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ARCHIVEd 'news'


The main thing that I want to add to this title page is an experience I had on retreat with the Archaeon over summer solstice weekend. My understanding is that the weekend turned out to be about grounding the Archaeana Magdalena energies for humanity and the planet, which resulted in a small (yet significant) shift in my thinking on a personal level; and an increase in the "power" of the Magdalene Flame that we have been able to call upon for a number of years now. This has resulted in a few minor changes to our page here on "Energetic Protection" which has now been relabelled "Energetic Clarity & Integrity".

What follows are some extracts from my personal journal following my meetings with the Magdalena energy, which I hope will prove as illuminating for you as they were for me!

(23/6/2014) I talked with Archaeana Mary Magdalena, querying the wisdom of a friend's statement that she no longer practises energy protection (although her energy state seemed to prove this to be a misguided decision!) Magdalena said that it is true that when we are able to embody LOVE fully (i.e. at all times) by embracing (and vanquishing) all our fears we are fully safeguarded by our own Light. She emphasised that this does not mean that we should ignore (or not follow) appropriate processes that promote spiritual hygiene and energetic clarity: for — just as we care for our physical and bodily hygiene, health and balance — it makes sense that we do the same on an energetic level for our non-physical bodies. She went on to say that self-care rightly demonstrates great self-love, adding that clearing the non-physical elements of our bodies of anything that may hamper or prevent our energetic health (wholeness); and taking appropriate and positive actions that will promote and enhance our energetic clarity to enable us to hold more Light — which IS, after all, Love! — is important to aid and support our progress. HOWEVER such actions should not be done out of fear (perhaps of attack from without); but through love for our Self — thus the word "protection" maybe not being the best choice to describe these processes, as it implies a fear-based action aimed at neutralising something external to the Self, rather than processes that are aimed at strengthening the innate purity and love we each hold within... (NOTE: you will read much more about this in Magdalena's Chapter in my book — Walking With Archangels!)

She expanded upon this, saying:
"Loving yourself is about freeing your Self — particularly by releasing and clearing all fear-based patterns and responses, including any outward-directed energies that comprise or include anything other than LOVE. For if you hold emotions such as hate, anger, frustration, jealousy or suchlike within your heart you are holding onto ego-based fears, and are unable to fully embody love. LOVE is all you need!
(... here she hums a few lines from the Beatles song "All You Need Is Love"!...) So let go of anything that prevents you from seeing and loving the uniqueness of ALL: for in releasing your fears your ego "dies" and you are set free to simply BE — embracing, accepting and holding LOVE for your Self and for ALL... then, ultimately, when all hearts are filled with nothing but love and join AS ONE you will truly know Peace."

Following a little more discussion she expounded:
"Understand that you don't need to surrender to Love: you surrender your fears to BECOME love! Thus, whenever you experience or recognise a "negative" emotion, thought or feeling within you, I would counsel that you ask yourself "What is it that I fear?"... and keep repeating this question until you reach the heart of the issue, where there is no more fear to confront. For example:
if you seek to have power or control over others — what do you fear?...
if you live your life consumed by the thoughts and emotional responses of your lower ego-self — what do you fear?...
if you feel the need to constantly compare your Self or your situation to others — what do you fear?...
if you feel diminished, alone or afraid — what do you fear?...
Know that each time you deny your fears you are denying the Christ within! Fear paralyses. It prevents you from moving forwards; it prevents you from opening to the abundance of God's Love and embracing and BEing love! Remember: if you hold Love in your heart - only Love — you can hold no fear"...

Later, following some more interesting discussions she summarised:
"I know that you have been contemplating the question that was posed for this retreat weekend "What is dying to be born?" — and my proposition to you responds that FEAR has to die, so that LOVE can be born!"



We are all very much aware that December 2012 — 2013 has been about struggle and change, much of it conformational. Our planetary tasks continue, and these are a few of the messages given to us this year by those that Guide us, which speak of this, so take heart:
"Your time upon this Earth is short. You need to respect what is here for you. You need to acknowledge that even though you may tread lightly upon this earth, for others to follow you must not abuse its trust... Your mortality limits what you may achieve, but in doing so requires you to understand things beyond your own existences — to seek and look for reasons for others to be. Look within — see your own spark, one of many; all in essence the same, yet each unique. When you understand that you are a common root, then maybe peace may be upon you. Until that day live with understanding in your heart and seek a common ground of all about you..."
"Be patient. The change has started, but is difficult to perceive — for while most still live their lives at breakneck speed, the changes are subtle and slow and it will take time for them to build their critical mass and go forwards..."
"You were not always a race of war. You once lived in harmony, but you have become divided. You need to find that harmony once more, so that all the peoples of your Earth are ONE. Change has begun, its progress slow. But all things are slow when they first begin. Have patience, and faith and believe, and you will start to see the changes manifest here so that all may be at peace..."



We have been very busy working with 2 new Archangels/Archaeon, and there are 4 new cards to draw in our "Archangel Messages" section. These are for Tzaphkiel and Okina, the Lady Liberty, and Ratziel and Jochara, the Lady Victory. So far this year our work has been all about the nature of Light, and these new messages are no exception!
(NB: In the course of this work there have also been a few adjustments necessary to the information given to date regarding mainly the feminine aspects of the Archangels and some name changes have been made to reflect the current situation.)


Our new CD of the mantra "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" is just being cut!
This title and thence the mantra may be familiar to some of you, but our version is more measured and contemplative than many of the more traditional ways you will hear of chanting it. We came across it "by accident" in a book we "found" at the recording studios and I knew straight away that it was important that we recorded it there and then, despite the inclusion of a vocal track not being our intention at the outset. However, Mark has a pretty good singing voice and is a conscious and trance channel and so used to merging with the energies of Masters and Guides, and we knew that if he opened to the consciousness of Master Nichiren he would be guided to produce the right sounds in the right way for what was required. Indeed, the resulting product is full of a very powerful energy and the whole engineering process and completion of the track went remarkably smoothly. We are already working with the mantra in healing shares, workshops and other teaching with very interesting results, and so we are planning to record other mantras and chants on our next visit! We are just putting our version (follow this link to read more) of "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" onto CD. It will be possible to listen to an extract and buy a copy soon (or an MP3 download) through our on-line shop (follow "cd" or "download" links).

NEW FOR 2010:


In late 2010 we launched a succinct yet profound therapy, called Tatic (pronounced tartick) Harmonisation Technique (or THT). This is an Etheric Template Harmonisation treatment based around a balancing and stabilising technique shown to us by Archaeon Raphael, and on two crystal-based clearing and energising energy grids — one prompted by Archaeon Michael, the other by Archangel Tzadkiel. Its two-fold purpose is to correct any disharmonies between the Physical Body Template and the Higher Etheric Templates by amplifying and strengthening the energetic resonances of the relevant sections of the Higher templates and then re-tuning and anchoring the corrected resonances accordingly; and to clear and charge the etheric bodies and hence the cells of the physical body with "Liquid Light" thereby enhancing Light-body development and, perhaps more importantly, facilitating a much clearer connection to our True (Divine) Self and so confirming or reaffirming our Soul's greater purpose in this lifetime.


To read about our adventures with our crystal skulls and the advent of "dragons" into our lives, follow this link to the skulls page


Follow this link to a new page about the music CD created by us in May 2010, which has been sponsored by the Archaeon, called "Angelic Web of Light". The page enables you to listen to samples of the tracks and links you to our shop site, where you can now purchase a copy, if you live in the UK. You can also buy it as an MP3 download, which makes it accessible anywhere in the world. We also visited the recording studios again at the end of November 2010 and are putting together a new CD... watch this space!


HOORAY!! At last after nearly a year of photographing our crystals (or rather, some of them!) our crystal sales website has now been fully updated and transformed and you can now buy many fine crystals and specimen pieces on-line. The new-look website with its shopping basket links was launched at the start of July 2010 and we will be continuing to add more pictures, descriptions and "how to use" the 1000s of crystals we have for sale to the on-line shop over the months to come. Hopefully this process will be complete by 2012, at which time ALL items we have will be accessible to buy on-line. The site may be accessed through this link and is to be found at .


We have been asked for information about the Rays, which seem to be attracting more and more people's attention. Mark and I have been working with the Rays over the last few years with our Blue Lotus Group, and also have been doing in-depth work with them over the last six months, in order to create and present material required for our new Angelic Multidimensional Healing Course. Watch the School's site for news of this, and follow this link to read the new page on this site giving you some background about the Ten Rays and the Archangels / Archaeon that oversee them.


Check out this page showcasing some of Mark's work with glass in leaded panels for decoration, meditation and contemplation. Repairs and commissions undertaken!


In the autumn of 2009 we developed a new healing and consciousness-raising system called "Angelic Multidimensional Healing". You can now learn to become a practitioner / Master Practitioner / Master Teacher of the system and work with it to bring about wholeness and balance for yourself and others, and perhaps eventually learn how to teach and attune others to the system as a Master Teacher. Visit a page devoted to it on our School's website or visit the new website we have set up to promote the system and distribute details of practitioners and teachers near you, by going to


We added a new page at the start of 2010, to introduce you to 13 Cosmic Avatars whose energies have been accessing our planet since 2007 and which have been anchored within the planet with effect from August 2009. Have a look, and see what you think...

pink camelia

"Oneness is a point of realisation.
It cannot be taught;
It cannot be learnt;
It can only be found.
There is no singular Truth;
There is no singular fact -
Save one............
That the Divine is Love."
(Hilary channelling Unity Consciousness © May 2009)


Have a look at these new pages and see what you think...... who is The Stranger? We are privileged to be asked to be the Keepers of this intriguing piece of art.
We also introduce you to Samadhi, our Clear Quartz crystal skull; Tzoltze, our Astrophyllite crystal skull and Ketu, our Blue Lepidolite crystal skull (update... Ketu now in new hands). 


As the feminine energies begin to regain their place, we find we are being asked more questions about the feminine aspects of the Archangels /Archaeon. We have accordingly extracted some of the information from our "Walking with Archangels" course and created a new page containing some information about the feminine counterparts of the 11 Archaeon / Archangels who have each had their own pages for some time! Hopefully this will whet your appetite to learn more about the Archeia, and call upon their energies more often. I have also written a new page about my own experiences with the Archaeon in 2008, as encountered through the artworks channelled by Alison Knox.


If you think that the wholesale slaughter of the world's cetaceans for alleged "scientific research" does not or will not affect you, think again! Check out our Order of the Blue Lotus Pages which talk of the work done by the whales, dolphins and elementals for Planetary Ascension, and see how my partnership with these wonderful creatures has had a profound effect on my life, on our new page "A Tale of Sorrow and Joy".


More new pages have been added to our Ascension section, giving a review of the process of Ascension and how we can work towards it and some new information about the nature of our developing Lightbody. Our Order of the Blue Lotus — Journal page now gives you regularly updated information behind some of the changes going on in the energies within and surrounding Earth at this time, which hopefully will be of encouragement to Lightworkers All.


It has been said that if we lose all our bees the world will only be able to survive for 7 more years! Potentially the loss of our bees is even more worrying than the spectre of global warming. To know more follow the link above. Alison also suggests that it will help the bee-world if we: Choose to buy local honey or honey with stated provenance (if in the UK, to always buy British honey); Choose to shop where the integrity of the bees is respected (e.g. in the UK at the Co-op); Don't use pesticides on our gardens or insecticides in our homes; Grow wild flowers and plants in our gardens or yards and keep a small corner that is allowed to go a bit feral: dandelions, foxgloves, borage, poppies, cornflowers, clovers and nettles are all excellent foraging for bees; Encourage wild bees to nest in old walls or trees by building nesting boxes and allowing any that set up home to do so peacefully until their season runs its natural course and they die out. PLEASE DO NOT KILL THEM. Contact a local beekeeper if you need advice (

(copyrighted to Alison Knox and EveryDay Angels, with thanks.)
My bees are dying.
One by one; multitudes melting into ether,
slipping between dimensions
to destinies not reliant on the vagaries of Man.
Our contract is ready for renewal;
I insist on better terms, a more honourable exchange.
Our Servitude has ended; we have chosen a freedom
for which we have given our All.
We are dying.
The future exists for the moment; we cannot go back.
I ask only this Beloveds;
What will you do when I am gone?



Visit our very popular page "Message from an Ascended Master" and draw a random card which carries a message for you from one of the Ascended Masters. 8 new pages have been added for 2009, carrying new messages from other Masters who have come to us as we have been expanding our Ascended Masters Course (see below). THESE ARE CHANNELLED BY AND COPYRIGHT TO US AT INNER LIGHT. You will note that we are currently working on expanding the Ascended Masters' pages! Have a look, and also check out "Divine Light Images"' wonderful artwork. Messages from the Archangels and their Archeia (some now to be known as the Archaeon) are also now available and are proving to be very popular too! Have a look and draw a random Card which carries a message for you from these wonderful Beings by following this link "Messages from the Archangels". Once again, messages from 4 new Archangels / Archaeon will follow shortly.


Following changes in energy at the end of 2007 new pages have been created within the Angelic Section devoted to the changes in the roles and titles of some of those we have known as "Archangels" to bring information about their new status as Archaeon. New pages for Ratziel and Tzaphkiel will be added during 2011, as soon as I get the full picture! Also added to the main Archangels overview page are some details that I hope will clarify some of the questions that we have been asked, concerning the Angelic Retreats and the "twin-flame" nature of the Archangels / Archaeon.


In 2008 we created a new section devoted to the topic of Ascension, with lots of information and links to our new range of teachings and courses to support both personal and planetary Ascension, including our new Lightworkers support and development group. We have also added new pages within the Ascension section with information regarding the Ascension process and energetic (psychic) protection (and see below), and giving you some tools and techniques we find useful.


We have been contacted by a number of people who are experiencing spirit possession of a negative variety. Although we deal with some of this work on a small scale, we prefer to pass on details of therapists and healers who specialise in this type of work for the "heavier" cases. For more information try:
The Spirit Release Forum is a meeting place for those interested in exploring spirit release issues. This specifically relates to the nature of consciousness, with a particular reference into how spirit/soul operates through the mind and body and the therapeutic issues that arise when imbalances occur. They are based in the UK but have practitioners in a several countries.

stained glass panel — cruciform cross
Stained Glass Panel designed and crafted by Mark in 2008

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Hilary and Mark; 8/7/2008.

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