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These Ascended Masters pages contain information compiled between 2004 and 2010 as we wrote our Ascended Masters and Ascension workshops and courses:

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This page contains information about 6 of the Ascended Masters and their twin flames:
Allah Gobi, Gautama Buddha, Djwhal Kuhl, El Morya Khan, Hilarion and Lord Kuthumi.
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Allah Gobi has had several incarnations on Earth, his last ones being of the Islamic faith as Allah Sham Shalaman in what is now the Middle East, and as Gobi Mam in Mongolia. His twin flame is the Lady Karashu, who brought the concept of Shamballah to India many centuries ago. The Allah Gobi is currently working with his twin flame, who is Chohan of the 10th Ray, the Ray of the Lightbody. This Ray encodes the pattern of our Divinity into our physical bodies, attracting and anchoring our Lightbodies and helping our Lightbodies to achieve perfection, thus enabling us to reach a state of balance and harmony with ourselves and All That Is. I sense that Allah Gobi's energy supplies the foundation, strength and inner calm, whilst Karashu's energy provides the actively dynamic element.
Allah Gobi is a Master of Stillness. He may teach us to truly be still and silent. We are constantly in motion and bombarded by information: from our minds, feelings, emotions and physical senses as well as from subconscious and external sources. When we communicate with others we may not truly hear or understand what we or others are saying, for with all this constant chatter, we rarely make time to be still, silent and truly listen for that 'still, small voice within' -our inner / Higher self and to God. All of what we need to know, or what we need to pass to others is accessible from within ourselves, if we take the time and space to look for it. The true art of communication is firstly to still and empty oneself, and then to really pay attention on all levels to what is being communicated. Next we should take the time to think carefully about what we have heard and understood so that the answer we formulate may be fully measured and considered. When we talk we should say only what is important and what we truly mean to say, in order to utilize the full Power of our words. Allah Gobi told us: 'As above, so below; as within, as without — cycle to cycle, existence to existence. All that you learn from each incarnation you take with you, even though you may not remember it consciously. But you may go within to find without; look above to see below and vice versa. For cycle after cycle you repeat those lessons that go unlearnt, where you neither grow nor gain knowledge. You know what is there to be found, so find it! You know the question, so you know the answer — and often you know the answer before the question has ever been asked.' This lesson of being able to find all that we seek within us and through going within — whether in meditation, journeying or visualisation — is key to both Allah Gobi and Karashu's work So too is the virtue of attaining and maintaining a still and calm centre, which we are able to hold at all times, regardless of what is occurring around us. In the rapidly changing world as we approach Ascension this is increasingly vital!

Allah Gobi has this message for you:
Are you still? Are you quiet? Are you centred and balanced? Settle more deeply in your seat and allow all tensions and thoughts to drain away from you, leaving your physical body calm and empty. Nothing is gained by holding on to things that no longer serve you. These things only burden you and weigh you down. Why carry on your shoulders things over which you have no authority, or which you do not need to own. You come into this world an empty vessel — a clean slate on which anything you need or desire to experience can be writ. So be still. What is on your slate that you truly need to know? What is written there that you need to learn and inwardly digest and understand? For that is the reason for physical life — to experience, to learn and most importantly to understand. And in order to understand you need to free yourself — your mind, your body, and your thoughts from both inner and outer stimuli — to take in what you experience and then translate it into something that has real and genuine meaning. Life is lived so fast. You rush everywhere in your fast cars, fret over time 'wasted' in queues and lines, dash from work to cooking pot to sitting room, where you slump mindlessly in front of the box of entertainment. And in all this time, do you see what is real? What is valid? What has true meaning? Make time to connect to the real part of you, your spark and inner Light that planned your incarnation. Be still and know yourself and know God. And then you can understand your plan and know your true Power.
Karashu adds:
I would press you to learn — honour and learn the true and essential nature and essence of yourself. It is easy to forget your purpose when surrounded by material life, with all its pressures, stresses and strains. But this material world you live in provides you with the means and the leisure time to allow yourself space in which to do this. To sit and think and confront your True essence, without the need for daily grind to rule you from the time you wake to the time you sleep. The choice about how you spend your daily hours, once all that is truly NECESSARY has been accomplished, is yours — as is the choice about how you measure what is necessary! Summon us close and allow us to teach you to attain the stillness, and then to actively work within that space to achieve that which your soul desires.

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Gautama Buddha

The Buddha (Gautama Buddha) is the current Chohan of the Sixth Ray, although he still retains other roles and influences. In the past The Buddha has also held the role of Chohan of the 7th ray, and the Office of The Christ. He works with the Golden Flame and links his own heart with ours to support and nurture our 3-fold flame (our cores of power, wisdom and love). The 6th ray is the ray of Idealism and Devotion, and was until recently under the guidance of Sananda. This ray is becoming less prominent now, and its effects on Earth are not as focused. This is because the old ways of spiritual living and belief are gradually being taken over by the Higher rays, which have the aim of anchoring the Christ Consciousness within each of us, enabling us to interact directly with The Godhead and connect again on a personal level with source. Its focus now is that of integrating and blending the Eastern and Western schools of thought and religions, incorporating all paths as a valid pathway back to God. Additionally there is a need to unite science and religion, and to bring "validity" to spiritual beliefs. It is appropriate that the Lord Buddha should now have taken on this task, founders as he and Sananda both were of two of the world's most influential religions. He has had connections with the founding of many forms of religion and spiritual forums; past lives have included Hermes -Thoth (founder of the ancient Egyptian mystery schools), Orpheus and Zoroaster. 
It is also said that he and the lifestream known as Lord Maitreya were the first to respond to Sanat Kumara's call for volunteers to come to Earth, and they offered to develop through many incarnations in order to embody the nature of the Godhead, and become Enlightened beings.  
The Buddha was born in Nepal as a prince in that lifetime, but when he was 29 he decided to renounce his life of luxury to live in a simple fashion, meditating and fasting until he became enlightened. When he saw and understood the cycle of death and rebirth he became full of understanding about how to overcome pain and unhappiness by detaching from it through achieving inner peace. His philosophy, sometimes called the "Middle Way" formed the basis of Buddhism based on the eightfold way of right views; right intention; right speech; right action; right livelihood; right effort; right mindfulness, and right concentration. 
The energies of the Buddha are based around balance in all things; simplicity; inner peace through meditation and spiritual work on the Self; joy found in everything and loving acceptance of all living things. He is especially close on the full moon in May.

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Djwhal Kuhl

Djwhal Kuhl is Chohan of the Emerald Ray and Teacher of the Profound Truth of All Things.  He is also known as 'The Tibetan Master'; 'DK' and "The Seekers Master". His work spans many Rays, but the Emerald Ray concerns the assimilation and integration of knowledge and insight through reaching, understanding and expressing the Universal (God's) Mind. Amongst other things DK describes himself as "Keeper of the Records" and "The Illuminator of the Lotus and the Universal Mind". He has had many embodiments and influences within Eastern traditions, including those of Confucius, Lao Tsu and Aryasanga, founder of a school of Buddhist philosophy; he was also a pupil of Pythagoras and a disciple of Gautama Buddha and often embodied to study in the lamaseries of Asia. Prior to the loss of Lemuria he helped Lord Himalaya remove ancient records and tablets to the Himalayan retreats of the Masters, where they are now retained in a great Library. He has often embodied with Masters El Morya Khan and Kuthumi in various roles, joining with them in their work within the Great White Brotherhood, which included founding the Theosophical Society in the 1900s. Together they embodied the three wise men that carried gifts to the infant Jesus: Kuthumi was Balthazar (frankincense); El Morya was Melchior (myrrh) and DK was Casper (gold). His final embodiment was as Gai Ben-Jamin an artist and writer, who ultimately became a Tibetan Buddhist leader, taking the name Djwhal Kuhl. His twin flame is the Lady Master Leto who he refers to as "Theresa of the Virtues". She was embodied as Theresa D'Avila, founder of an ascetic order of Carmelite nuns and is also connected with the Greek Goddess Leto, mother of Apollo and Artemis, revered for her feminine modesty and defence of the young. They have an etheric retreat over NW Tibet near Mount Kailash, which is the focus of one of the Gold Flames of Illumination, and also direct the "Library of Truths" within the region of the Caspian Sea.
Themes of "Enlightenment through the Power of Divine Love and Truth" are keynotes of their work and DK has accepted responsibility for developing and maintaining the pink flames of the Lotus of the Heart: those of Divine Love and Compassion, central to our Earthly lifetimes. His teaching and mastery of the Emerald Ray through the Lotuses of the Heart and Soul then refocuses souls towards the Higher Dimensions once they have recognised and integrated the prime reasons for physical embodiment. As "the teacher's teacher" he is closely involved in all aspects of education and teaching, believing that we can find God and our own Divinity through any topic. His own work is a blend of the teachings of the Christ and the Buddha, combining Love and Wisdom at all times, and he is especially close during the Wesak festival, which occurs during the 5 days around the first full moon in Taurus. During this time the Christ and the Buddha infuse the Earth with their energies allowing the veil between humanity and the higher spiritual world to be thinned, revealing them in their pure truth. DK teaches on the inner and outer planes on a vast range of topics, including the human energy system; the 3-fold heart flames; the integration of the etheric bodies; the secrets of the Lotuses; and the paths of initiation through the 12 solar hierarchies and their hierarchs and Flames. His focus is on guiding us to recognise God in all things and thus achieve our freedom from duality. In order to do this he helps us identify blocks in our way and discover how to deal with them by guiding us to realize that we are responsible for all we do and all that happens to us and empowering us to react wisely to those events. His lessons on the True nature of Free Will then help us recognise our own power and strengths and assume responsibility for all our actions, thus becoming true masters of our destiny and architects of our own lives. In this way we are prepared for Higher Dimensional existences as dependable Co-Creators of reality.

Djwhal Kuhl has this message for you:
Let me place an emerald within your heart. See its brilliance shine out to the world and fill your very soul, and your inner being with its Light. The emerald brings with it the knowledge of the True nature of Free Will and the potentiality of balance and wholeness. Its Light contains All - everything that is; all that you are, have been and can be. Become aware of your own Infinite Power and Divinity, for you are truly a part of the Cosmic Hierarchy yourself and as much a Co-Creator with God as any other Being in existence. You can choose to create loss, pain, negativity and despair; or you can choose to create hope, health, success and happiness, for You are the architect of your life, and none other. God has placed this great gift within your hands, and thus your life is in your hands and how you choose to live and move forwards is up to you. The lessons you meet and the obstacles in your way are all devised and put there by yourself in order to learn that which you have decided you need to learn or experience in this lifetime. So see those lessons: learn them, know them and then truly understand them, for you need do no more than this. I am here to help you with your learning and self-realisation, and to help you see what needs to be done when the way forward is unclear. You may call on me or visit me in my Ashram, whichever you prefer. I am always there for you.

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El Morya Khan

El Morya Khan is Chohan (Master) of the First Ray of Divine Will, Power and Drive. This Ray is at the root of all structure, and is the only Ray to fall absolutely under the direction of the Office of the Manu. It is the primary Ray of creation, and may be seen as blue, the colour of communication (in the beginning was the Word). It has a cleansing, catalytic and intense energy, allowing nothing to stay static or stagnate. Those working with it need to be adept at working with Energy, for it will powerfully instigate change, breaking down old conditions, outdated beliefs and structures and moving them dynamically forward to more productive ways of Being. It provides the impetus and drive to get a new Plan underway and in establishing and maintaining the thrust of a new objective.
El Morya's past incarnations include Abraham, Melchior, King Arthur, Thomas Beckett, Thomas More and the Moghul emperor Akbar the Great. His final incarnation was as El Morya Khan, a Tibetan Mahatma born a Rajput (a prince of a class renowned for their courage and honour) who later became a monk. His many lifetimes show a pattern of tolerance and great statesmanship and leadership, and also demonstrate his intense courage and steadfastness; faith, trust and belief in the ultimate Power of God, and in the integrity of all Spiritual Law. He upholds these Laws above all others, and has absolute determination to carry out God's Will. El Morya works closely with Kuthumi and Djwhal Kuhl in their work with the 2nd Ray of Divine Wisdom, and all have teaching ashrams in the etheric, attracting many students. He is a strict and exacting teacher, expecting hard work, obedience and self-discipline from his students — yet he also has a witty and quick sense of humour! His twin flame is Sachita Kaur who works with him on the 1st Ray, with Cyclopea, Elohim of the 5th Ray — the 'All-seeing Eye of God' who holds the focus of our perfect Divine plans and blueprints and with Djwhal Kuhl, Chohan of the Emerald Ray. She has had diverse earthly incarnations, including a concubine/dancer in an Eastern Harem, and a Carmelite nun! In the former life her dancing used mudras (hand movements and positions containing sacred symbolism) and she sponsors non-verbal communication through art, music and dance today as a Universal means of understanding and of healing. They have an Etheric retreat over Darjeeling in India, known as the 'Temple of God's Will'.
Apart from his very important work on a planetary level, El Morya is concerned in helping us as individuals to recognise the Divine Will within us and encouraging re-unity with our Christ and God Selves. He sponsors and helps us develop the blue plume of Divine Power, one of the threefold flames of the inner (hidden) heart. His lessons are of those of trust and courage, teaching us to trust in ourselves, our intuition and in the support of God and the Universe. He tells us that lack of trust leads to fear, and fear prevents us from thinking clearly and will stifle intuition and creativity. Intuition helps us be in the flow and connects us strongly to our Divine mission and Plan, enabling us to move forwards with strength and determination. If we have trust it gives us the self-confidence and courage to go out into the world and to try our best, even at the risk of making mistakes — which are after all only learning experiences — for it is only by doing so that we can expand the boundaries of our limitations and bring about true growth. Sachita advised us that introducing fluidity and grace to our lives frees up self-expression, which eliminates stagnation and fear. Strength, she reminds us, does not have to be ugly, nor be seen solely as a 'masculine' trait!

El Morya Khan has this message for you:
Take my hand and come with me and have the courage to walk to the edge of this high cliff. I will not let you fall or come to harm. If you look behind us you will see a landscape spread out that is familiar and safe, a place you already know well. Now look forwards and allow your gaze to roam over the vista below. See the lights and the colours; the beautiful sights and sounds of a new world spread out before you. Do you not feel eager to explore that world — to learn new things, explore new paths and find new friends? All you need to do is take a step forward. But the choice must be yours, and I pledge to support you — whatever you choose. You may stay here, where all is safe and known, or you may take a leap of faith with me and trust that what awaits you is worth the risk. For I tell you the reward is finding your own true Self — your shining, bright, wonderful Divine Self! I see it now, and so too do others, but it will take this leap of faith for you to find it too.
Sachita adds:
Beloved, let me lead you with grace and elegance and show you the dance of eternal Life and Joy. For I support your endeavours and applaud you as you make each step on the path you have chosen, and make your choices, both difficult and easy. The path of balance and harmony is never painless, yet its way is balm to the soul. Have courage, and know that Divine Will is at the heart of all, if you will but reach within yourself to discover it. Flow with Life and with your intuition, which links you through the Wisdom of your heart to your all-knowing infinite Self, and all will be well.

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Hilarion is Chohan (Master) of the fifth Ray and a Master physician and healer. He leads this ray which falls within the guidance of the Mahachohan and of Serapis Bey of the 3rd ray. As Hilarion's work has increased, a part of his load as Chohan has been taken on by the Master Markco (a Galactic representative). The 5th Ray is the ray of Knowledge and Science, and is very much involved with bringing in the New Age on Earth, with a focus on mental capacity. The ray is also concerned with helping us attune to our intuitive scientific mind, and with guiding the thought processes behind all scientific and technological developments as well as medical research. Hilarion has an Etheric retreat over Crete in Greece, known as the "Temple of Truth".
Past incarnations have included lifetimes in Atlantis, where he was at one time an Atlantean priest who established the Flame of Truth in the Temple of Truth. Before Atlantis sank, he took the flame to Greece, where he installed it and then guided the establishment of the Oracle of Delphi (whose original purpose was to give guidance and answers to questions as messengers of Truth) under the direction of Pallas Athena. His last incarnation was as St. Hilarion who was born in Palestine and was known as the founder of monasticism. He lived for many years as a hermit in the desert, where he acquired many students and disciples and attracted devotees by his well-known powers for healing. He ascended soon after the start of the first millennium and on Earth was granted Sainthood by the Church.
The 5th ray is green, and on a personal level Hilarion works with us with those qualities of healing, balance and pure thought. He opens our minds to our potentials, both as whole and healed human beings and as whole and complete essences of God. If we can acknowledge who we are and see our place in the Divine scheme of things then we know we belong, know ourselves to be complete and know that "All is Right with the World". He still sees healing as a very important part of his role, as well as instilling or returning our Faith to us when we are disillusioned or dispirited.

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Kuthumi has held the posts of Chohan of the 2nd ray and the position of Leader of the second office, that of The Office of The Christ. This office works hand in hand with the offices of the Manu and the Mahachohan, and is primarily responsible for directing the work of the 2nd ray under its Chohan Lord Lanto. It also has a special connection with the 4th ray and its Master, the Master Paul. Kuthumi is also known as World Teacher or the Planetary Christ and is currently moving into a new role as head of the 10 Golden Solar Archangels, which is an order of Angels associated with the dawning of the Golden Age (see more about this on our "Archaeon" page.) He works very closely with El Morya Khan (Chohan of the 1st Ray) and Djwhal Kuhl (Chohan of the Emerald Ray), with whom he helped found the Theosophical Society. He has been a prolific channel for much spiritual information through a number of sources. As his work load has increased he has less time for students, many of whom now study with DK, but he is still available if needed. He is still responsible for maintaining the yellow plume of the Inner Heart, relating to Divine Illumination and Wisdom, and heads the "Brotherhood of the Golden Robe". His twin flame is the Lady Clair who is an aspect of Amaclara, the Queen of Light, who works from an etheric retreat known as the Crystal Temple over Messina, Sicily. Kuthumi has an Etheric focus at Shigatse, Tibet and is hierarch of the Temple of Illumination at Kashmir. His mantra is "I AM Light".
Kuthumi has had past incarnations on Earth as Pythagoras, Thutmoses 111, St. Francis of Assisi, John the disciple, Balthazar (one of the 3 wise men) and Shah Jahan (the prince who had the Taj Mahal built for his wife and soul mate). His final incarnation was as Mahatma Kuthumi, a Punjabi from Kashmir. He fully ascended from this last (partial) embodiment in the late 1800s.
He still works with the 2nd ray of Love and Wisdom, stepping down the energies for use by those below, and is responsible for anchoring and activating the New Golden Age (see above). This anchoring aspect of his work is very important, and he works in this way rather like Archaeons Uriel and Sandalphon. He has recently given his Angelic title, which is "Agrippa", which stems from the Latin meaning "feet first". His ties to the Earth are very strong and he sees the necessity for us to learn to be fully grounded into the Earth in order to accept the higher energies which are now being brought through. He also helps us to work with all the "lower" kingdoms of Earth, including the plant and mineral kingdoms. He can help us open our channels to bring through information about how these important beings can help us, shows us how to communicate with Earth Devas and Spirits and encourages us to live in harmony with the Earth. He is also a Master of all healing, especially of the mind and emotions (he is a Master psychologist and his expertise in this field helps us to truly "know ourselves").

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