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The Lads — say "cheese"!

This page introduces you to Samadhi, our Clear Quartz crystal skull, who was the catalyst for the grounding, connection and awakening of the artwork, known as "The Stranger" (and hence my connection to Unity Consciousness); to Tzoltze, our Astrophyllite crystal skull; and to Ketu, our Blue Lepidolite crystal skull (who is now in new hands). You will also find some of my thoughts on the purposes for which modern skulls are being created today, and the reasoning behind their being.

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Although fascinated by carved crystal skulls and their esoteric history, on a personal level I had never felt particularly drawn to keep one (having found them rather macabre, if I am honest!) but in 2008 I had been asked to source some by customers who wished to work with them. One thing led to another and I became (initially against my will!) hooked...


Samadhi, our Clear Quartz crystal skull, was purchased in the autumn of 2008 along with two other skulls (who have since found homes with good friends) just two months before the Stranger's  awakening occurred (see more about this portrait and his awakening on our page "The Stranger"). On a factual level Samhadi is 15cm long by 11cm wide and tall and is carved from Madagascan Clear Quartz. He has some internal fractures and inclusions, including some of iron and some of chlorite. According to the Book of Stones, clear quartz's purposes include"... to show the value in becoming a vessel for the Light of the Divine... to bring heightened spiritual awareness... and to establish a strong, clear connection to higher guidance..." additionally Madagascan quartz is described as "... associated with ancient knowledge... activates the spiritual mind and assists in vision work and meditation... stimulates the body's ability to carry an expanded range of Light frequency." As a bit of a joke (luckily he seems to have a sense of humour) I nicknamed him "Duggery" (skull-duggery — get it?) when he first came home and although we spent a little time together he stayed very quiet and so it was never my intention to keep him, thinking he was destined elsewhere. However following Alison's awakening and bonding session with him a few months after he arrived he came out of his shell and is now part of "the family". He then told me (although he remains not much of a talker!) that he is "Samadhi" and that we can call him Sam. Following his words to me, I then researched the word "Samadhi" and found that it is a Sanskrit word — literally meaning "putting together" or "uniting". In Hinduism samadhi is seen as a state of profound concentration or absorption resulting in perfect Union with God. In Buddhism samadhis are numerous modes of concentration believed to ultimately result in higher spiritual powers and the attainment of enlightenment, or Nirvana. In view of how he worked with Alison, his bond with "The Stranger", his aura of stillness, and the work he is now doing, I think he has given a very appropriate name. He certainly exudes the energies of Peace and serenity and, as we have also discovered, is a great channeler of pure white Light energy. He enjoys working with "The Stranger" and people that come to sit with it, and more recently, since Tzoltze has joined us, they both have been doing healing / Lightbody assimilation sessions with people: individually, as "meditation / journeying" crystals, and as a pair in a healing layout. Here they work well at the extremes of our energy bodies: Earth Star / Soul Star; Omega Centre / Alpha Centre. This work helps people bring their polar extremes into balance and assists them in accepting and then integrating ALL aspects of their Self (Light and Dark) into ONE.



Throughout 2008/9 we had been working with Peruvian energies in our research for our School's Ascension course, and Mayan Deities, pyramids and other symbolism cropped up in small ways in several meditations. Then in the spring of 2009 I had a very vivid dream, which I recount here: ... we emerged into a street, which was light and hot and sunny, with houses that were made of pale clay or mud bricks, with dusty unpaved streets. We were on a narrow street and I faced a low building that had a bank of grass-covered earth piled up against its left hand side. The earth bank had a wide but narrow opening and as I stood there, suddenly a great mass of bats flew out of the cave and surrounded me, as if I was in a great black rustling cloud. Hundreds of them flew past me for what seemed like ages so that I was completely surrounded for a few minutes — yet none of them touched me. Then I turned as some people came out of the house behind me. It was a poor and run-down house, narrow and squat within a terrace of similar houses. The people looked South American, dressed in bundled up clothing in native Peruvian style. An old woman came to the front of the family group and beckoned to me, and then took me into the house and into the room at the back, which was a kitchen/living room. Above the fireplace with its mantelpiece and high up on one wall was a shelf with lots of bundles, baskets and pots on it. She reached up and took down a cloth wrapped bundle and gave it to me. She gestured for me to unwrap it, and when I did so I found a skull. Looking back I don't recall exactly what it looked like, but remember it being more opaque and stone-like rather than clear quartz crystal. She impressed upon me that this was an ancient skull of the Mayans and she as clan leader had been its Keeper. It was very old. She was now passing it to me... I knew that somehow I had been chosen because of my encounter with the bats. As I awoke the dream stayed with me very vividly for several days, and in the back of my mind was seeded the thought that I should be on the alert for another skull, which somehow would be connected with this dream. I also looked up "Bat" in the Medicine Cards, which said "...Steeped in the mystery of Mesoamerican tribal ritual is the legend of Bat... Akin to the ancient Buddhist belief in reincarnation, in central America Bat is the symbol of rebirth, and has for centuries been the treasured medicine of the Aztec, Toltec, Tolucan and Mayan people... Bat is connected with the concept of shamanistic ritualistic death... Bat signals rebirth of some part of yourself or the death of old patterns..."
As a consequence, I had idly been checking out e-bay now and then for skulls over some months, just in case anything caught my eye at a reasonable price. Then one day a skull caught my attention: at first I was unsure if I wanted it, as it was so black, but then I realised that the theme of the balance between light and dark was what we had been working with over the last few years — and thus Tzolt'ze came to us in the spring of 2010. On a factual level he is 12cm long and 9cm wide and tall and is carved from Russian Astrophyllite, being predominantly black with radiating star shaped golden/bronze crystals over his cranium. According to the Book of Stones, this crystal's purposes, amongst others, are "...to shine a light on the mirror of consciousness and illuminate the True self... Astrophyllite activates and connects Earth Star and Soul Star enabling one to resonate with and radiate the full spectrum of energy that IS the Light... reminding us that the entire spectrum is necessary to our health and spiritual growth... It also encourages intergalactic and interdimensional communication and telepathy... and allows one to face ones darkest fears and claim ones full power..." I began by nicknaming him "Skully", in honour of the X Files (actually very appropriate, once you read on!) Then on 16th April the time finally seemed right to sit with him, and this is what he said to me: "Joy within joys, the pages of a book ever turning. One by one they are turned, recording the movements of the stars and the changes of the soul. Turn again once more and they are gone. Sparked out of existence as fast as they became. They know your soul and contain the very part of you that cries out for succour in your need for hope, and for life and for the heart of all that is. The words rebound and echo from the deepest and darkest recesses of the Universe. You fear that none can hear... you fear that none will reply, that none cares. But that is not so. The pebble drops into the well and the sound of its falling reverberates and resounds into the heart of the Creator. For even though you see him not, he knows you and he knows your spark. And he will not fail you, even when all seems lost and despair surrounds and encompasses your being. Look to the Light: the golden rays that penetrate the smallest crack, that expand and thrust into the darkness, enlivening and filling it with hope and with joy. He comes! The Creator hears and answers and all is NOT lost... all is found: and I AM whole and complete once more. I am the Hidden One, the joy within the depths of the soul. Often hidden from view and discernible only with eyes that see True. I am the conqueror, the bringer of courage for those that have the strength to look within and without, past the darkness and into the recesses of the mind. I am Tzolt'ze (said and spelled out very clearly!), Bringer of Death.... and Rebirth."
The name was so clear that I "Googled "Tzoltze" and to my amazement found that Tzoltze is one of the names of Nibiru / Planet X. The article said: "...Mayan Elder, Hunbatz Men, who revealed that the Mayans have known about Tzoltze ek' (Nibiru) — a massive planet on an elliptical orbit — for many years, says that the seventh moon of Nibiru will activate the Kundalini — the serpentine energy that activates the 7 chakras or power-zones along the spine ... Tzoltze ek' will also activate our genetic memories, and all the pyramids on Earth and under the Oceans... The planet ... visits us 4 times every 26,000 year cycle ("the Great Calendar of the Pleiades" that ends on 21st December 2012). The planet is inhabited by beings who operate on a higher "mental frequency..." I next discovered that "ek" is a Mayan word meaning "star", and then also realised that Astrophyllite (the stone from which the skull is carved) gets its name from the Greek root word Astron, also meaning "star"!
A little more research revealed that Nibiru/Tzoltze has also been called "Light Bearer" (Lucifer) "Great Dragon" and "Winged Globe". This proved very interesting, because I then recalled two other dream encounters I'd had, one when I had encountered Lucifer in the guise of a dragon, and one where I visited a Mayan pyramid and had seen a carving of a head that I later discovered was the Toltec symbol for the number 20, which means "Ahau". This is the name of their Sun God, who was associated with a Mayan bird deity, often depicted as as a disc or Sun with wings (noticing the connections here?!) As if all these "coincidences" were not enough, a few weeks later I had a mail from a dear friend who'd had the logo from her website ("On Wings of Light") tattooed onto her wrist. She told me "... this is the signature of the ARCHAEoNS — I bear their Standard as witness to them. It feels rather like the Knights of old — I am called to wear their colours and bear arms against the darkness. This I have undertaken as best I can..." Then finally the penny dropped and I realised that a few weeks prior to that I'd had a profound encounter with Archaeon Michael, AND that this all tied up with Tzolt'ze and his symbol of a fiery winged orb. In that encounter Michael gave me an energetic imprint of a fiery winged orb upon my brow, in acknowledgement of the vow I had made when writing our new AMD course, which included the words: "... I AM a Temple of the Light. I shine forth the letters of the Holy Name from my brow... I AM a guardian of the Sacred Arc of the Covenant and shine forth the flame of the letters to the world, so that ALL may be a Temple of the Light and a Keeper of the Covenant. And this now I vow. So Be It." And so it seems that Tzoltze was meant to be part of our "family" too!



Once again the arrival of this skull had been prompted by a dream — I do dream a lot, but most tend to be confused and not very clear. Some times, however, a dream is and remains very vivid and it is those that I know I must pay attention to, for they hold importance for me. The exact context of this dream was not clear, but I recall seeing our planet from outer space, and then watching as the Earth morphed into the form of a skull. Then it became small enough to sit in my hands, and I could see it was coloured blue and white, with the greatest regions of blue sitting over one half of the cranium, with the rest being mainly white. I had no idea what stone this might be, despite being a bit of a crystal "expert", and so once again decided to scan the web at intervals, just in case I saw something that seemed right. Sure enough, some months later I found a skull (a bit more expensive than I would have preferred!) carved from a new material that had been found in Western Australia, and which was blue and white. Even the distribution of blue/white was very like I had recalled from my dream. And so, with the help of my "flexible friend" Ketu arrived in autumn 2010. On a factual level, he is 14cm long by 12cm wide and tall and has been carved from Australian Blue Lepidolite, which has a nice distribution of blue and white material, with some small areas of purple, and what I believe to be clear petalite. The mineral (lepidolite) I was familiar with, but not the colour. Usually lepidolite is pink, purple, grey or white (or combinations thereof) — but this type has a larger than normal inclusion of a rare mineral called rubidium, which meant that it was coloured blue, rather than purple. Nothing much has been said about the uses and attributes of this new blue lepidolite on an esoteric level, although some things Melody says about lepidolite in general are very apt in this case: "...lepidolite ... opens the crown chakra and allows for the flowering of the inner blue lotus, assisting one to become aware of the subtle vibratory energies both within and without the Self; ... assists in the transformation of the energies... to those of universal light, hope and acceptance... it is recognised as a stone of transition... from one life to another, and in birth and re-birth..." The reference to the "Blue Lotus" is very relevant for me, both because the etheric retreat of Lord Himalaya within the Himalayas * is known as the retreat of the Blue Lotus, which is connected with self-mastery and inner contemplation; and because it is the name of the earth-working group we formed in 2005, and being a symbol of creation and rebirth. (*see also "K2" below)
Like most of our skulls he took a while to settle in, and for several months it did not feel the right time to access him, although I straight away felt he has a connection to the Cosmic Avatar XCii (more on Avatars' page). Then 2011 dawned and on the 11/01/11 he claimed my attention. Firstly I sat and thought about the impressions I was getting and got the words "Change... balance... victory... peace... calm..." Then he spoke and said: "The place where I was born was one of the firstborn of Earth and my essence is of the first ground. Gathering forces awaken. To your True reality, arise. I greet you; I that am both sea and sky and the bleached bones of the Ancestors, revered through time by those that have gone before. And now, in turn, you sit, and gather your thoughts; your mind; your breath; your soul, waiting for the time to be signalled in its purity and strength of Will. Turn once; turn twice, and see. Gaze into my eyes that you might see my soul, and in it reflected your own. Greatness within smallness, movement within Light and stillness and contemplation within darkness. For all is the same and of the same — all in its right time and rhythm, rotating in and circling the great Hub of the Universe; pulsing in time with the heartbeat of the Godhead — the leader and Creator of all life streams, both great and small. As with the steady ticking of the clock, you watch the Galaxies revolve and the Stars wink into and out of existence. Purity coming; darkness leaving — a mission done; a task completed at last." Then I saw magenta Light surround me and felt both peaceful and calm, yet paradoxically with an underlying current of great electrical energy. Then I hear the word "Ketu" and then "K2" and then a pause, like a held breath suspended. When I ask the skull how it wishes to work with/through me, I see a snake coming out from its eye sockets, and interpret this as meaning or representing fundamental Creation/manifestation through visioning. Then my guides tell me "With this you can look into the depths unseen by others... the depths of the Cosmos and Universe — yet you might also say your own depths, your own inner world, for what is exterior to yourself is also within. There are always two passageways, for neither one nor the other is exclusive in their access to All That Is." A little later, Ketu said also of his essence, the ground from which he was born, that he is "Kailo-san", which translates as "Master Healer".
As usual, I did some research on the words I heard and found a few things that seem relevant to the skull and how he is likely to work with us: As one of the aspects of the Hindu God Vishnu, Ketu wears a clear gem at his crown, signifying the spiritual process of the refinement of materialisation to spirit. He is considered to have the power to precipitate (potentially painful, but always empowering) catalytic change in order to persuade a more spiritual outlook or a change to a more spiritual way of being. Ketu is also connected with the positive spiritual attributes of intelligence, wisdom, non-attachment, penetrating insight and psychic abilities. K2 is the second-highest mountain on Earth after Mount Everest, located in the Himalayas, on the border between China and Pakistan. One mountaineer considered K2 an appropriate name for so remote and challenging a mountain, concluding it was "...just the bare bones of a name, all rock and ice and storm and abyss. It makes no attempt to sound human. It is atoms and stars. It has the nakedness of the world before the first man..."


Some Observations on Modern Crystal Skulls:

At first thought, carving a crystal into the form of a skull might seem somewhat at odds with the positive esoteric purposes to which crystals are usually put. Perhaps the skulls might be regarded as rather "creepy" or macabre — perhaps they remind us of dark magic, horror, death or decadent rites. However when we step beyond our initial impressions we might see that the shape that the crystal has chosen to be made manifest in simply and literally shows humanity stripped back to the "bare bones" of who we are. It is as if we look into a mirror and are confronted with our mortality - yet we are also reminded of what we are as physical beings and of our innate capacity for exploring the nature of our reality through learning and understanding. Our physical body is simply a temporary housing — a vehicle through which our consciousness is given the opportunity to learn and grow, and as such our physical skull is primarily a container for our brain, which is the centre for our reasoning, functioning and direction. Here are seated our eyes, ears, nose and mouth — our most important sensory organs and the means through which we make sense of the world around us and communicate our thoughts and feelings. In turn, I feel that each crystal skull that is carved today also has the potential to be a receptacle — a place wherein a Being, energy or consciousness may choose to place themselves in order to work with or through its human Keeper.

Traditionally the Ancient crystal skulls were formed from quartz — usually clear quartz — yet the new skulls carved today may be found in a huge range of materials, perhaps reflecting the current varied and wide-ranging needs of humanity. I believe that at some level each mineral or crystalline material that is selected to be shaped into the form of a skull will have chosen to do so as a part of its destiny and its work with and for humanity and our planet. It is rare for modern skulls to be carved from a terminated crystal, being usually shaped from large blocks of massive or crystalline material — the size of the block required as a starting point being nearly twice the mass of the finished product. The nature of the material from which the skull is carved as well as its size (although size is not always important!) will need to have a resonance with the Being or consciousness that will choose to connect with it, and likewise with the person who is drawn to claim it as its Keeper, whose inner self and purpose at that time will also need to resonate with or be reflected in the properties and vibration of that mineral or crystal.

Each crystal skull is a profound amplifier of intent and as such, once awoken, their nature and the nature of their work will depend greatly upon their Keeper — what that person has to offer to the world; what their pathway is; what the main thrust of their work is at that time; the level of Power and vibration they are capable of working with; and also how they live their life, whether righteous or not. I believe that this means that each skull forms a deep bond or energetic link with its Keeper and the resonance and direction of its energies will therefore reflect those of the person with whom it has formed that link. This places a huge responsibility upon all those who have stepped up to be a Keeper or guardian for one of these skulls, as it is equally possible for the focus of a skull to be directed towards a positive OR negative purpose — minerals and crystals having an innate consciousness, but not a conscience. I further feel that the Being, energy or consciousness generally enters the skull AFTER the Keeper has stepped forwards to claim it, having formed a decision to do so dependant on the appropriateness of the Keeper to work with that particular Being, energy or consciousness.

It seems to me that the Being, energy or consciousness does not permanently occupy the skull, or "live" within it — rather that the skull makes its connections and then acts as a relay station between the Being, energy or consciousness and the Keeper or user. To draw an analogy we may see that the skulls perform a function similar to that of a radio set that is tuned to a specific frequency and — just as with a radio — the "sound" (information etc.) comes THROUGH the skull, which is not in itself the source of the "sound". This may mean that the energies working through the skull might change as the Keeper changes their energy or vibration, or that at some time it will be appropriate for the Keeper to pass guardianship of the skull and its energies to a new Keeper. Whatever the case, all those who are contemplating acquiring a crystal skull should know that in doing so they will be asked to take on the duty of being a skull Keeper and will need to fully appreciate and understand the commitment they are making, which should include working with the skull and the energies it channels in a positive and respectful manner.

If you like what you read here and want to use it yourself PLEASE NOTE that we have copyrighted all material that we have created and channelled on this site — which is ALL of it, unless alternate credit is shown. You may freely use any of it for private or personal use ONLY, but we ask that if you wish to use ANY of our material for publication or reproduction in ANY other shape or form, including using ALL OR ANY PARTS OF IT on other internet pages or sites, that you FIRSTLY contact us for permission... We will then usually ask that you use extracts only (NOT whole blocks); and that you credit us as the source of your information AND create a web link back to the relevant page(s) from which you took the material. We are happy to share our work, but dislike the very rude practice some people have of copying material without due credit to its original authors.