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The "Inner Light" partnership is based near Cardigan, on the west coast of Wales (in the UK). This page will tell you about the meaning behind the design of our websites, name and this logo, and what our personal philosophies are as Energy-workers and Light-workers in the 21st Century. It will also tell you a little about us, Hilary and Mark, who are "Inner Light" and about how we want to help you find YOUR Inner Light!

mark and hilary


All "Inner Light" experiences are developed and overseen by us — soul partners and twin flames Hilary Hargreaves and Mark Brittain - who "found" each other again in this lifetime in 1985 (follow this link to read "The Marriage"). Both of us are experienced workshop leaders and therapists, who together have worked with subtle energies for many years and made our "spiritual" understandings and beliefs a full-time vocation. Nonetheless we know that learning about the practicalities and responsibilities of home and family is a part of what being human and in-carnation is all about, and try to live a relatively "normal" life (although our view of what is "normal" might not always be the same as everyone else's!) 

One of Mark's Guides once reminded us: ".... Not all learning has to be arduous and not all lessons are painful. Remember that, as you live through your life, and take enjoyment and pleasure from what you may...." Thus, along with our shared love and sense of humour we enjoy "time off" when we can; and both of us have discovered the benefits of sound and resonance, and are learning to play the Celtic harp! For almost 20 years we lived on the south coast of the UK, enjoying the open heathland and wooded delights of the New Forest in autumn and spring, and the quiet sandy beaches of the coast in winter; but in 2018 we decided it was time for a move.

new forest  beach to purbecks
Pictures: "Fritham Down" and "Beach in Winter" 2009 © Mark Brittain

Our spiritual home has always been Wales: for us, the mountains, green hills and coasts are places of magical light and energy that have always renewed and rejuvenated us in body, mind and spirit. Thus in 2018 we took the plunge and finally made the move, making our home in a lovely house surrounded by nothing but greenery and trees, set high above the river Teifi on the edge of a small village near Cardigan (Aberteifi). Here three counties (Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire) adjoin, offering easy access to almost 200 miles of windswept cliffs; the wide-open waters of Cardigan Bay with its pod of resident dolphins; the verdantly green rolling hills of central Wales; and the bluestone dragon-energies of the starkly grey Preseli Mountains — with, of course, the energies of Carn Ingli (trans. The Mount of Angels) on their northen edge just 10 miles away as the crow flies. We are truly blessed!

hilary mark
The Sculpture Park at Lake Vrynwy

Hilary has been studying complementary therapies and esoteric topics since 1993 and is a clairaudient and channel who has worked with crystals and Energy in many lifetimes. Between 1993 and her semi-retirement in 2020 she wrote and led a range of workshops and courses on personal spiritual growth, self-healing and self-transformation; and developed and taught many courses on personal and planetary Ascension in order to help people accept and connect with their True (Divine) Self — and thus truly embody Love. Hilary has her roots through the star systems of Sirius and Orion; and is of Metatronic Angelic lineage — serving with Archaeon Michael's Legions of Light and with Gabriel's Awakeners. She is currently writing and publishing a series of books about how to accomplish personal transformation, and is guided and supported in this work by "Unity Consciousness" (a Collective of Higher life-streams that encompasses the "I AM" presence of certain self-realised Cosmic and Ascended Masters, Angelics and Elohim). * Hilary is also a priestess within the Ancient and Spiritual Order of Melchisadek, and has been tasked with Anchoring the Divine Light within the Earth. Her main totem animals are the timber wolf and the great grey owl.

* Her first book has now been published!
Winner of the 'BEST SELF-PUBLISHED SPIRITUAL BOOK OF THE YEAR' category in 'Soul & Spirit' magazine's Spiritual Book Awards for 2018, it is a 400+ page hardback book titled 'Walking with Archangels' (hardcopy only £25). 

It holds a great deal of completely new and unique information, channelled messages, 'Teachings' and Guided inner-journeys given to her by 26 Archangels and Archeia, and offers a self-led programme of work that will catalyse, aid and support your own personal journey of personal and spiritual growth and healing for less than the cost of a one-day workshop! It also includes information about (and aid and support from) 78 animal spirit guides; 78 crystals and minerals, and 52 trees. EVERYTHING in the book is totally new, and written from a brand new perspective, making the Archangels and their Love accessible to everybody, whether you are just setting out on your path, or are already on your way to Enlightenment! 
To obtain your copy (and for special deals and more information) follow this link: BUY BOOK 
To find out more about what the book holds follow this link: KNOW MORE

 book cover    soul & spirit gold award

Mark is a trance channel, conscious channel and proficient out-of-body traveller with a natural affinity for working with multi-Dimensional Light and Energy. His clairvoyant abilities enable him to clearly 'see' energies and auras and commune with Beings in other Dimensions (including personal Guides, animal totems and Light Beings), and this has been - and remains - invaluable in our spiritual lives today. Mark has always had an interest in how the mind affects the body, and gained many qualifications in a wide range of mind-body-spirit therapies since the start of his spiritual journey in 1994, which enabled him to practise as a complementary therapist / healer / etheric surgeon until his semi-retirement in 2021. He (like Hilary) is of Metatronic Angelic lineage, and works closely with Archaeons Metatron and Azrael to guide lost souls to the Light; and to promote planetary and personal transformation and change. His star roots are through the star systems of Orion and the Pleiades; and he too is a priest within the Ancient and Spiritual Order of Melchisadek. His main totem animals are the American bald eagle and the leatherback turtle. 

the design of our websites:

This is just one of our "Inner Light" websites! The design behind our web pages and different logos contains much symbolism, and has been put together very deliberately. The main colours we have chosen to use as text throughout are teal-blue and dark blue. Both are shades of blue — the colour related to the throat chakra and our communication centre, with hints of green (the heart / balance) and indigo (the 3rd eye / intuition). We have chosen to put all channelled information in violet — the colour of the crown chakra and our centre of connection to our Higher Selves.

The background wallpaper for each page is composed of many silver spirals, silver being the energy of the soul. Somewhere in all our logos for the Lightworkers, School, Crystals and Therapies sites, "*stars*" feature. I was reading a book recently by Michael Schneider called "A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe" (ISBN 0-06-092671-6) and found he had some very relevant things to say concerning the meanings behind stars and spirals, which I quote here:
"When we see stars and spirals we know that there is life and excellence, motion and transformation..... The lesson of the spiral is that every "thing" is a process — a dynamic "energy event".....With its inherent harmony the spiral is a metaphor for our inevitable transformation within..... beckoning us as a symbol of consciousness and the way we live. Our own inner spiral process whirls us into the mystery of the infinite within us..... In the spirals principles of self-replication, self-accumulation, self-recurrence and self-similarity..... the recurring key is the word "self". The message of the spiral is growth and the transformation of our Self."
He goes on to say, concerning the purpose of the spiral:
"The centre within us is the truth of our Higher Self, the reality deepest within, which each of us calls "I"..... The rhythmic interplay between the impulse to divide ourselves from our centre and the yearning that is expressed in our longing to return is found in the experience of constantly searching for and finding meaning in our lives. The interplay between these two forces manifests itself in the world as a curve. That is why the transformative path is characterised by a spiral..... When we grow we arrive at the same place we were before, but we arrive more experienced, higher on the circle..... "
We see this path of self-discovery as being the very thing "Inner Light" and this site in particular aim to support and encourage.

What our LIGHTWORKERS logo and name is about:

Inner light worker logo the earth on a seven ponted star

We devised a logo for our Lightworkers site, pictured above and throughout this website. When you look at it you will see our planet sitting within the support and influence of a seven-pointed star. Although shown as white here, the star may be many shades, so you can see it as being whatever colour feels right to you! We have worked with it coloured violet as a means for containing the violet flame energy, and most recently have seen it anchored within the Earth in a shade of pale silvery-blue. This is the Star of Truth and Light, and it has been grounded into the planet to saturate the Earth with its powerful and Divine energies, and to support all the positive endeavours being made by Lightworkers everywhere.
A 7 pointed star has within it male and female energy in equal and balanced parts, which is one of the things our planet needs at this time. It is Universal and connects us to the cosmos — the Sun, Moon, Stars and planets we see in our night skies — and even further beyond, where the human eye cannot see. Earth is renewing and forming many energetic connections to the Universe, and this star will also help support these connections. This star is attractive to those elementals that have positive intent and draws us closer to the world of the gnomes, sylphs, salamanders and undines, whose help and support in all earth-working endeavours is invaluable. The star is also strongly defensive against unpleasant astral entities and negative forces of all kinds, so in essence has its own inner strength.
Michael Schneider (see above) tells us that, as a number, "7" expresses a complete event, having a beginning, middle and end, through 7 stages which keep repeating. 7 represents a complete yet ongoing process..... led in 7 stages to perfection. He concludes that the secret of the 7 is the knowledge of self-transformation.

globe in snow

Picture: "Globe in Snow" 2009 © Hilary Hargreaves

In numerology the name "Inner Light Workers" equates to Master Number 99 - the Master Number of ultimate completion! As Lightworkers we are all working with and on our own Inner Light, as well and with and on the Inner Light of our planet, Earth, as exemplified in the passages above concerning the nature of the spiral. This work may be very different for each of us, and be at different stages for each of us, for the path is long and varied, with many twists, turns and lessons along the way. There are also Lightworkers all around the planet, regardless of country, continent or degree of material evolution — in fact those tribes around the world that some might regard as "uncivilised" but who are still in harmony with the Earth in their daily lives, may be the strongest and most instinctive Lightworkers of all! We see many many Lights ALL over the world, for each country has its own history, culture and beliefs that have much in common at heart and we believe that mankind should be finding and celebrating those similarities rather than singling out and feuding about the differences. We all can make a difference and none of any one person's tasks is more important or valid than another's, for we each have our own part to play that is essential to the pattern of the whole. The path we choose to take back to Source / Creator is of our own creation: there are many paths to choose from and it is not our choice of path that is important, but how we walk that path and what is within our heart.

Here is what our Guides have to say about pathways:


At the most basic you have each come here to fulfil a purpose. Finding it and carrying it out to the best of your ability in the full Light of Spirituality is what you need to do. To expend energy worrying about anything else is simply a waste of that energy. In truth it matters not what others think or do, or how they react to what you offer the world. For if each person on Earth were to live their lives in accordance with their own Divine plan, which is recognising and working with their Christ-self * within, then in this way all of humanity would live as mindful representations of God — compassionate, accepting and forgiving. Whosoever chooses to live in this way is practising being that which you all seek as your next step — to Ascend as a Master of your Self in your own right. (For this is what the title "Ascended Master" means: it is being a Master of yourself, and not of others!) When you are true to your path, you are complete and perfect.

* I am aware that the word "Christ" may be interpreted as belonging to the Christian faith alone, but had had a conversation with Archaea Lucida, twin flame of Jophiel, about this a while ago. She told me this: "..... the role of being a Christ, or a Christed Being, was not for one man alone. It was never destined for that title to be solely that of the one you refer to as Jesus (or Jesus the Christ to give him one of his titles). It is a destiny for each and every one of you members of humanity to become your own Christ, your own Christed being. And for that you need to know and understand that you each have the Christ within." She then told me to investigate the words "Christ" and "Christed", and so I did some research that told me:
The word "Christ" comes from the Greek word Christos, meaning "anointed". "Christed one" means one who has been filled (anointed) by the Light of God (again, the word "God" may be substituted with whatever is right for you). It also denotes an office in the Spiritual hierarchy of which we are each a part, held by those who have attained self-mastery of the seven Rays and seven chakras, which must include having achieved balance of the 3-fold flames of the heart — power, wisdom and love. Note well that all these aspects have to be fulfilled to achieve Ascension. The "Christ Self" is the true identity of the soul — our immortal spirit and the True self of every member of humanity. It may also be known as the Higher Self, which although perceived as "above" us, and perhaps therefore separate to us, is in fact anchored within us during our earthly incarnations, and directs our spiritual journey back to God.

We truly believe that life is a gift, and our opportunities for growth and self-understanding are unparalleled. At times we, like many on the path, feel unsure about who we are, what we are doing or where we are meant to be going and our Guides very wisely told me: "Worry not about your destination or where your path leads you, for so long as your next step is brightly illuminated you need nothing more than this. Have faith that the next step will always be Right and clear to you and move forwards with joy and love in your heart and with delight in each new discovery you make on the way."

Overview of our philosophy:

(Words channelled to Mark in 2007.)
Thank you Alison, of EveryDay Angels for creating this picture for us!


Our "mission statement" is:

"To support fellow Lightworkers in developing the confidence and skills which will help them to grow and find fulfilment on their journey."


Our motto is:

"Truth brings Light"

We are infinity.
Flowing through time
and moving with the heartbeat of the Universe;
sent out from the heart and mind of the Creator
as pulses of infinite Love and BE-ing.
We stretch forwards into the realms of tomorrow
and back into the aeons of history,
ever present at the crossing point of the NOW.
Envoys and explorers;
facilitators and Co-Creators:
all in our right place
and all connected with the rhythm that is LIFE
in all its seasons and glories.

Some philosophies from others........

I am a massive fan of "Harry Potter" and love the books and films with their overriding theme, which is that of Innocence, Love, Light and Truth conquering all. There are many wonderful phrases within them, but a couple seem very apt right now:
one comes near the end of the Goblet of Fire, where Dumbledore says this to Harry: ... "Dark and difficult times lie ahead. Soon we must all choose between what is right and what is easy..."
and another in the Order of the Phoenix, where Sirius says this to Harry:... "We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are..." (all credit to J K Rowling and the script writers of course!)

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."
(Nelson Mandela)

"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase."
(Martin Luther King)

"I have never met a person whose greatest need was anything other than real, unconditional love. You can find it in a simple act of kindness toward someone who needs help. There is no mistaking love. You feel it in your heart. It is the common fibre of life: the flame of that heats our soul, energizes our spirit and supplies passion to our lives. It is our connection to God and to each other."
(Elizabeth Kubler-Ross)

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we're liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."
(Marianne Williamson — as used in a speech given by Mandela)

"In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.....I can feel the suffering of millions and yet, if I look up into the heavens, I think that it will all come right."
(Anne Frank)

"You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals. To that end, each of us must work for our own improvement and at the same time share a general responsibility for all humanity."
(Marie Curie)

"Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve..... You only need a heart full of Grace, a soul generated by Love."
(Martin Luther King Jnr.)

If you like what you read here and want to use it yourself PLEASE NOTE that we have copyrighted all material that we have created and channelled on this site — which is ALL of it, unless alternate credit is shown. You may freely use any of it for private or personal use ONLY, but we ask that if you wish to use ANY of our material for publication or reproduction in ANY other shape or form, including using ALL OR ANY PARTS OF IT on other internet pages or sites, that you FIRSTLY contact us for permission... We will then usually ask that you use extracts only (NOT whole blocks); and that you credit us as the source of your information AND create a web link back to the relevant page(s) from which you took the material. We are happy to share our work, but dislike the very rude practice some people have of copying material without due credit to its original authors.