harmony. She has many sanctuaries around the world, but all are to be found in the lofty heights of mountain peaks. She has also petitioned God and been permitted to apply the Divine dispensation of Mercy and compassion for all of humanity and beings on Earth. The laws of Karma demand swift repayment for each karmic Law we violate, but the grant of mercy sets the burden aside for us until the wisdom and ability to deal with it is attained – this means reaching the stage whereby understanding permits the giving and receiving of true forgiveness in the form of true atonement (the state of being at one-ment with ones Divine Nature). She accordingly works with Lao-Tsu and the Mercy flame to dispense this compassionate form of justice. This Flame is the colour of orchids – deep pink / purple (Divine Love tempering the Divine Will of God), thus being composed of a combination of rose pink and purple Rays. The purple Ray contains more of the blue of Divine Will than the violet flame, and has a deeper cleansing action to the etheric bodies, especially the spiritual etheric bodies (layers 4 and above). This will help to clear records of the past (including past lives) that may be buried deeply within the subconscious It is this transformation that is Lao-Tzu's speciality, tempered by Quan Yin's compassion. Know too that forgiveness and mercy works both ways – if we expect it, then we have also to give it to others. Quan Yin can also therefore help us release our hurts and truly forgive those who may have hurt us. We need to see that to hold on to our reactive feelings about wrongdoings against us harms us more than the wrongdoer, and we need to forgive and forget if we want to be truly at peace with ourselves: if we can recall the memory of a misdeed, then we have not truly forgiven. Quan Yin will work with us in attaining the qualities of compassion, forgiveness and love. She wishes us to be able to heal our heart chakra and emotional body of its wounds, and does this through restoring self-confidence and helping us to remove emotional blocks which may prevent us from moving forwards in life. Many people have been hurt or affected in some way by things that have happened in their upbringing (and even in past lives). These may leave one feeling unloved, unsure of who and what one is, or even identifying with and taking on the archetypal energy of 'victim'. We need to resolve these feelings which are not a part of our true selves, and see ourselves in our true lights as who we really are. When we understand that we are lovable and loved, this enables us to be loving and forgiving towards others.

Quan Yin has this message for you:
You as me: "what is Karma?" Well, let me tell you this, it is not a punishment. It is, rather, a balance sheet of cause and effect that YOU keep for yourself. All of life presents you with lessons to learn, for that, after all, is the point of being in physical existence. If you had nothing more to learn, or if you had chosen not to learn but to remain in ignorance, then you would not have left the heart of God. And you need to see and understand those lessons from both sides, and to experience all aspects of life: happy and sad; calm and stormy; pain and peace. And you also need to gain the realisation that all actions have consequences, and that some actions bring you closer to your Christ-self - your Divine Self — than others.
If returning to Unity with God is your ultimate goal, then you need to live AS God: as  a loving, compassionate and merciful being of Light. For it is that path that brings the most peace to your soul and the most joy to your heart. Can you imagine a life full of peace and joy? Try now.... You can have this if you choose, for you make many choices every day — you can choose to be humble and forgiving; loving and giving in thought, word and deed; a friend to yourself as well as a friend to others. You do not have to carry the burden of unhappiness or discontent, if you choose not to. Unburden yourself daily of all hurts, troubles and upsets that have beset your day and sincerely ask for the Flame of Forgiveness and Mercy to transmute wrongs (real or perceived) done to you, or that you have done to others and I will intercede for you.

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Microcosm Macrocosm

The Master Rakoczy or Master R has taken on the office of Chohan of the seventh Ray, the ray of Ceremonial Order, Magic and Transformation. The Master R was influenced / overlighted by the Great Divine Director who is a Cosmic Master destined to become the Manu of the 7th Root race of Aquarius. This great Being has merged his consciousness with the cosmic cycles of God's Plan for the Onmiverse, and his spiritual body is a giant blue sphere that surrounds the entire planet. Master R works with the Rainbow frequencies of Light, and is the sponsor of Europe; a teacher of many of the Ascended Masters, including St. Germain and Sananda; and a member of the Karmic Board. His Etheric retreat is over the Rakoczy Mansion in Transylvania Romania.
In Atlantean times he had the Flame of Freedom transported from the Temple of Purification in Atlantis to the Carpathian foothills in Transylvania. It was here that St. Germain later maintained the flame and established a retreat under the master R's direction. Transylvania was once the part of Hungary known as the cradle of Hungarian culture which fought to retain Christianity under the onslaught of the Turks and the Ottoman Empire in the 150 year conflict. The Master R founded the Royal house of Hungary here, over-lighting a member of the ruling family of Transylvania (thought to have been Prince George 2nd, who died in the late 1500s). This was done in order to help bring Light back into the area following the war. Rakoczy has had past lives on Earth, frequently in a healing role. He also was once a powerful horse herder in Mongolia (owning over 1000 horses), where he was known for his strength and endurance. His final incarnation was in South America , where he lived as a Holy man at the base of a waterfall. He grew what little food he needed and lived in harmony with his surroundings. People would come to him with questions or needing wise judgement, and he would always help and encourage them to seek the answers and knowledge they sought within themselves.
It is these same qualities that he works with today, and working with the Rainbow Light frequencies is an important part of this work. He will also help transmute negativity from the auric field, and has always believed that humanity needs to become aware of the Divine Plan, and their part in it. As a part of becoming who we truly want to be, doing the things that we truly want to do, we need to realise that what we seek is within us — and so too is all the knowledge we need. The essence of himself as the Master R is only a small part of what his true being is -The Great Divine Director.

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Sananda was until recently Chohan of the sixth ray and has served as World Teacher. Although he retains some influence on the 6th ray, which is the ray of idealism and devotion, he is currently working through the Mahachohan to bring enlightenment to Earth to allow the Higher Rays to manifest and be anchored. He is a Divine Master of the Cosmic Light Command, and has been given the dispensations of pure devotion, resurrection and may bring the pure Love of God to anyone who asks for it. His Etheric retreat is situated over the North Pole, where he is also Guardian of the Inner Earth.
Like many of the Masters he has spent lifetimes on Earth influencing and directing the births and developments of the worlds' religions. Past lives have included Melchisadek (the teacher of Abraham), Joshua, Enoch (who was overshadowed by Melchisadek and influenced by Metatron to form the "Keys of Enoch" — a set of spiritual" rules", rather like the ten commandments), Jeshua, Joseph of technicolour dream coat fame and Zend (the father of Zoroaster who founded the Zoroastrian religion). His best known lifetime was as Jesus the Christ ("Christ" symbolises the frequency which means "One with God") founder of the Christian religion. He was overshadowed for the last 3 years of that life by Lord Maitreya who headed the Office of the Christ, and was leader of the Great White Brotherhood.
Sananda works with the masses and tries to neutralise the errors of theologians who (often incorrectly) interpret his teachings in his lifetime as Jesus. One of the current goals of the 6th ray is to create one world religion, whereby the pathway is not the focus, but the destiny is. The creation of this would mean true enlightenment — after all, much of the troubles on Earth are related to misguided perceptions about one religion's path being the "only true way". He also works to remove fears and feelings of self-doubt from us and to awaken the Christ Consciousness within us. His love for us and desire to see us become complete, perfect and whole is never ending.

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Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara is our planetary Logos. He has never incarnated on Earth in physical form as we know it, although he IS the Earth in a much Higher form, in that he ensouls the planet. Every being on Earth lives within his aura, and we could describe the Earth as being equivalent to his current physical body. He evolved on the planet Venus with his twin flame, the Lady Venus, where he had 69 lives before his ascension. He also studied music with the Angelic realm to understand the Music of the Spheres, which is integral to the regulation and movement of the heavenly bodies. These affect our lives much more than we realise. Music is also an excellent medium through which to understand and learn about vibration and energy, which is, after all, all of life!
Training for the role of Planetary Logos was long and hard, and he trained at the "University" (UNIVERS(E)ity!) on Venus, which has 7 temples and 12 training schools, each one dedicated to a specific function he needed to master to be able to carry out the role he had asked for, which was to sacrifice himself for Earth and the people of Earth and carry the Light for them at a time when the planet was in spiritual darkness. It is not a new role — he has been doing the work for over 18,500,000 years, supported by 144,000 Lightworkers! His base is in Shamballa, which is situated in the Ethers over the Gobi desert, in Mongolia .
He is the head of our planetary spiritual hierarchy and works with the support of 6 other planetary Logoi (or kumaras) and the Higher aspects of the Manu, the Christ, and the Mahachohan under the direction of Helios, who is our Solar Logos (the great Being who embodies and directs all the planets and bodies of our solar system). He is also under the guidance of Vywamus, who may be described as Sanat Kumara's Higher Self, or Monadic (Soul-group) Self. Each of the Kumaras is a conduit for the energy of one of the 7 rays, although each of them also acts as a distributing force for the others. Sanat Kumara's ray is the 7th — the ray of Ceremonial Magic and Order.
His task involves the setting up of a loving and supportive framework on a physical level for all life forms, to enable them to evolve and grow and take on responsibility for maintaining and growing their own three-fold flame of the True Heart. He is responsible therefore for all souls and beings and their evolution, whether animal, vegetable or mineral. It is a fine line he has to tread in supporting and guiding each being, yet still allowing each one free will.

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Serapis Bey

Serapis Bey is Chohan (Master) of the third Ray and is Master of the Ascension flame and the Resurrection flame. He is also known to some as Serapis Soleil, the "Dragon Master" in which role he interfaces with the White and Black Rays and with Divine Source in the task of grounding the Diamond Ray in its fullness and entirety, through the elementals of the 5th element — ether. The 3rd ray is the ray of Active Intelligence and is connected with the principle of taking intelligence (of all sorts) that has been made available for the world, and then organising it in a concrete manner to aid our evolutionary path. He used to be Chohan of the 4th ray, but as the world is evolving and there is becoming more emphasis on the 3rd ray, the Mahachohan has assumed more responsibility in his role and Serapis Bey has been asked to head the 3rd ray. His involvement with the 4th ray still continues however, as the Chohan of the 3rd ray is responsible for absorbing energies from the 3rd ray and distributing them to rays 4, 5, 6 and 7. Although these rays are complete in their own right, you may describe them as being subdivisions of the 3rd ray, which controls all aspects of civilisation. Accordingly Serapis Bey works closely with the Chohans of these rays and with the Mahachohan. He has an Etheric retreat called the "Retreat and Temple of the Ascension" over Luxor in Egypt, where he liaises with Archaeon Metatron, and other flame centres within the 6th Dimensional Ascension Temple complex at Giza. His twin flame is the Amutreya, the Unified Feminine Master who has merged with her 3 streams of Being, and who is Chohan of the Crystal Ray.
Past incarnations on Earth have included Amenhotep 111, who had the temple at Luxor built which embodied esoteric laws and advanced schools of science, art and philosophy. He also had lifetimes in Atlantis, where he was a High Priest in the Temple of Ascension. The temple and the Ascension Flame were moved to Egypt to the location of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid before Atlantis was lost. Serapis was the architect of the Great Pyramid, which is a symbolic representation of the journey of the soul on the path to initiation. It is here in Egypt in the Etheric realms that he still is responsible for carrying out Ascension initiations. He also incarnated as the Spartan King, Leonidas, and as Phidias, architect of the Parthenon — another masterpiece of sacred geometry. He forewent his ascension until around 400BC.
Those who work with the 3rd ray need to be very adaptable and able to react to changing situations and not be caught up in a specific mind set. The ray has deep connections with the science of Astrology and with the source of what we refer to as electricity (which is our word for a particular form of energy). Serapis works especially with the base chakra and is aware of the need for us and our energies to be fully grounded in order to live our lives and follow our paths in the most efficient way. He very much influences us in living in the "here and now" and in acquiring the self-discipline essential for the path to Ascension.

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St. Germain

The name "St. Germain" comes from the Latin meaning "Holy Brother". He was until recently Chohan of the Seventh Ray, which role has now been taken on by the Master Rakoczy, although he still retains a connection with the Ray, being its' Director. Today he likes to be known simply as "Germain", and is Chohan of the Silver Ray, which he administers in tandem with his twin flame, the Lady Portia, and the Gold Ray. St. Germain also remains the Keeper of the Violet Flame of Transmutation, which works with violet Light and the Violet Flame, and is also keeper of the Flame of Freedom. He and his twin flame, the Lady Portia hold and keep the balance of Freedom and Justice for us through the bridging point, attribute and gift of Divine Mercy, for at one end of the scale you could have total freedom, which might result in chaos and anarchy, and at the other you could have total justice, which might result in dictatorship and oppression. Applying both with Mercy keeps each in balance with the other, hopefully bringing out the positive and beneficial aspects of each. Germain's main task now is in working under the direction of the Mahachohan as a bridge to enable humanity and the Earth to access the Higher Rays on our path to Ascension. In association with all the Angelic Hosts he is a representative of the 12 Solar Hierarchies, heading the 1st division and the lessons brought through the constellation of Aquarius. He and Lady Portia have a retreat in the Etheric realms known as 'The Cave of Light' above the northern mountains of India and he was also responsible for gifting the retreat known as the 'Cave of Symbols' over the Teton Mountains, Wyoming, USA to the Earth and her citizens. St. Germain and Lady Portia's key crystal is the Amethyst — this stone holds the violet Ray and is the stone of the Alchemist and the stone of the Aquarian Age. She wears a large teardrop shaped amethyst around her neck, whilst he wears a square-cut amethyst set upon a Maltese cross. Hers holds a purple and gold Flame and his encapsulates the energies of the violet planet in holographic form.
Past incarnations have included Joseph (the husband of Mary, mother of Christ), Merlin (magician to King Arthur's court), the prophet Samuel, Columbus, Christian Rosenkreutz, founder of the Rosy Cross (of which sprung the Rosicrucians) and Francis Bacon. Francis Bacon was believed to be the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth the First, and should by rights have been made the next King of England, had she not denied him. He is also believed by many to be the true writer of the works attributed to William Shakespeare. St. Germain also lived in Atlantis, where he was a High Priest in the Temple of Healing. It was here that he was thought to have created a healing system using 22 symbols, which is said to be the origin of the system we know as Reiki. The system was misused in Atlantis, and because of this the system known today has not yet been granted the use and knowledge of the full range of healing symbols. St.Germain has appeared on Earth many times, in many guises and roles, often appearing ageless and with new ideas and inventions. In these later roles he was manifesting physically on Earth, having already achieved his ascension, but chose to take embodiment in various diplomatic roles, in order to bring influence to bear upon many crowned heads of state or those with power over the development of a country's democratic order. He has also been influenced / overlighted by Master Rakoczy, who in turn was influenced by the Great Divine Director, a Cosmic Master and head of the 7th and final root race, which is coming into being at this time.
Germain's current role is to help bring enlightenment to humanity in order to help Earth progress to the next evolutionary level, and also to bring about the manifestation of the Higher Rays (notably the silver and gold Rays) onto Earth. This includes the planning for and guidance of those currently incarnated who are working with these Rays as ascended Beings who have chosen to live here in physical embodiment.

St. Germain has this message for you:
You are as my beloved amethysts, and it is to you that I give the gem that bears this name. Hold it in your hand and look deep within its bounds to the violet flame within burning at its heart. Feel the Light and warmth emanating from the surface, and become aware of the power and intensity of the flame within. For it is this flame that will bring you freedom, and through teaching others about the flame you may bring them theirs. Place the gem now within your heart centre, that it may cleanse and release you of all debts, burdens and karmic ties that prevent you from realising yourselves as True sons and daughters of God. This gift is given by Divine Decree, and is for you to use to quicken your growth and transformation at this time of vital importance for the World. Let its Light remind you of your task, and awaken you again to remember your place within those Legions of Light, the Enlightened Ones, who made such plans for the Earth, her people and their ascension all those ages ago. May the Light and Love of God go with you, and the Flame of Freedom burn always in your heart. I AM St. Germain.

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If you like what you read here and want to use it yourself PLEASE NOTE that we have copyrighted all material that we have created and channelled on this site — which is ALL of it, unless alternate credit is shown. You may freely use any of it for private or personal use ONLY, but we ask that if you wish to use ANY of our material for publication or reproduction in ANY other shape or form, including using ALL OR ANY PARTS OF IT on other internet pages or sites, that you FIRSTLY contact us for permission... We will then usually ask that you use extracts only (NOT whole blocks); and that you credit us as the source of your information AND create a web link back to the relevant page(s) from which you took the material. We are happy to share our work, but dislike the very rude practice some people have of copying material without due credit to its original authors.