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This website is devoted to bringing Light-workers everywhere inspiration and help in learning and growing on their path, because as light-workers ourselves we know and understand how hard it can be living in the every-day world if you do not conform to the norm! We also offer support through our teaching and training courses (our School's website brings you information about the ones we currently offer); through the books we write (see further down page); and the healing crystals and esoteric items we sell via our on-line shop (innerlightcrystals.co.uk will show you more).

This site contains lots of information and channelled messages compiled, researched and channelled by Hilary and Mark of "Inner Light", bringing you our insights about the Archetypal Energies of Ancient Egypt; about the Archangels (now Archaeon); about the Ascended Masters and some Avatars; about how Ascension might affect us; and on a range of topics concerning tools for personal and planetary growth and healing (such as the Magdalene and Violet Flame and the Order of the Blue Lotus and the nature of our changing Energy bodies) as we work towards our personal and planetary Ascension.

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If you like what you read here and want to use it yourself PLEASE NOTE that we have copyrighted all material that we have created and channelled on this site — which is ALL of it, unless alternate credit is shown. You may freely use any of it for private or personal use ONLY, but we ask that if you wish to use ANY of our material for publication or reproduction in ANY other shape or form, including using ALL OR ANY PARTS OF IT on other internet pages or sites, that you FIRSTLY contact us for permission... We will then usually ask that you use extracts only (NOT whole blocks); and that you credit us as the source of your information AND create a web link back to the relevant page(s) from which you took the material. We are happy to share our work, but dislike the very rude practice some people have of copying material without due credit to its original authors.


A new page has been created to present some inspirational wisdoms given to us by our Angelic Guides and Guardians. It includes short channelled writings and helpful guidance on working with our Crystal Companions, presented in a similar vein to those found in my book 'Walking with Archangels' (see next section). Mark has been told that the virus is helping 'encourage' us to stop and think about how we live our lives; and to explore how the lifestyle changes that we are being forced to make at this time affects our impact upon our planet — as well as how we interact with our world and all those that share it, near and far. We all know that when it come to changing our habitual behaviours this never happens overnight, as change of any kind needs to gradually become 'the norm' over a sustained period of time for it to have any long-term positive effect. And we certainly all have been given plenty of time to put on hold our 'normal' every day lives and reflect upon what is important to all of us right now!

You may also find it illuminating to read this article 'Coronavirus: The good that can come out of an upside-down world' by Matthew Syed on the BBC's website.


In May 2017 I finally finished writing, editing, reviewing and revising my book 'Walking with Archangels' and self-published it!

Winner of the 'BEST SELF-PUBLISHED SPIRITUAL BOOK OF THE YEAR' category in 'Soul & Spirit' magazine's Spiritual Book Awards for 2018 (*) 'Walking with Archangels' is a top-quality publication — hardback, with integral bookmark (so that you can mark your place as you work through it!), AND only costing £25 (£27 if bought through Amazon in the UK) — which is less than you might expect to pay for a one-day workshop. This award-winning book offers a profound programme for self-healing, personal growth and self-transformation as you travel your personal Path to Enlightenment; and in it you will have the opportunity to meet (and bond with) 13 Archangels and their twin-flames (one chapter for each); and will receive Guidance through:
3 tailor-made Teachings given by EACH Archangel and Archeia
Wisdoms given by 78 Animal Spirit Guides from the Animal Kingdom
Wisdoms given by 78 Crystal Lights from the Mineral Kingdom
Wisdoms given by 52 aspects of some of the Greenwood Guardians from the Plant Kingdom.

WALKING WITH ARCHANGELS book cover soul & spirit gold award

(*) Judged by Maureen Rolls, she had this to say about the book:
"This is an excellent book with real wow-factor — it's the sort of book you don't want to put down as it's so enlightening. It is so inspiring and is definitely a 'must-have' book — it has so much content that can help readers and introduce them to all-things archangels. I really enjoyed it and found it a pleasure to dip into. I would certainly recommend it for beginners as a starting point if they are just discovering angels, to help them grow and develop their intuition. There's guidance on how to connect, and which archangel to call upon, as well as useful meditations that you can use to practise what you have learned, and incorporate it into your everyday life. This is a very good reference book and can be used as guidance for anyone. A brilliant read!"

To obtain your copy (and for special deals if you buy 2 or more copies) follow this link: BUY BOOK 
To find out more - AND FOR WHOLESALE DETAILS - follow this link: KNOW MORE


To read a few extracts, scroll on! (NOTE: all content is copyright to the author, Hilary Jane Hargreaves. These may not be reproduced IN ANY FORM without the author and publisher's written consent.)


...It is early evening, and you find yourself standing beneath open skies on the fringes of a desert, at the exact spot where its sun-bleached sands meld with the fertile lushness of a river's flood plain. To your left the fine pale sands stretch far into the distance, the wind-sculpted crescents of their low rolling dunes lightly veiled by a shimmering haze as the heat of the day submits to the cool of the night; whilst to your right the land appears less hostile, becoming progressively more verdant and green. You can hear the sound of flowing water: so, deciding to seek its source, you carefully pick your way bare-footed through a fusion of green, gold and emerald short- and long-stemmed grasses and crops — the soil dark, firm and moist (and much cooler than the desert sands) giving off earthy scents of loam and sweet new grass with every step you take.
After a while, you reach the banks of a wide river: here its margins are delineated by deep stands of silver-stemmed rushes and reeds — their feathery heads, bronzed by the lowering sun, whispering as they sway hypnotically back and forth in a cooling breeze. In contrast, the opposite side of the river is completely open — the water lapping against its gently sloping banks, where a dozen large crocodiles are dozing on the ochre earth and soaking up the last of the day's heat: these fearsome creatures are paying no attention to the tiny black and white birds perched on their backs - recognising, perhaps, that they are performing a service as they pick off and consume the insects and leeches that have attached themselves to the reptiles' tough leathery skin.
Appreciating that the crocodiles are favouring the other bank, you turn your back on the river and watch the sun continuing its slow descent through the sky, sinking to the horizon in a fiery ball of vermilion and orange: this tints the cloudless sky above your head in glorious hues of peach and pink; and bathes the distant desert landscape in a soft golden light, which contours the dunes and defines their rapidly darkening shadows - until, eventually, the landscape fades as the sky too darkens. Overhead, the stars begin to emerge — and your attention is suddenly taken by one that glitters especially brightly: this appears to be growing in size: then, a moment later, you realise that this is because it is rapidly drawing closer....
Just as you are wondering what it would be like to be hit by a meteor (!), the star abruptly shimmers and vanishes — and a massive sphere of brilliant silvery-grey Light materialises on the ground some distance in front of you. Blinking to clear your vision, you re-focus your eyes to see a tall platinum-winged Angel striding towards you, its towering form seemingly cloaked in black and silver Light: as it approaches, it furls its metallic wings, enabling you to see that it has taken the form of a powerfully-built ebony-skinned man wearing a knee-length Egyptian-style kilt: this is Archangel Ratziel.
Reaching you at last, he greets you — declaring:
I am Ratziel — Divine Guardian and Overseer of The Word, Author of The Sublime Transcendental Mysteries, Light of Wit and Wisdom and twin flame of Jochara, the Lady Victory. I am he that sustains the Breath of Life, fired and inspired by the Wisdom that is beyond reason, that it may BE in accordance with the words of the World of Fire and Creation; and I am he that holds the fabric of the Universe, and allows the differentiation between what is and is not: thus all that I AM is of Divine contemplation; and all that I do is of the Will of the Divine Light.... So attend me now, and I will show you the secrets of my world, if you would let me, and will open you to understand the many Truths of The Great Mystery, so that you may come to realise that there is much more to Heaven and Earth than you at first might believe.
Ratziel then turns and strides off, away from the river and towards the desert — and, as you hurry after him, you realise that he is heading for a tall cluster of date palms...


...Observing that it is easy to focus on the small blemishes and ignore the greater parts that are amazing in their Light and perfection, Azrael emphasises that it is important to see, acknowledge and honour the many positive aspects, gifts, skills and talents that you possess — as well as those that you think are not so ‘positive': then, reaching out to the white marble plinth to his side, he takes up the black obsidian sphere that rests there, and asks if you have the courage to look within its mirror-like depths, and see ALL of your Self (‘good' and ‘bad') fully and completely....
As you consider his words, you know that you have the courage to see and understand whatever you need to — and, recognising that you have made your decision, Azrael passes you the sphere.... As you accept it, you look at your reflection in its deeply polished surface; and hear Azrael advise you to open your mind, and begin by simply being willing and prepared to accept whatever chooses to present itself to you as a first impression — for your Soul always knows the most important thing for you to recognise at the most appropriate time....
Suddenly, as you realise that you have the courage to be honest with yourself, the image you see morphs and shifts.... and then, as you begin to see certain character traits, thoughts, feelings or emotions within you that perhaps you feel uncomfortable about (or even dislike), Azrael asks you to identify the one that is strongest; and allow the obsidian mirror to help you trace back and isolate its root cause, so that you may see the validity — or otherwise — of what you uncover....
After allowing you plenty of time to closely examine what you see, Azrael tells you that (with conscious awareness and intent) you can choose to accept, modify, or discard whatever you have uncovered; and suggests that you firstly examine any misgivings or fears you have about doing so - reminding you that you gain a great deal of self-insight when you reason through your fears, and asking:
What do you fear most about the process and outcome of change?...
Do you perhaps fear the loss of something that you believe defines you (when in truth your Soul is your true reality, and your physical existence merely an illusion)....
Do you perhaps fear the loss of something you love (when in truth Love is simply Light, which can never be destroyed)....
Do you perhaps fear loss of face, or fear that others may think poorly of you if you choose a different path, or speak your own mind (when, in truth, by stifling your truths you are choosing to confine your Spirit and silence your Soul)....
Do you perhaps fear there is not enough of something — such as wealth or love — to go around (when in truth it is your fear that creates that lack, by inhibiting the natural flow of abundance)....
Or do you perhaps fear failure (when in truth doing nothing is more of a failing than if you were to try and not succeed)....

After allowing you a little while to mull over his words, Azrael continues, stressing:
There IS nothing to fear, save fear itself: and therein is your dilemma. For although it would be foolhardy to take an unconsidered risk, it is vital to have the clarity, honesty and courage to see your thoughts and fears for what they truly are, so that you can then boldly and decisively choose when and how to act....

Then, gently touching your hand, Azrael quietly adds:
It is those who ‘sacrifice' themselves who are strongest — and all change requires the sacrifice of something. For some the reward for that sacrifice may be clear, thus making it worthwhile — but sometimes there seems no obvious point or gain. And then you need to have the courage and strength to trust; and the self-belief and faith to go ahead and make the change anyway!

Taking heart at his words, you allow yourself to accept the truth of what you saw in his obsidian sphere; and — as you decide how to deal with what it revealed — you know that Azrael will give you the inner strength to change what you can and accept what you cannot, enabling you to move forwards with clarity and purpose....


...Ratziel guides you across to sit and rest in front of the fire, where he gives you a small odd-shaped glassy black nugget. He tells you that this is Apache Tear, his first Crystal Champion - explaining:
Apache Tear is a form of obsidian that is dark smoky-brown and semi-transparent. It is often found in natural nuggets, and — as with all obsidians — is a form of volcanic glass that has no specific crystalline structure, due to the rapidity with which it formed. This lack of structure is of great benefit if you wish or need to work without rigidly imposed boundaries, as it encourages freedom of thought; freedom of movement; and flexibility of purpose. Hence Apache Tear can support you in developing new projects using ‘blue-sky thinking'; and in ‘open-ended' journeying in meditation or visualisation — in which case you should always ensure that you have cleared and grounded your energy Bodies beforehand (which Apache Tear may also assist with), to be certain that ‘unrestricted' does not mean ‘unsafe' or ill-considered! You may also be drawn to work with the polished version of Apache Tear for extra clarity as you travel within and without — for, just as science seeks beyond the Earth to gain a clearer understanding of the nature of the Universe, Apache Tear can aid your personal healing and Ascension work by showing you other worlds and existences too numerous to mention — thus supporting you in ‘reaching for the stars', both literally and metaphorically!
Smiling, Ratziel affirms that Apache Tear may therefore help you to remain firmly and safely grounded in the Earthly Plane, whilst you explore other worlds in your quest to acquire and assimilate Higher knowledge and wisdoms...


...Looking down, Maryllisa draws your attention to a small lizard with bug eyes and a coiled up tail resting on the rockery near the lilies. It is so well camouflaged, with dull fawn and brown markings, that you had not noticed it before; and, with a chuckle, she lifts it and places it near the quetzal bird on the lattice panel, where you watch its skin morph into hues of silver, grey and green. Telling you that this clever little lizard is a chameleon, and a master of the art of camouflage, she remarks that (even though she has asked you to shed your disguises) Chameleon can teach you to recognise the merits of utilising camouflage if and when circumstances truly warrant it, and/or to understand the disadvantages of employing camouflage when it is not really necessary or appropriate. With a smile, she adds that Chameleon can also help you identify the reasons behind any perceived need you might have to project a certain image if it is not truly necessary, and show you how to create the image you really need to convey in a more appropriate form, whilst still remaining true to your Self. Maryllisa explains that Chameleon may also help you see behind any falsehoods, disguises or facades that others might erect to hide the truth from you; or aid you in sensing the true nature of anything that you encounter in visualisation or meditation, or when journeying out-of-body in other Dimensions. She points out that, as you can see, chameleons can adjust the different wavelengths of light that they reflect, and shift through an amazingly varied colour palette: thus, Chameleon is an ideal teacher to call upon if you would like to know more about the complexity and attributes of colour, in all its hues, tones and textures (perhaps to understand how using or wearing certain colours in your environment can enhance, change or adjust your energies — and thus influence or reinforce the image that you convey); or if you would like to comprehend more about the properties and purpose of Light, in all its frequencies and vibrational forms, so that you may discover how to use it to support your growth and development. Returning the chameleon to its original location, Maryllisa chuckles as it stretches out to soak up the warmth of the rock and changes colour again; and retakes her seat beside you on the bench....


...Mulberry envelops you in a silver-violet Light, and the Masculine spirit essence of Mulberry speaks to you, saying:
My life is devoted to sustaining and maintaining the flow of energy that pervades the vessels and veins of the earth upon which I grow — and over countless lifetimes I have provided comfort and succour through my heart-shaped leaves, which allow those that spin the Web of Life to create with clarity and strength; and through the fruits of my flowers, which offer a bitter-sweet bounty that speaks of the pains and joys of existence. If you would stand with me I will show you the treasures of spiritual knowledge and understanding that are to be found within the canopies of stars that bless my resting places.... I will share with you my passion and zest for living, and show you how to burn away all that holds you back or prevents your undertakings from flowing with grace and ease.... and I will help you understand how to open your heart in order to balance and align your body, mind and spirit — that you too may become a Beacon for the Light that lies at the heart of ALL...

I hope you enjoyed these extracts, giving you just a taste of what you will find within the pages of 'Walking With Archangels!


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