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These Ascended Masters pages contain information compiled between 2004 and 2010 as we wrote our Ascended Masters and Ascension workshops and courses:

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This page contains information about 6 of the Ascended Masters and their twin flames:
Lord Lanto, Lady Leto, Lord Ling, Lady Lotus, Lady Magda and the Mahachohan.
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Lord Lanto is Chohan of the Second Ray. The 2nd ray is the Ray of Wisdom and Truth, which is concerned with the guidance of our spiritual destiny, helping mankind to recognise God and achieve soul freedom, whatever their path and whatever their beliefs. He took over leadership of this ray from Kuthumi and works closely with El Morya Khan of the 1st ray, Serapis Bey of the 3rd ray and Djwhal Kuhl, who has taken on much of the day-to-day teaching of students on these 3 rays.
Lanto was one of the first souls who volunteered to come to Earth with Sanat Kumara and he has had many incarnations on Earth in Lemuria and Atlantis, and later on in China, the best known of these being the Duke of Chou who is considered to be the true founder of the Confucian tradition. In his final incarnation the Inner Light he held through the certainty of his Divinity manifested as a perceptible golden light that shone out through his chest, proving to all around him that any person may develop their own Divine Spark just as he had done. Lanto accordingly wants all of us to recognise our Inner Light and believe in our own Divinity. When we are able to recognise that each one of us is an emanation of God, that we all are in truth never separated from Him and that we are all One, we will see that the path we choose to take Home is not relevant, but how we tread that path is. Lanto works especially with the crown chakra and will help us open to receive words of wisdom and knowledge and gain an inner knowing of when we hear truths. Gaining knowledge also helps us expand our boundaries and our perceptions and makes us receptive to new concepts, thoughts and ideas. He has been given a dispensation allowing any student or teacher to call into being a Golden Flame of Illumination to burn over any place of learning that is receptive to knowledge from the Higher realms, thus attracting more Light Beings who have things to teach us. Being open-minded (through having a clear and balanced crown chakra) brings us true illumination. And truth brings Light. And the Light shall set us free.
He and his twin flame Shoshimi have an etheric retreat over the Grand Teton Mountains, near Jackson Hole, Wyoming USA and share another with Jophiel and Lucida over Lanchow in China. Shoshimi brings with her a black jaguar, whose keywords are "embracing the unknown". She has a sense of deep centeredness and certainty about whom and what she is, with total acceptance of herself in all its facets, — just as she fully accepts us too. She can help us be considered in our actions, with clarity in thought and expenditure of just the right amount of energy required to perform whatever needs to be done. She also helps us look within ourselves to find the inner truth; to confront our deepest fears and darkest secrets and reveal them for what they truly are. Sometimes we simply do not know what we fear, and she offers her hand and a challenge to take a leap of faith with her into the unknown. She then offers us healing for whatever is revealed.

Lord Lanto has this message for you:
Oh my dear Ones! I love you deeply and so much want you to find your Inner Light, as I have done. Mine glows through my chest like the Sun in the sky and brings such warmth to my heart that is hard to describe! Igniting my God-flame brought with it such a wonderful feeling of Peace — of being eternally and unconditionally loved and supported — that I wanted to stand up and shout my joy to the world. And this is what I am allowed to do: to share my joy and bring others to that same state of realisation: to know that they are not alone and that Be-ing a part of this wonderful Whole is in reality a state of Divine ecstasy. Open your minds and your hearts to the truth and wisdom that surrounds you and is a part of you. For deep down you know your God-self and know yourself to be part of so much more. I draw close………. Feel me stand behind you, placing my hands upon your shoulders……. Can you feel the warmth of the Sun in my heart? If you will, allow me to stand briefly within your physical shell so that my Light, my inner flame, may join with yours and cause it to shine even more brightly. I ask you to have pride and joy in your Light and to have the courage to share its Light and its wisdom with others!
Shoshimi adds:
I run with the jaguar, who runs with the night. In the darkness all looks different — yet it is the same world; the same place we know so well in daylight. And when we learn to look with new eyes and senses we come to know the darkness, and know it holds no fears. We can identify and discover things that only appear when daylight fades and the world turns to night. Come with me and learn to be at one with the darkness and at home with its secrets. Fear not what you do not know — for out there are new joys waiting to be discovered, and I am here to help you in that discovery and in celebrating your victories.

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Violet Heart

Lady Master Leto is a teacher of the young people of Earth and twin flame of Djwhal Kuhl. She works on the Platinum Ray of enlightenment; with Lady Portia on the Gold Ray; assists Master Rakoczy in his work at the Cave of Light in India; and she also carries the violet heart in support of St.Germain, with whom she also has close links. Her flame is purple tinged with gold and both amethyst and ametrine carry her vibration. Her role is especially important now as the 'new' children incarnate and need a different form of education and guidance. She is adept at helping us to leave our bodies and showing us how to safely travel and re-enter them in order for us to work in our Ascended Master's ashram at night whilst our physical body sleeps. She has had past lives on Earth, often in the fields of healing and science. In Atlantis she was a scientist working with the Flame of Truth, and she followed this flame when it was transferred to China after the fall, where she lived a life as a mystic and sage. Another life was in the Incan civilisation, where again she had a role in science, as applied to healing. She was also incarnated as Theresa D'Avila, founder of an ascetic order of Carmelite nuns and is also connected with the Greek Goddess Leto, mother of Apollo and Artemis, revered for her feminine modesty and defence of the young. It is said that she has a special affinity with Britain, especially Scotland, and also with Europe and the fragrance of heather often shows her presence. I feel that this is due to connections she has with those who were of the Druidic and native Celtic cultures, and who had much reverence for the Earth and the elements; for healing; and for worship of the archetypes of the Divine Feminine.
She comes now to remind us of the existence of our twin flames; to help us understand how to support all the little children of the world through love and learning; and also helps us to carry and recognise the love of our inner teacher and Guru.

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Lord Ling was once the Chohan of the 5th Ray. His twin flame is Dawn.
His best known incarnation was as Moses, the Hebrew prophet, statesman and lawgiver. To many his name signifies "Ra-Moses" also Ramases - meaning "Son of Ra", which may indicate that this lifetime or embodiment had much more import than has been credited. The story goes that in Ancient Egypt a pharaoh enslaved the Israelites (Hebrews) and ordered their sons to be killed in order to wipe out the line. Moses' mother hid him in the bulrushes as a baby where the pharaoh's daughter found him, and brought him up. He lived as an Egyptian prince until he was about 40 and then (following the revelations of God within the burning bush and the fulfilment of the prophecy of the 10 plagues being visited upon the Egyptians) left to take the Hebrews to the "promised" land of Midian. He spent 40 days and 40 nights upon Mt. Sinai where he was given a lengthy set of laws from God that prescribed the way that men should ideally live according to Spiritual Laws. These proved unwieldy and were then replaced with a simple set of 10 commandments — these are sometimes called the "test of ten" and relate to the solar plexus chakra, the seat of our identity. He then reincarnated in 6 BC as Ananda, a disciple of Gautama Buddha where he learned the lesson of service though love to bring peace and understanding using the Golden Flame of Illumination. His final embodiment was within the Chinese ruling classes as Lord Ling. Here he balanced power, wisdom and love and decided that man's greatest quality is the ability to love, which in turn brings happiness, and so he chose to ascend as the God of Happiness.
He brings the gold Flame of Joy to all, for without love, joy and happiness we cannot perform out true service, fulfil our roles or ascend. He supports this flame within the retreat of Archangel Jophiel in China, where he uses the flame to awaken mankind to the consciousness of the Masters. He also wishes to help us understand and adhere to the Spiritual laws. He supports especially all the children of Israel and Judah — whether true or "adopted".

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Lady Master Lotus has been working as Chohan of the 13th Ray. At present not much is known or understood about the Higher Rays, and until transition to the 5th dimension is completed, the full importance of these rays will not be known. However, as we make more progress towards the 5th dimension (Ascension) the ground is already being prepared for what will be next for us to conquer on our pathway back to union with Source. The 13th ray is a part of preparing this ground. All the work of the feminine Masters is in a state of flux at present, as we work to ground and balance the yin / yang energy of the planet to help ready us for Ascension.
She was once incarnated as a daughter of St.Germain in one of his early incarnations around 50,000 years ago when he was leader of one of the great civilisations that once existed where the Sahara desert is now. This civilisation perished as did many other after it, as humanity became immersed in material things and turned away from their spirituality. Those present at that time who still followed their King and his ideals have been given the opportunity to re-incarnate today and bring those ideals to help with our transition at this time. Lady Lotus had other incarnations, as Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth 1st, and Benjamin Franklin. All were people of high ideals and unshakable beliefs and convictions that they sought to bring to those around them at the time — often through great tests of self-sacrifice and selflessness. Her final incarnation in the early 20th century was as Edna Ballard who again went through trials and persecution for her work in bringing the message of St.Germain and the Violet Flame to public knowledge. She died and ascended in 1971.
Her message is very much to do with inner strength and with being strong enough to stand up for the truth and what we each believe to be Right. It is also to do with discipline and focus, and with gaining the ability to co-create through our minds both clearly and positively.

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Lady Magda

The Lady Master Magda is the twin flame of Sananda (who lived a lifetime as the man we know as Jesus) incarnating with him in that lifetime as Mary the Magdalene. She serves in the Temple of Resurrection with him and with Lady Virtue, Archaeon Maraeon in her persona as Mother Mary. She and Sananda are closely linked with Archaeon Azrael and his feminine counterpart, Magdalena the Lady Mercy, who influenced them during those lifetimes. Lady Magda is the current Chohan of the 14th Ray, the Ray of the New Order and Dawn of Peace and sponsor of the Pure energies of Source. She also holds for us the energies of Jesus' power of healing and can help us connect more strongly with those energies for healing ourselves and others. She also carries the flame of Hope to support us in overcoming temptations of all kinds in the knowledge that all "sins" can be forgiven. Perhaps the most important gift she brings now is the use of the Magdalene Flame, which was grounded into the planet in 2004. This is a silvery-blue flame containing the pure energies of Source, which carries and restores the Power of purity, innocence and love. This is infinitely useful when used hand in hand with the violet flame of purification and transformation, using the violet flame to burn away and transmute negativity on any level, and then bringing in the Magdalene flame to restore all to its original state of Pure being. She tells us that we can all use the violet flame to transmute and balance karma — past, present and future, for this will help us in our Ascension process. Once done, we should see our fields bathed in the Light of her flame to restore us to energy and balance. Together with Sananda she brings the gift of the transfer of the Coil of Fire, which represents the Alpha and the Omega (Father and Mother God). When these mesh together (1 is masculine and 1 feminine) they form an energetic template known as the Divine Caduceus. This is formed from 2 coils of gold energy like fine golden wire that spiral around our spinal cord from base to crown chakras, and eventually act to link and energise the connection between our Alpha and Omega chakras and extend our links to our Divine Selves and (through the planet and her gridworks) All That Is.
Working with Lady Magda is all about working with Pure Love, and her presence reinforces all aspects of the heart energy, especially self-love and unconditional love, both for ourselves and for others. We need to have self-love in order to know and understand that we need and deserve forgiveness. This Self-forgiveness then cleanses everything else that is negative from our hearts, so that we may feel ourselves surrounded by unconditional love. And as we are filled with that love, so it may spill out from us to others so that they may experience it also through everything we say and do. Love for our Self is also the foundation of the road to self-healing, and self-healing leads to wholeness from which state all things are available to us and all directions are open. It is our foundation on which all other positive attributes can be built.

Lady Magda has this message for you:
Love is the ultimate power. Light may banish darkness, but only love can overcome it. When the heart is at peace, the body feels peace. When the heart gives out love, the body knows that it is loved also. When the heart blooms and blossoms with the full Light and Love of God, so too is the body enveloped and surrounded by infinite compassion and strength. Love is clear, it is pure, and it is a complete and perfect essence of innocence and joy. This is why my Flame is given to you — to help transform all that you think, say and do with the purity and love that is the Divine essence of YOU, your birthright and your destiny. The violet flame will transmute and transform, and if used hand-in-hand with my silvery-blue Flame, the energies it meets and changes will be bathed in the pure Light and Love of God. And what more could one wish: but that all energies begin their life in this way! You too were once in this state, when as sparks of Light from the One Flame you exploded into existence — pure, perfect and joyful emanations of the Divine Creator. And it is to this state that you seek to return, and hence the reasons behind your incarnations and many lifetimes and experiences of learning and growth. The lessons and learning are a part of the journey, which you are making in order to return to Divine Creator pure, joyful and all-knowing, all-understanding and all-accepting Beings of Light; steadfast in your commitment and accepting of the sacrifices that will make these things possible.

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The name of this Advanced Master is in fact a title. 'MahaChohan' means 'Great Lord" and he is responsible for holding and maintaining the integrity of all the Rays currently manifest upon Earth. He works closely with the holders of the Office of the Christ; the Office of the Manu; the Planetary Logos and the Solar Logos. The MahaChohan has also been given the title of 'Lord of Civilisation' for his part in playing a pivotal role in the evolvement of humanity and with manifesting the Creator's plan for humanity and the planet through the creative and practical use of energy. In Djwhal Kuhl's words, he IS Father/Mother God; the Alpha and Omega for the Earth!
His "department" governs the principle of intelligent thought and process, and the directing of the planet and all sentient beings on their evolutionary path (at physical, emotional and mental levels). It grounds thought into matter; ideas into manifestation and works with the forces of nature and sources of energetic matter, such as magnetism and electricity, which are the building blocks of what we manifest. The MahaChohan also acts as appointer, director, overseer and co-ordinator of all the Chohans of the Rays, ensuring that all energies function as a cohesive Whole and making sure that all works seamlessly and in harmony in accordance with Divine Will, Wisdom and Law. Consequently in order to hold this post the Master chosen needs to be adept at working with all the Rays and their qualities, which when combined merge into White Light — the Light of Source.
The current Mahachohan is said to have been embodied as the Greek poet Homer who wrote great stories that featured Pallas Athena — his twin flame. They have a retreat called the Temple of Comfort over Sri Lanka. Here are anchored the Brilliant Pure White Flame of Source, attended by White Fire angels, and the Flame of Comfort, attended by Pink Flame angels. From here the essence of Source is focused and distributed to the planet and all life-forms. The symbol of the Temple is a white dove and the flames are to represent the combined masculine / feminine aspects of God and also recognize that all twin flames are truly Divine Sparks from the One True Flame.
The MahaChohan is able to diffuse his consciousness to hold and maintain the Divine spark within every sentient being on Earth, until they are able to do this for themself. He ignites the 3-fold flame in everyone at birth and returns the Divine Spark to the person's Higher Self at physical death. He oversees our life-initiations that open us to the Divine gifts of wisdom; knowledge; faith; healing; manifestation; insight; and clairvoyant abilities, including perceiving, hearing and understanding messages and information from a range of dimensions other than our own. Additionally he teaches us about trust, balance and making conscious choices and about the importance of the heart centre as we evolve and grow. Being a supreme Master of the Rays he also guides our use of the colour Rays as we seek equilibrium, control and integrity in our lives, showing us how to channel them through the heart, thus assisting us in the process of clear co-creation and manifestation through enlightened wisdom. He also helps us ground and integrate the many varied and new Rays that are being channelled to Earth at these times of great change.

The MahaChohan has this message for you:
Be kind to yourself and to others as you walk gently in the world. See the miraculous rainbow of life that surrounds you and feel the energies that encompass your being. Place each footstep with care, leaving no sign to the physical eye of your passing. Take in the beauty that surrounds you, for this is the form that I have elected to wear at this present time - and my heart beats gently below the surface. Take some time out to sit in silent contemplation of your place here, on this planet, in this Universe, at this point in time. Take your awareness to the flames of Spirit within your heart and then connect your soul to me through the fabric of the earth beneath your feet. Listen to the slow, calm rhythm of my breath and begin by giving thanks to the Creator for all your Blessings; for each day that passes and the things that fill your life, and for the unique and wondrous opportunities you have to live, learn and grow. Then allow your consciousness to expand and allow me to support and guide your thoughts as they arise, without attachment or fear. Much alters within and around you as the world evolves, but worry not about the changes that you see. I change, as do you, and as do all things. Energy is never still, but always mobile and in a process of adjustment, for transformation is the name of the game. And it is from the cocoon that holds my current form that soon will emerge a beautiful butterfly, ready to fly joyously into the sky. Will you join me? Will you be prepared to go through the upheavals and uncertainties of change to join with me as I fly high to another existence? I think you will, for that is your need, your goal and your ultimate reality. So take a deep breath; take my hand — and be ready to fly too.

All images of these "Masters" are credited with thanks to: Divine Light Images:
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