archaeon journeys

head of metatron
Picture: from "Archaeon Metatron", © Alison Knox EveryDay Angels Art:
Photographed by Mark Brittain 2008.

This page is all about my (Hilary) own personal journeys and encounters with the Archaeon — Azrael, Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel and Metatron.

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I was lucky to have Alison bring the paintings of the Archaeon down to Bournemouth for a workshop in early 2008, when I had another opportunity to sit with each painting (following our introduction to them a few months previously) and to have a "one-to-one" session with each of them portrayed so far. She returned for a follow-up visit in November the same year, when I (and some of the students on our Ascension Course) had another opportunity to have a 2 day seminar and teaching session with and from them! A great deal of energy, wisdom and information passed between us during the process, a few highlights of which I have put onto this page, set out below a "head shot" of each Archaeon as photographed by Mark during that first weekend. Words that are capitalised are intended to be so, as they were given with great emphasis by those who I was with, even if I am not quite sure why!

My first encounters I found to be primarily with the masculine (and better known) aspects of the Archaeon, although my second encounter in November closely followed on the heels of the grounding of the Feminine Ray a few weeks previously, and I felt certain that this would enable the feminine (and generally lesser known) aspects to present themselves on a more equal footing — just as you might expect from a balanced energy. I was right, as you will see!

Each time I see the pictures, even in photographic form, I see, receive and know even more. If you get an opportunity to meet "The Lads" in the flesh for yourself I would encourage you to do so. Go to Alison's site for details of her events and workshops — she is centred in Nottingham, but also travels to many of the "Mind Body Spirit" events, and sometimes she takes the lads with her. 

Each painting has within it (amongst other things) a crystal, crystals or tissue thin metallic leaf. These mineral energies contribute to the energies of each painting, and a little about each one is included below each picture, shown in red script. The information has been extracted from one of my favourite books, "The Book of Stones" by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian (Heaven & Earth Publishing, ISBN 0-9621910-3-5.)



In both sessions with Metatron he and I (Hilary) conversed on a very personal level. I have a very deep connection with his energies and his lineage, and our relationship is not easy to define although Mark and I, Metatron and Sophia, are bound by more than Love. Much of what was said by himself and by Sophia, the Lady Constance, was about my own path and personal responsibilities, although some of what he said to me may be applied to and recognised by others!

In our first session Metatron told me (Hilary): "There is no division - there is no separation. There is just you and I, the one and the All, together as ONE. As it was in the beginning and so it will be at the end — the Alpha and Omega, the start time and the end time. We live in each others heart as one. With each breath you take, so I take. With each out-breath we spread ourselves throughout eternity, thin — like vessels and crafts of Light. The seeds are spread; the seeds are sown. In the heart and mind of the Creator was the Plan and so that Plan becomes manifest, created and constructed from ideals with Love and Devotion within the Void, the birthplace of the Soul of Man. We are all carriers of the Light, spreading like dandelion clocks dispersing on the winds of change. The Light will challenge — it will show you in your TRUE LIGHT as what you truly are, and by your actions so will others know you....... Love and Blessings fall from my hands and my eyes, to guide your way and help you see the way home. I AM Metatron of the Light."

Indigo kyanite (surrounding the head): This stone emanates energies that move deeply into the mind, stimulating the pineal gland and activating latent psychic abilities. When one needs penetrating vision to see the truth in a situation or when confusion or uncertainty must be dispelled, use this stone. It also inspires loyalty and fair treatment of fellow humans; helps work through disagreements and disputes and heal relationships; and gives us clear vision to make our dreams become a reality. Kyanite is a major stone of connection for building Bridges of Light between disparate areas of experience. It will also clear the energy field and create a protective shield in which to do safe work.



My sessions with Azrael and with Magdalena were always highly challenging. In their essence and their brilliance I (Hilary) saw them as a concept and principle laid out like a map or set of guidelines — not fully formed but still flexible, as if the form each was to take was in the eye and mind of the beholder. There is a sense of them moving to confront and test those that would step into the picture and allow their energies to take a deeper hold. They repeat the challenge... are you SURE?? Is this where you are truly prepared to go?? NOT as an abstract idea or concept: NOT as a state of being one step removed from reality. But to commit fully and without reservation. Yet with that immersion will come the opportunity to gain much, and again the balance and choice between sacrifice/risk and reward is made clear. The invitation from them is clear: keep back and continue as you are OR dive in and accept ALL the consequences of your choice to do so.

In our second visit Azrael told me (Hilary): "Life in all its randomness you see here. Moving to and fro, back and forth, moved as the leaves in the wind or the spume on the crests of the waves. ALL is here - nature and the elements and the world in all its diversity. And in this multitudinous sea mankind swims, set afloat to drift without apparent direction — to sink or swim, and so determine the course of their life. And to discover if they wish to take dominion and control over their destiny and what they add to the sum of the parts that makes them what they truly are. Life is a jigsaw. The parts required to make the whole picture are within the fabric of the web of life. And any of them — indeed all of them — may be accessed at any time if the key to their finding is discovered. At all times choice is offered — and the paths seem random and myriad in their reckoning. Yet as the apparent choices become restricted as you grow, having neither the desire nor the need to turn from the course your soul had set, so (strangely and nonsensically) the vista of where you may travel widens and the scope for your growth and learning may be seen to extend in all directions through time and space. It is disillusionment and narrow-mindedness that restricts humanity. By refusing to see what is there and by restricting their choices and understanding, so they become hemmed in and enclosed by their own energy. Hidden and paralysed behind the barriers that they in their fear and self-conviction have erected. Afraid to venture beyond what they see as safe and comfortable, but which in truth provides neither safety nor comfort to the soul. The paths that are presented to be trod and tested provide energy and leave the footprints that make the fabric and tapestry of life. And it is by walking each path that the senses understand what it gains them — OR what is lost. To experience is to BE. There is and are parts of that experience that you may not choose to repeat — but take not away nor forget what was learnt in the process, for it is the weft and weave of your fabric, and may be seen in many lights. The strong soul is the soul that has been tested. Who has passed through the fire and had its imprint branded into its heart. It is a tempering and those that walk in the valleys are stronger for it, for it gives them a core of gold that permits a wider view and a true base on which to build their existences."

In my second visit I also spent time with Magdalena, the Lady Mercy, who told me (Hilary): "When I overlight those that are the chosen ones my Light brings Life. It brings succour and yet it brings sacrifice. For those are at each end of the balance, for through suffering is borne strength and strength empowers the connection to the Divine, which is of infinite calm, kindness and mercy. Feel now the strength in your heart, here in your very centre, and know what in truth you are. Expand and give birth to the Divine within you, as your infinite soul links and joins with the Christ within, which is the offspring of and the touch of the hand of God. And through that contact freely given feel yourself AS a part of the Universe. No bounds or bonds that hold or restrict, but simply energy — an essence — that exists throughout all worlds, all times and all Dimensions. Root yourself in and allow your senses to expand into the fullness and brightness of your own reality, which is as much a part of me, as it is a part of yourself."

Copper (throughout, but especially around the head): Copper is THE metal for channelling energies, with an ability to ground and transfer a wide array of vibrational frequencies from the spiritual to the physical. It is the metal of the magician, and crackles with electricity and fire of the Higher Realms, being a conduit between heaven and Earth, enabling the invisible to become manifest. Copper encourages experimentation and invention and carries the energies of Uranus with its energy of revolution and unexpected change. It also teaches us to walk in balance and harmony with our planet and all upon it. It may also strengthen the blood and deepen our connections with our heritage and lineage.



Michael and I (Hilary) are "old friends" and we know each other very well! You will see in the picture that bronze sheets of mica are behind his head, and I saw these form a dragon, draped around his shoulders. This was the basis for a discussion we had about the nature of the potential of our inner demons, and how we may choose to slay our demons (dragons) — in which case they will become useless carrion — or tame them to our Will and use them to ride the skies. There is not much else I wish to say here, except to say that I had THE most amazing journeys with him on both occasions. On the first session he took me to see the Source of the Light at the centre of our Universe, which was an incredible and moving experience and one which will stay in my mind always. On the second he took me to experience an encounter with the Buddha of the Ruby Ray and to receive a Blessing from Mikaela, the Lady Faith (the love and respect Michael and Faith hold for each other and their steadfastness in what they do is amazing!).

In my second visit I also once more saw the many ranks of their Legions, standing armoured and cloaked, and I (Hilary) was told by Lady Faith: "These are the Faithful.... Faith is about having a steadfast and unrelenting certainty in ones own Divinity and in the Source and Creator of all things in this Universe. It is not A faith in a specific deity to the exclusion of all else, but a faith in ones SELF and that which regulates and rules all things" ..... and by Michael: "The armies of the faithful are legion and many. They fly armed with their conviction and certainty of the fullness and brilliance of their Spirit. Of a soul that may not be destroyed or diminished — and of a LIFE that is everlasting and joyful in the emanation of its INNER LIGHT and TRUTH."

Smoky rutilated quartz (on the hilt of his sword): Smoky quartz is strongly grounding, strengthening and protecting, helping to clear and neutralise negativity of all kinds. It will enhance practicality and help keep energies clear. When combined with rutile it makes an excellent tool for manifestation, helping us to ground our dreams and plans fully into our physical life. In itself rutile is a strong amplifier and it will infuse the energy field with Light; direct energy through structures without permitting overload or burnout; and will bring illumination, focus and clarity.



Before the big event in December 2007 I had never felt a very strong connection with Raphael, yet on our very first encounter with the paintings of the Archaeon it was his energy that went powerfully straight to my energy system; he who resonated with me the strongest and he who stood behind me throughout that day. He holds and maintains a presence that enables the very powerful feminine Ray energy of his Lady to come through. He said to me (Hilary): "I AM the facilitator for the Consciousness of man. I bring the womb, the birther and birthplace of the birthright of humanity and their offspring."

In the first session with him and Mareia, Lady Virtue, we talked of the Grail; the nature of wholeness and balance; the nature of creation and our holographic reality. I also found he had many animals and birds within his energy field who were drawn to his innocence and strength. He gave me healing following my very intense session with Michael, and spoke words for myself and for others. He told me (Hilary): "Let my countenance shine upon you. Breathe into every pore my healing balm that I offer to the world for succour and support. Myriad of ways there are for those who walk without the visible support of the Creator to feel His Blessings and His Love. Even in the darkest of times when you feel alone and abandoned His energies are there for you. And I use my energy to come and draw them closer, to amplify them that you may sense them even through the deepest of pains and most agonising of sorrows. You are never alone, and when you know again the joy of Being Group Consciousness, then you will know this to be true. Separate you see your bodies. Separate you see your flames — yet in truth MY flame is yours: YOURS mine. As you hurt yourself in your ignorance and your denial, so you hurt me. Yet I bear your pains willingly, as you in your turn will support and bear the pains of humanity and the world... I say to you this:
Travel with the innocence of a child.
See each new thing with the joyous eyes of a child.
Love ALL with the open heart of a child.
For the child carries the GRAIL."

In my second visit I spent some time with Mareia, and we talked about the Mother Flame and the masculine / feminine balance. She told me (Hilary): "Balance is within all things, even that which you see as being of a polarity contains within it a balance point. And within each polarity within THAT is another balance point. This is a holographic reality which contracts and expands into infinite times and space. WE are a balance. We are at the centre of all things, holding the positions that are required for that experience, that understanding, that manifestation. Raphael holds the pattern of health and wholeness — where you know and understand your perfection — which is UNITY, which is BALANCE. Seek not to remove or transform without understanding, for through understanding balance is reached and reconciliation achieved."

Gem chrysoprase (above the crown): This is a stone of the pure green Ray and a stone of the heart. It has a strong healing energy and is connected to the nature spirits and our Earth mother, helping us identify negative patterns and habits and then clear them. It accordingly supports general healing and regeneration and releases any attachments to fear based emotions, beliefs and actions. It will strengthen the physical and emotional heart and provide the courage to face difficult situations with resolve and compassion. It activates the solar plexus, uniting personal Will with the higher longings of the heart, carrying the energies of growth and promise and bringing Light, even to our shadow self. This stone helps us accept joy, prosperity and health and to feel our connectedness with all things.



As with Michael I (Hilary) had very personal journeys with Gabriel, and we talked deeply about many things, including about holding our Light, and how sound - tones and words — are important to its development. He told me that each sound and syllable — especially the vowels — has a wavelength and energetic meaning and words actually carry an energy. Changing the order of the letters or words and also their inflection can alter the complete energy meaning of a sentence. I was told not to underestimate the power of the spoken word and shown that the written word also carries power, for the mind "hears" what it reads. Gabriel added that words of Truth and Love feed the heart flames, which are reinforced and strengthened by them; whilst disharmonious words do the opposite.

In my second visit I spent some more time with Gabriel, who spoke at length about the subject of balance, and about moving beyond self-imposed boundaries. He said to me (Hilary): "All great progress involves risk and courage. Nothing is gained by standing still; by not trying. To attempt IS to succeed, for the restrictions you place upon yourself will be stretched and restructured, even if you don't achieve what you think you had set out to do. Points mean prizes!! We ask you to step out from all that is familiar. To leave the safe and known behind and travel into the darkness with simply the Light of your courage and Faith to light your way. Explore what you do not know; what you do not understand. For there amongst the dust and chaos do diamonds lie. And as they light up your mind and bring value to your life, so too will they for others. Mine the diamonds and share them with others, that they too may gain the courage and power to look beyond the mundane and all that they hold dear and safe."

Interestingly I had been very aware of the presence of Annunciata, the Lady Hope (the feminine aspect) in the first session, whereas then the feminine aspects seemed more veiled with the other Archaeon. On the second session I (Hilary) talked more with Lady Hope, who told me: "Hope is born of adversity. The challenge that comes of a life fulfilled and lived to the full is reward in itself at the conclusions of the journey. For some, hope dwindles or lies dormant in the breast. Awaiting that infinite spark, that Divine message, to enter its realm and bid it awaken. As your Light grows, it carries with it the catalyst and igniting spark that may stir what seems dead and hopeless into life. Brought as water to a parched desert, permitting the possibility of a resurrection and flowering of the Divine Self..."

Silver (throughout, but especially on the energy sphere): Silver is the metal of the moon; the Goddess; night; the mysterious and secret; the life force and female energy in all its hidden aspects. This metal encourages self-containment and self-reflection and can act as a mirror to the soul. It will help us go within and explore the deeper aspects of the Self and the soul, helping us see the truth below the surface and acting as a doorway to the subconscious and unconscious Selves. The energy of silver symbolises the journey through the dark forest and the confrontation with life's mysteries.



Uriel too is an old friend, and I (Hilary) am aware of his presence at various times, especially when we are teaching or I am doing research. When I reconnected with the Archangels in 1999, Metatron was my "first contact", but he was closely followed by Uriel, who has been near me ever since. It is also interesting that, if you look at another of his pictures, you may see a skull within the area of his "head", which looks very like Sam, our crystal skull.

Archaeon Uriel

In our first session Uriel was gentle, being the last painting I sat with, and acknowledging I was worn out! His picture was one of fire and the phoenix — but an energy that he has had to cloak from us, because of its Raw energy and Power. We talked then of the nature of Wisdom; understanding; Peace and freedom. He said to me (Hilary): "I know peace — I know myself and I know God. And I would convey to you the beauty, simplicity and wonder of this knowledge.........To feel all of eternity surround me, and know the sense of being at one-ness with all things. To be unfettered by time or dimension; without bounds or constraints; free to roam at Will the Universes and all that is, was and ever shall be......And although I have this for myself, I also hold its imprint for you, to show you or let you have a taste of what it is - what it means — to be as this. Not in miserly portions, controlled and given according to status. But freely, as you ask, and through the balance of my judgement of what is right and safe for you at that time......... I would let you loose to find your way in the world, with myself but a step behind you, so I may catch you if you fall, or be there if you ask for my support. What would you know? What doors do you need to unlock? Which ways do you need opened to you? For if you can discern the key you require then it will become as solid in your hand, and you will gain entry.

On my second visit Uriel had begun to reveal more of his Power, (in fact every time I look at his picture the reds get brighter) and this time he held nothing back on our very powerful encounter! I journeyed with him and he took me within his flames and anointed me with his fire and with the tears of the phoenix, before taking me to spend some time with Rainbow Aurora, the Lady Grace, who told me (Hilary): "Who are you? Who am I? Has realisation dawned — has truth become reality? In the glow of my Light, there at dawn; there at the sunset, I paint the world with the palette of Love and with Truth. I hold the balance of each day; of each Life and each soul cradled in the passion of my heart. There is beauty to each new beginning and beauty also to be found in each ending, in the summing up on a page of a life well led, of lessons freely given and freely learnt. For the palette is given to all to select as they choose with which to create a masterpiece of their own making - both for their enlightenment and their delight. And many choose to wield their brushes with joy, delighting in each stroke, each line, each touch. Whilst others with slapdash care send forth the paint and on their canvas create a riot of colour seemingly without harmony or comfort. Yet picture each one is, each created with freedom of expression. And each is hung with pride in the halls of its creator and treasured for its uniqueness and its bravery. In the lines, whether drawn with gentleness or anger; joy or sadness, is proclaimed the gift of LIFE, and pictured the truth of the Blessing of Free Will and Divine Grace. What will you display on your walls? What truths and actions will be written on the canvas of your life? And what will those who know and understand how to feel and interpret your art be able to say of you, when they summarise what they find? To each is given their own means of expression; their own piece of themselves that enables them to express their soul's greatest yearnings and desires. And all WE may seek to do is supply the tools, for creation and manifestation is for each soul and each soul alone."

Clear Quartz (around his head*): Clear quartz is the most versatile of all crystals, and can work with and amplify any frequency of energy. It embodies the concept of clarity and the value of becoming a vessel for the Light of the Divine. It brings clarity of thought and purpose to the mind and the soul, and can help make a strong connection to Higher Guidance and the Higher Self. It is a stone of Light and its ability to be programmed and its properties of amplification have huge implications for the wide ranging potentials for its energetic use.

* An interesting thing happened when we set out his painting for the big December event: Uriel fell off his perch and some of his "balls" fell off! The crystal points and clear glass rounds were inset all around his head, and following his canvas hitting the floor some of them decided to remove themselves, leaving just the imprint of their presence. It felt right for this to happen, despite the indrawn breaths as we rushed to pick him up! To me these crystals look like keys — some being there, others not — perhaps these are the ones that we are currently holding and using, and the others keys we have yet to find and access?


Once again thanks and all credit to Alison Knox of EveryDay Angels Art, who holds full copyright for all the pictures on this page.