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"Inner Light-Workers" is to be found in Bournemouth, Dorset, on the South coast of the UK. This is a website devoted to bringing all Light-workers out there inspiration and help in learning and growing on your path. We believe in being accessible and in "being there" for all Lightworkers who need backup and support. We know and understand that sometimes it gets lonely out there, and that some people may feel "far from home" and so we endeavour to offer a friendly ear to the best of our abilities and offer help and advice where we can. Our School's website brings you information about courses, support groups and workshops that will help you with this.

Our site contains lots of information and channelled messages compiled, researched and channelled by Hilary and Mark of "Inner Light", bringing you our insights about the Archetypal Energies of Ancient Egypt; about the Archangels (now Archaeon); about the Ascended Masters and some Avatars; about how Ascension might affect us; and on a range of topics concerning tools for personal and planetary growth and healing (such as the Magdalene and Violet Flame and the Order of the Blue Lotus and the nature of our changing Energy bodies) as we work towards our personal and planetary Ascension.

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So PLEASE NOTE - if you like what you read and want to use it yourself - we have copyrighted all material that we have personally created and channelled on this site - which is most of it. You may freely use any of it for private or personal use only, but we ask that if you wish to use ANY of our material (including pictures and our messages) for publication or reproduction in ANY other shape or form, including using it on other internet pages or sites, that you FIRSTLY contact us for permission... we will then usually ask that you use extracts only - NOT whole blocks- and then credit us as the source of your information and create a web link back to the relevant page(s) on our site.


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3 tailor-made Teachings given by EACH Archangel and Archeia
Wisdoms given by 78 Animal Spirit Guides from the Animal Kingdom
Wisdoms given by 78 Crystal Lights from the Mineral Kingdom
Wisdoms given by 52 aspects of some of the Greenwood Guardians from the Plant Kingdom.


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ARCHIVEd 'news'


The main thing that I want to add to this title page is an experience I had on retreat with the Archaeon over summer solstice weekend. My understanding is that the weekend turned out to be about grounding the Archaeana Magdalena energies for humanity and the planet, which resulted in a small (yet significant) shift in my thinking on a personal level; and an increase in the "power" of the Magdalene Flame that we have been able to call upon for a number of years now. This has resulted in a few minor changes to our page here on "Energetic Protection" which has now been relabelled "Energetic Clarity & Integrity". 

What follows are some extracts from my personal journal following my meetings with the Magdalena energy, which I hope will prove as illuminating for you as they were for me!

(23/6/2014) I talked with Archaeana Mary Magdalena, querying the wisdom of a friend's statement that she no longer practises energy protection (although her energy state seemed to prove this to be a misguided decision!) Magdalena said that it is true that when we are able to embody LOVE fully (i.e. at all times) by embracing (and vanquishing) all our fears we are fully safeguarded by our own Light. She emphasised that this does not mean that we should ignore (or not follow) appropriate processes that promote spiritual hygiene and energetic clarity: for - just as we care for our physical and bodily hygiene, health and balance - it makes sense that we do the same on an energetic level for our non-physical bodies. She went on to say that self-care rightly demonstrates great self-love, adding that clearing the non-physical elements of our bodies of anything that may hamper or prevent our energetic health (wholeness); and taking appropriate and positive actions that will promote and enhance our energetic clarity to enable us to hold more Light - which IS, after all, Love! - is important to aid and support our progress. HOWEVER such actions should not be done out of fear (perhaps of attack from without); but through love for our Self - thus the word "protection" maybe not being the best choice to describe these processes, as it implies a fear-based action aimed at neutralising something external to the Self, rather than processes that are aimed at strengthening the innate purity and love we each hold within...  (NOTE: you will read much more about this in Magdalena's Chapter in my book - Walking With Archangels!)

She expanded upon this, saying: 
"Loving yourself is about freeing your Self - particularly by releasing and clearing all fear-based patterns and responses, including any outward-directed energies that comprise or include anything other than LOVE. For if you hold emotions such as hate, anger, frustration, jealousy or suchlike within your heart you are holding onto ego-based fears, and are unable to fully embody love. LOVE is all you need! 
(... here she hums a few lines from the Beatles song "All You Need Is Love"!...) So let go of anything that prevents you from seeing and loving the uniqueness of ALL: for in releasing your fears your ego "dies" and you are set free to simply BE - embracing, accepting and holding LOVE for your Self and for ALL... then, ultimately, when all hearts are filled with nothing but love and join AS ONE you will truly know Peace." 

Following a little more discussion she expounded:
"Understand that you don't need to surrender to Love: you surrender your fears to BECOME love! Thus, whenever you experience or recognise a "negative" emotion, thought or feeling within you, I would counsel that you ask yourself "What is it that I fear?"... and keep repeating this question until you reach the heart of the issue, where there is no more fear to confront. For example:
if you seek to have power or control over others - what do you fear?... 
if you live your life consumed by the thoughts and emotional responses of your lower ego-self - what do you fear?... 
if you feel the need to constantly compare your Self or your situation to others - what do you fear?... 
if you feel diminished, alone or afraid - what do you fear?... 
Know that each time you deny your fears you are denying the Christ within! Fear paralyses. It prevents you from moving forwards; it prevents you from opening to the abundance of God's Love and embracing and BEing love! Remember: if you hold Love in your heart - only Love - you can hold no fear"...

Later, following some more interesting discussions she summarised: 
"I know that you have been contemplating the question that was posed for this retreat weekend "What is dying to be born?" - and my proposition to you responds that FEAR has to die, so that LOVE can be born!" 



We are all very much aware that December 2012 - 2013 has been about struggle and change, much of it conformational. Our planetary tasks continue, and these are a few of the messages given to us this year by those that Guide us, which speak of this, so take heart:

"Your time upon this Earth is short. You need to respect what is here for you. You need to acknowledge that even though you may tread lightly upon this earth, for others to follow you must not abuse its trust... Your mortality limits what you may achieve, but in doing so requires you to understand things beyond your own existences - to seek and look for reasons for others to be. Look within - see your own spark, one of many; all in essence the same, yet each unique. When you understand that you are a common root, then maybe peace may be upon you. Until that day live with understanding in your heart and seek a common ground of all about you..."
"Be patient. The change has started, but is difficult to perceive - for while most still live their lives at breakneck speed, the changes are subtle and slow and it will take time for them to build their critical mass and go forwards..."
"You were not always a race of war. You once lived in harmony, but you have become divided. You need to find that harmony once more, so that all the peoples of your Earth are ONE. Change has begun, its progress slow. But all things are slow when they first begin. Have patience, and faith and believe, and you will start to see the changes manifest here so that all may be at peace..."



We have created a new page on 2012 called "2012 and Beyond". Follow this link for channelings, information and insights, which will be updated as the year proceeds.


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