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This page has portraits, channellings and inspired writings prompted by the energies of a group of Cosmic Avatars known to us as "The Illumined Ones".

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The energies of the 13 Avatars were anchored for humankind by a small group of embodied souls during an event that was co-ordinated and hosted by Alison Knox of Everyday Angels in Nottingham on 23rd August 2009; and physically anchored into the planet by a group of 11 Lightworkers led by Hilary and Mark in Avebury on the following day (see pictures above). The energetic signatures from all 13 Illumined Ones were placed within a beautiful polished freeform of Labradorite during the Nottingham event on the 23rd August, and transferred into the Earth at Avebury in Wiltshire via her primary energy link to the Cosmos on the 24th. Below you will see the crystal, held in front of the Heart-stone at Avebury (see the wonderful shape naturally created by one of the standing stones of the inner circle!)

heartstone at avebury
These words are those of the Collective, delivered to me to encompass and summarise the 13 realisations (capitalised on each line) received through them as detailed within each of the Avatar's entries below:

lies your True POTENTIAL.
RELEASE what does not serve you;
CHANGE what does not affirm you;
EMPOWER yourself
so that through REBIRTH of your Spirit
you SURRENDER to your own Divinity
and REVEAL yourself for what you truly are.
And then, with us, in UNITY,
you will BE FREE

The time is now right for these Illumined Beings to show themselves through this page. 


"The "ILLUMiNED ONeS" have come to me over a period of time, each as unexpected as the last and each radiating a distinct and tangible personality. They are in fact Avatars, a compilation of several different energies in one point of focus, a face. A Divine manifestation of Potential. They seem to morph and transfigure before your very eyes. Each "face" is representative of "The Collective of Universal Consciousness", the "Wise Ones" who speak in "Silent Voices" with ability to bring the viewer to a stillness, and hold them within a clear and steady gaze. This is not confrontational, but it is indeed challenging, there is no hiding place and they do not compromise their countenance. You may rest within that gaze and find a deeper sense of peace and balance pervades the Soul. The "ILLUMiNED ONeS" are at once Ancient and Cosmic, of this moment and belonging to Eternity, Universal and yet deeply intimate. They are multidimensional beings of Light, aspects of "All That Is"; "Source" or the Godhead. The words they bring are beautiful; breathtaking, borne on Love, delivered in Light and Truth. Let their words settle within your Heart Centre. They hold keys to your own Self. Read them out loud, let them fly, to imprint their vibration upon the very air we breathe. Share them with others, let them rise and fall like birds on the wing, swoop and flow and dive to the deepest level of your being. You may recognise something familiar within their strangeness. Find your own Truth within them. A Higher sense of Self. Do not be fearful of their Silence, this is when they deliver their most powerful knowledge for Humanity. Their words are held within the spaces in our Silence, let them find you within your Stillness."


Heading each section is a photograph of their "portrait" (created by Alison, and photographed by Mark); then their words, which were channelled through Alison as she created their paintings in 2009; then a contribution from me, Hilary, detailing my thoughts as I interacted with each one as I prepared for the event in mid-August 2009. Enjoy their energies, but be aware that they may affect you on many levels — the first time I merely saw an e-mailed photograph of the first one, I was so dizzy I almost fell off my chair!

NOTE: All pictures (and words in violet italics) are under copyright to Alison Knox of EveryDayAngels Art, and are reproduced here with her kind permission - with thanks. 

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majiella  jyoi  marai  xcii  abraxis  mellisae  verdessae
Majiella; Jyoi; Marai; Xcii; Abraxis; Melissae; Verdessae;

Lolai  cosmia  garths  ullia  joxce  zeon
Lohli; Cosmia; Ugarth & Agarth; Ullia; Joxce and 'Zeon.



Beloved; I reach out to you with a Love that encompasses your All.
Each thread of your existence, from the moment Eternity bore you into Life, through incarnations of endless beginnings and re-born finalities, all your moments of anguished joy and ecstatic pain;
I have loved you.
I wear your beauty as a Beloved symbol of who you are.
Not coyly hidden, held within my Heart, or humbly folded like a treasured silk only to be enjoyed in private moments for fear of attracting the envy and disapproval of those who deny themselves their own beauty, but as the most bedazzling jewels and magnificent treasure thrown open and wide for all to behold.
For you, Beloved, I hold my gaze as steady as the Universal Heartbeat.
I look into you and see the Creator in every aspect of your countenance.
I hold your eyes within my own; that I may for a moment shake off my raiment's of illusion and don those of clarity and perfection.
Do not deny me this, my moment of Truth, my salvation from the blindness of the Soul. To see what I see is a Gift, a blessing of such magnitude that there are no words sufficient to express my joy.
Beloved; I touch your Love with mine, that we may be One, enfolded in the All.
Knowing; breath after breath we deliver nothing less to each other than This.
This is All
All is This.


This one, Majiella, reaches out with electrical tendrils of energy, giving out Life and verve and vitality without attachment. The face and figure composed and steady, still and stable whilst all around her the energies spark and twine. Looking at the expression, there is thought and consideration; a sense of depth and distance, almost as if the tendrils of energy are feelers, reaching out through time and space: enquiring, exploring; understanding. Although at first the energy seems feminine, after a while there is a look of a pale androgynous figure, morphing at times into the palest thought of a masculine energy — and then it is gone again. Movement and change of the swiftest and softest kind. And behind the head perhaps is concealed the source from which the energy reaches out — so the thought comes: is the Being the conduit for the energy, or is it concealing the energy source from view, until the watcher is ready and able to absorb the notes, the vibrations. The roundels at junction points like tiny Suns, surrounded by stars or planets; or energy spots whereby the energy may be changed; enhanced; transformed, before travelling onwards. The delicate tendrils remind me of strands of seaweed or kelp, drifting in the water as the tides and flows move without cessation. Or of lengths of fine hair standing on end as they enter an electrical field of energy, independent and moving as the energy moves outside of ones control. To me she carries the energy of the element of air or ether. Knowledge, energy and life I feel here. Thoughts, random in their arrangement, yet all connected, all able to trace a path of route from beginning to end; alpha and omega. And the question I ask is how is such energy held, allowing such free-flowing passage, enigmatically both random and ordered. Receiver and transmitter; source and conclusion. Watching, absorbing, teaching, allowing... And then the tendrils reach out to touch me. To gently feel my energies, to taste them and know them, and to connect with me that I may know the truth of who she is, and in so doing so know the same of my Self. My head floats and my mind is suspended in nothingness and yet I know that in this place I could know ALL; understand ALL; BE All. I feel the vastness of the mind of God for a moment, alone yet containing ALL. And that is me, it is you, it is everything that was, is and ever will be.


See me not through your eyes;
but through your Heart
Embrace me not with your loving arms;
but with your very breath
Touch me not with skin as flesh belies the Truth; touch me with your Soul and know my Truth.
Feel your Self become subtle, flesh and bone meld softly into Light and you return to me.
Fear not Beloved, for I know All and in knowing;
love more.
Show me how you Love, by how you Live
Show me how you Live, by how you Love
How you Live is all to me, and how you Love is more.
In my Countenance you return.
In my eyes you are held Beloved
You are All to me


The first time that I saw Jyoi, in his "unfinished" stage I felt that he had two sides, quite literally, and saw him turn to show a face behind him, which to me resembled Anubis the Egyptian God of the Underworld, who has been one of my Guides and protectors. Now the portrait is finished I have a sense of a vast energy being crammed into a smaller frame, as if his skin is not large enough to hold his essence. With him I sense only masculinity, vibrant and potent. My eyes are drawn again and again to the stone at the 3rd eye, and I feel as if I am being drawn within, and that within the head, which contains part of his essence, is void space; or that by going through his 3rd eye I am passing through a portal or doorway and entering a vast open space of potential and of creative impulse. As I look at his face it is as if this form hides his reality — not hidden for his safety, but for mine. I get a sense of him being trapped within, not trapped by another force, but by his own hand, that I might identify and connect with him without harm. He is both beautiful and ugly. Mesmerised I am drawn in, yet it might be easy to be repulsed and turn away, not seeing the reality of what lies beneath; the true essence and nature of the soul below. The lines he is delineated by are harsh yet full of energy and intensity. Each stroke powerful, moulding lines and form in order to restrain such Power. Yet there is a softness there too. A need and a desire to share touch, to share feeling and familiarity. A need to physically trace the outlines of the face and the grooves upon it with my fingers. To feel what lies beneath, raw power, yet needing comfort and connection. But the need is not his, but mine. It feels as if I am watching the face of my beloved, as if by tracing his outline I anchor his essence within my memory and senses. And as I watch more the skin lightens, the golden surface lighting up and glowing with what seems like incandescence. And there is a softening of the harshness: a strength that is rocklike in its exterior, but soft and yielding within. The torso too gives off an aura of power. Here is my rock, the Sun around which all turns, emanating an implacable force, standing firm without compromise, utterly dependable, resolute and eternally HERE.


Through these eyes
Show me your silence.
Hold me within stillness
Enfold me to your pain.
Go deeper.
Trust me with your Heart.
Fill me with your Light.
Touch me at the deepest.
Free me; from the shackles of your doubts, despair and fear.
Rest within all I am.
There is nowhere to go but deeper.
Into my PEACE
Into my PEACE.


Mother, sister, bride. Wise with the wisdom of years — aeons even - world-weary yet eternally patient and present and at peace with herself and all around her. A mass of opposites: young, yet ancient; unyielding, yet tolerant; ethereal, yet solid; proud, beautiful, focused, questioning… With each look her eyes draw me in deeper. She seems to be questioning and assessing. Yet she is not posing the questions, nor is she making the assessment. It is as if I am being prompted to question and assess myself. To look deep into my own heart and see the reality that lies within. Who I am; how I walk my path; how I care for ALL that is around me — friends, family, strangers, humanity, elementals, all life-forms and sentient life that exists in our world, including our Mother Earth herself. As you look more her eyes become more knowing: her lips begin to gently curl, as if she KNOWS what I am thinking and acknowledges that process is taking place; that I see her and begin to touch what she represents with My energies and mind. And then as I look more, she morphs, and I see what I thought was hair become energy and the face becomes that of a beautiful male, then alters again until the sense of maleness goes, and what is left is androgynous — neither male nor female and yet somehow both. Harmonious and balanced, yet not needing to be identifiable by gender; to simply be a composite energy AND a simple statement of Truth. This is what I am. No labels, no artifice. Just Light and stillness. And as I look more I am surrounded by an energy that is so sweet and gentle and pure LOVE. My head spins and I feel moved to the verge of tears. Cared for and supported, held within an all encompassing energy that knows me and loves me - fully, completely, without reservation and without condition. Yet that love is not weak: it buffers and shields; guides and yet permits freedom within its infinite space. I am held. And I know that that Love will protect me from all harm for it creates an energy that is unassailable, steadfast in its focus. I feel like a child held in the embrace of its Mother, yet also I feel vast: all-powerful, capable of doing anything I choose, for this LOVE will enable me to BE exactly who and what I wish to be.


I have delivered this World for you;
that my Love, be contained within its very existence.
I have expanded boundaries of the unbounded and infinite;
that you may know how it is to be enfolded in my Love.
I have painted endless skies with nameless colours;
that your Soul may feel my absolute Love,
by your appreciation and joy of them.
I have sung my songs through the Voice of the Winds of Time.
Truth, whispered in the softness of dawns sacred in-breath ;
that your heart may hear of my Love for you.
In your Beloved name,
I have kissed the shores of oceans with these lips;
tasted the salted tears of Earth upon them,
that you may live the out-breath of all Creation.
I offer only this Beloved;
You and I; held Sacred by the All
You and I


This one resonated with me the first time I saw it, for in his eyes and face I saw the Christ, an energy that I know well and that I have loved and served for many ages. With and through those energies I have suffered and wept; loved, lived, gained and lost so many different things. Those eyes wise beyond imagining and holding so much love for all, hold above all sense of Self. And with the enhancing of the magenta colours I see now within both male and female, bringing also a sense of the Divine feminine and of the Mona Lisa's enigmatic face, she who was the Madonna Elizabeth, past child-bearing age, yet birther of the awakener, John. Her hands held in a gesture of thanks and of greeting: his in thoughtful prayer and blessing. The eyes seem hooded, bearing a sense of suffering and sacrifice, yet one willingly given in endless surrender and compassion. Judging of a need far greater than theirs. The diamond shaped gem at the 3rd eye draws me, reminiscent of my aquamarine, jewel of the sea, the MER, the Mother and carrier of the Christos energy. Not drawing me in, but radiating out an energy, piercing and direct, yet also extending out in all directions. This energy pins me: holds me captive, puts me on the spot and holds me to account — yet with the deepest mercy it explores the depths of my soul, seeing all as it is laid bare before that all-seeing, all-knowing gaze. There is a feeling of reserved-ness, and also of a gentle and fine humour and lightness of mind. As if just a touch will suffice, and there is no need to force home the lessons but to use a delicate touch that will resonate for longer and ultimately with more power. This face could be imprinted or superimposed upon any. It seems to float just in front of the background, which is simply hair and form; hooded cape or gown; or in reality perhaps simply flowing energy. Then all around the face I see sigils and symbols, tiny shapes and forms, as if the air around is vibrating with imprints of energy, seemingly there to support and somehow revere that which it encompasses. As if just by the merest thought creation can begin. Here is my POTENTIAL. Here is my sacrifice.


You may know me as the Conscience of Consciousness;
within each cell of Creation, I am.
Each thought Mankind ever processed into action or inaction,
for higher or base purpose, in joy or sorrow, love or fear,
began as a diamond of purest potential, seeded from my own Heart, delivered perfectly as a gift to be opened and set free.
The Human soul is blessed and cursed with freedom of will,
there is no greater gift bestowed upon any other.
This is how the purest thought forms become twisted and debased, bent and broken to fit the will of Man and the ever hungry gaping maw of Ego which demands to be fed,
even when it is indeed sated.
Even as I weep, I bless you; the ignorant, the fearful, the damaged and the starving, for I cannot condemn as you condemn yourselves.
It is my nature to deliver only potential, balance, discernment and Love, without the taint of judgement.
My countenance, is merely the reflection of these principles made manifest.
The Light of a thousand Suns may not match my radiance, nor warm as my Love warms, nor render intention to the manifest.
You know me not as I am; but as you will.
I give myself to you, again and again within each and every second, every breath, every heartbeat, I am there and you may take me as deep as you dare to go.
It is not my will I ask be done; but my Love.
It is not my name I ask you speak, but my Love.
It is not my Self I ask you seek, but my Love.
It is not my peace I ask you embrace, but my Love.
Within my Love, you will find All: pure, absolute, assured, eternal.
Will you know me as I Am?


How does one sound that name, speak the word that resonates throughout the mind. As the syllables sound, it is as if I am standing within the most massive bell whilst it is struck. The sound fills my mind; resonates through my soul; takes apart every part of the fabric of my being, and then leaves it suspended in space. Waiting for the means and the method to restore it to its perfection. To provide the opportunity in its death to be reborn again: more perfect, more complete. And the face looks at me with great and caring thoughtfulness as if posing the question. What is it you need? What is it you desire? For what ever you wish, that can be so… and as I look at the face so it too seems to dissolve, each component part momentarily separated; out of place. Each aspect an aspect alone, a singularity that one may choose to re-assemble in whatever fashion one desires. To create something new, something fresh in whatever way one chooses. And then with a smile the features coalesce again, this time becoming more solid, more real. And this gentle, pure, perfect figure glows with Light as if lit from within. The Light so pervasive that it is hard to tell if this then is the source of the Light, or a reflection of it. And then I see his hands cupped above his heart, and know that he holds there a globe, our planet, the place that I have called home in this and many other lifetimes. And as I watch, the globe cracks open, like a hatchling breaking through the shell of an egg, and a great shaft of brilliant white Light shines out from the opening, and great spheres of Light emerge to dance round his head. They are singing and a great resonance of sound encompasses him in adoring joy and gratitude. This is the means of my RELEASE and of my ultimate Joy. This is my Father and beloved watcher, who would cradle me in his hands, just as he cradles the globe. Just a fragment of everything that IS, yet held with complete reverence and love for all that I am. And held within his loving embrace I know that I too may allow myself to crack open: so that I may emerge and become more than I am and join my dance and songs with those of the Earth, as the Light of a thousand Suns encompass my Being, joining their gratitude with mine.


My bees are dying.
One by one; multitudes melting into ether,
slipping between dimensions to destinies
no longer reliant on the vagaries of Man.
Our contract is ready for renewal; I insist on better terms, a more honourable exchange.
Our Servitude has ended; we have chosen a freedom for which we have given our All.
We are dying.
The future exists for the moment; we cannot go back.
I ask only this, Beloveds;
What will you do when I am gone?


As I look at this picture I am gripped by the realisation of the fundamental purpose of sound. For as I sit and watch the gold and pearl bees weave themselves through her hair I feel the resonance of their humming and know that it is an essential part of keeping the world turning and functioning in harmony with the music of the Universe. These bees have a mind of their own — a group mind; a harmonious mind, where all is for the greater good. Mankind could learn so much from this selfless attitude, this certainty that the survival of the whole and its integrity is somehow more important than the wellbeing and survival of just one of its parts. Much of the sound created and caused by mankind is dis-harmonious; unsettling, unnecessary and destructive, it interferes with the heartbeat and pulse of the planet and overlays a resonance that is not in keeping with her heart. And it is to nature that we must turn. To lose the day-to-day business and chaos and return to hear and feel the rhythms and pulse of life beneath our feet and surrounding us, if we would but take the time to seek it. All parts of nature have a sound, and each sound takes their place within the whole. The birds and their songs, the pulse created by their wing beats; the insects and their notes, each one enhanced and increased by their fellows as they swarm and gather together; the creatures of the sea and the cetaceans with their resonant songs and sonic pulses that record the history of the planet and her journey through time and space. And the elements themselves: the crackle and hiss of the fire; the whistle and whine of the air; the thunder and crashing of the waters and the creaking and heartbeat of the earth. This is where she looks at us, and in her face I see pity and sorrow. A sense of resignation and a fragment of hope. That mankind will see at last. That all will be saved and all will come right. Yet also a sense of enough!! What will it take for us to see and realise what we do; how much we harm and destroy in our eagerness to own everything, to have power over all, when we are not capable even of owning power over our Self… It cannot be too late for CHANGE..?


When Venus touched her lips to the feet of the Crescent moon,
she breathed my name into being.
Ahhh, . . . . . VERDeSSAe
Soft, she drew that breath, knowing that I could falter and retreat,
too fragile for a world that sees not readily the blessings of its
Great Mother.
Yet, that breath made me whole and fed me strength and courage that I could make this journey.
I am the child of Shaman and Goddess, no mewling spawn, I stepped fully formed into my own Self.
There is a time ahead which requires the unnamed to declare themselves;
the unseen to step boldly from the shadows of light.
It is unprecedented that we should meet, here, in a moment expanded beyond all parameters to hold the knowledge and the magic that will save Creation from its own destructive hand.
My beauty is a test of Faith.
Can the beautiful conquer the ugliness and gross indifference which renders the subtle magic impotent?
My presence is proof.
Now, I show my beauty as my weapon with which to slay ignorance and greed.
My children will bear more beauty than you could ever perceive, and their children will be more beautiful still, my grandchildren and great grandchildren will render beauty to a pinnacle beyond imagination,
and beauty will thrive and conquer.
I : am not impotent.


This one seems less human, and at first glance quite feminine. Unworldly: out-of-this-world. The silvery skin seems to reflect Light — or does she EMIT Light? If I allow all edges to fade, it would be easy to see her as simply a shaft of white Light — a beam of condensed energy. Then as I look it seems that she wears a helmet, perhaps even fitting close around the jaw and with a nose guard as well, and it is this that gives her face definition and form. If I look past the edges of the helmet the eyes draw me in and seem to hold galaxies and stars within them. Then as I look with eyes half closed I see jagged shafts of diamond-white Light spark out from her head; and then with the white I see gold… and then pink.., all the shafts moving and rearranging — yet each centred around her head. I am reminded of pictures of "the snow queen" from "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and get a sense of that aloofness and detachment. The next centre I am drawn to is the mouth, which seems to rest agape, and within I once more see gold Light. I have a sense that her voice and sound and / or the breath are important in what she does and how she might interact with us. Then I look to the top of her head and see the pearls and the tiny angel placed there, and wonder if this is not part of her energy, but part of her regalia, a crown or diadem; or is it some kind of unit that transmits and / or receives energy vibrations? Her energy feels elemental, but also delicate, and has a feel of what it might be to be mossy, verdant (!) and alive. And then I see that it is as if she wears a cape with high collar, formed from living things — plant life, minerals, molecules of all things that will create living shape and form. And all that she makes loves her, for she seems to be surrounded by love. She gives, and so too does she receive — as you sow, so shall you reap. There is a regal-ness about her, a gentle purity and detachment that makes me think that in her own world she is honoured and looked to for leadership and guidance. When she reaches to me in response to my seeking, she feels maternal, yet like a kind, caring and loving governor, as if I am one of her loyal subjects. Yet she does not seek power over things, but the power to EMPOWER and Guide with responsibility and wisdom. I feel a gentle touch to my brow and a caress to my face like a cool mist. If Majiella was the element of water, then this one, Verdessae, is the element of earth…


. . . . and she tumbled into this world of Man,
the first and lastborn Child of the Sacred Union between LoVE and LiGHT.
A softly mewling changeling ; dressed in the rainments of moonlight and rainbows ,and held tender in the arms of dreamtime where comfort is found in the gentle rhythm of the Heartbeat of the Universe.
. . . and this child became the very Breath of Creation, a languid and deeply drawn sigh; a somnambulist on the verge of awakening from a timeless journey of wonder, from which there was to be no emergence.
. . . . and the child became the Daughter of Woman, the golden fruit of the perfection which had ripened and plumped to a fullness of Spirit, and yet a still unfinished Opus perched, petulantly upon a note of such brilliance it pained the Artist to contemplate the finish of it.
The Glory of Her grew more ephemeral and elusive day by day as She stepped more wholly into Her power and destiny.
Slipping easily in and out of Time, a starbeam through an open window, a dance of moonlight upon water, a vapid trail of nothingness; leaving Hearts weeping with the joy of Her and confounded by the shadows of Light she left in Her wake.
The only evidence she had ever visited at all.
This Glory, this accident of subtle and physical mutuality, weaves her magic within the fragile fabric of Human consciousness. Her boundaries are entirely un-ended. She will keep on walking even when the gates ahead seem closed, for Her they open, and bid Her welcome.
For She is the fragrance of a kiss, delivered upon the lips of time, warmed by the touch of a hand that trails frailty over eyes brimmed bright with tears of unspoken sadness and unexpressed grief. This is how it is for the perfect; they cannot find their breath within the ordinary, not without pain.
. . . and She came, this fusion of LoVE and LiGHT, this Glory named LoHLi and she came to open doors to Hearts , and found them waiting. . .and wanting . .
for Her.


Youth and life and a fire in the belly and the heart. Yet sadness and sorrow in the eyes. Naïve and yet knowing, seemingly on the surface almost jaded by life and her experiences. Faintly disturbing, yet I do not know why. Careless of her beauty: woman; child; lover; virgin; whore. All these roles played and yet behind the mask there is a fragility and a gentle purity. One sees at first glance the cherry red lips and the cascading auburn tresses. But then I see the eyes, hooded and calm and the depths of them seem to see all and know all — to see the truths that I hide within. The truth of who I am, of what I do and how I live my life within the scope of both truths and falsehoods. Knowing that I do not always live in the fullness of my Light, for at times human demands and my emotions make me react from my shadow side and act like a petulant and demanding child who comes forth, at times, unbidden. And in so doing I see that such reactions disempower me — yet also make me human. Her features seem smooth and unlined and I think that if I were to run my fingers down her face it would perhaps feel soft and cool, silky smooth and youthful to the touch. Yet what is she within, beneath that veil that she has chosen to wear. Is she aged and wise? Does she bear this face to carry the desperation and ills of womankind? A reminder of what it is to be young yet ignorant; to be beautiful yet ridiculed; to be desired yet exploited. I wonder what is her strength… what is her gift… and I fear that I cannot tell. Perhaps I will not be able to understand her until I understand myself; know her, until I truly know myself. Is her gift then that of SELF-KNOWLEDGE? Of being able to look beneath the skin and to get to the heart or core of a reality that is so much greater than that which is presented to me each day, in this world and in this 3rd dimensional plane of existence…


I am The All.
I encompass a bigger Truth than your reality can teach.
A Great Mystery.
Broken down, small and palatable, as the sugars you might
offer to a child; masking the necessary medicines within,
Humankind can bear it.
Become used to the taste of this Truth, then the coating wears thin, eventually it can be taken raw and unsullied.
This is indeed an acquired taste.
The colours of my Truth are imprinted deep below the surface of your reality, subtle and impressive, passionate and raw, yet . . . they will not leave you alone, dancing their Light around your waking and through your dreamtime until you say 'Yes!'
And you ask me 'To what Truth do I say YES?'
Ah Beloved; This Truth I teach is how to Live. The secret of Life itself.
Do you yet know how to Live?
It is time to savour the medicine without the sugar, to let the flavours of Life touch your palate with their complex and uncompromising harmonies. Life is a journey that cannot be sustained by 'sugar' . . . the slow burn comes from the multiple realities that train the palate to bigger challenges and more sophisticated experiences.
Nothing else will do.
And . . . in the 'Yes!' you answer The All.


This one seems more ripe, more assertive and in control. The skin like that of the night sky, resonant of places far from home. And around her head circles a galaxy of stars, each drawn to her orbit and worn with caring compassion. The sky behind seems bereft of stars, as they are attracted to her energy field, drawn like moths to a flame. Yet they are not burned, but charged and restored; loved and embraced. The eyes are like beams of silvery-gold Light, impaling me with their energy and drawing me inwards. And there I find softness and Light — brilliant and white yet with the delicacy of moonlight reflected from freshly fallen snow. The way in which she holds herself speaks of feminine form to me, yet there is both elegance and strength displayed in her shoulders and neck. There is a sense of her waiting for something, her head tilted slightly to one side, as if awaiting a response, a reply or a reaction. But there is also a sense of great timelessness about her. In this way has she been for ages long past, now faded into distant memory. Yet she holds the history and the knowledge of all that she has witnessed and waits… Elegant Lady and Queen of the Night. Would you seek to draw me into that spiralling orb centred at your brow? It seems to form a centre, a focus point around which the myriad stars and galaxies that ring her head rotate. Held in a space outside of time, drawn by a need that they do not comprehend. What energy, what love, what focus is required to hold them there! I travel down a tunnel of deep blue Light and emerge into a space, where I witness the birth of stars. I see them explode into existence and form and re-form spinning through space. Clouds of Light and dust, taking shape and coalescing, never still, never complete or concluded; always morphing and changing, shifting until a degree of comfort and balance is reached. And then resting momentarily before starting all over again. Does she facilitate the birth of the stars and the many worlds that make up our Universe? With a mother's eyes she looks at me, and I too dissipate into clouds of cosmic dust, to join the whirling masses and retake shape and form, recognising and responding to a need that is primeval and as ancient as time. Each mote, each cell, directed by a mind and Love much greater than the human mind can comprehend. Is she then the midwife to the REBIRTH of my Soul?


Raw tongues tell my story; boiled silvered ashes pepper history with my words and Truths.
Mine is a tale woven of violent passions and dangerous embraces; scorching encounters between the inner Heart of Creation and the velvet darkness of the Void and the abject foolishness of Man.
My celebrations are destructive; a relentless pounding of that great Heart, a pulse beating out the staccato; the bass boom that renders all that was solid to fractured nothingness, scattered on violet blue winds.
The Creator, required a Destroyer.
The perceived perfection in all things is nothing to me, my touch is oblivious to the gross or ugly, the gentle or the beautiful, the beggar or the King, I cannot differentiate. I am. . . totally unbiased.
From the maelstrom of my celebrations, when the weeping is ended,
and the healing has begun, new life comes.
Ashes nurture new growth, stimulate germination of the seeds of Hope to send up tender shoots towards the Light. The air, thick with foul gases and noxious emissions of my excess, form rainclouds over mountain tops, where death is transmuted to pure Life to fall upon the faces of the newborn in joyful torrent. First rain on parched earth is the fragrance of Gods own gardens,
the freshness and the coolness reach deep into the soul of Earth and replenish Her.
Green joy dances once again upon the face of my Beloved,
my beautiful consort, my Gaia.
GAiA. . . GAiA. . . GAiA!
To prove my Love for Her, I gave myself to Man. I made myself small,
handed over a part which could be domesticated, tamed and managed, to do his bidding that he may enjoy my warmth, may cook his food, to temper metals and ores to serve him as vessels and tools, and keep him company in the darkness, to banish his fears.
These are my gifts to Man, in honour of my Gaia.
And yet . . . in his ignorance and greed, man turns me against my Beloved, I am forced to consume Her, for mans own gain, for his own power and for his own want.
What am I to do?
I cannot honour this arrangement, it has turned against all She is.
My rage boils again, my power thunders to the surface and rents worlds asunder,
I must destroy what has been created. . . again and again.
And still yet, man stands agape and asks


This face I know. The flesh burned raw from the bones; the eyes full of fire; of anger and strength. A determination to mould and re-mould all that is about him, to create and take up new form, despite knowing that all will one day have to dissolve again. And that the dissolution will bring pain and chaos; a turmoil that will be hard to bear. The mouth is set in resolute expression, the need and dogged strength of mind reflected in the eyes. For this is what has been promised. This is the contract that was signed, and all that can be done is to hold fast with patience and in steely-eyed hope and with the faith that each will eventually play their part. And all will then be as it should be: as it was planned, so that the fight and struggle may end, the masks be put away and a new way of Being ensue. At first glance it is easy to be disturbed by the fierceness displayed, but then a sense of re-assurance creeps in. For after all who better to stand with in battle than one who is already hardened and scarred; who has nothing more to lose and ALL to gain from that encounter. I see too within the face a passion for life and living; a hardness and strength that is in its own way irresistible. With such energy great things might be accomplished! Visions seen, places travelled to, new vistas and horizons opening up before an exploring and enquiring mind. The whorls on the cheeks draw me in. Twin spirals of energy, one to open; one to close: one to create; one to dissolve. I enter the right cheek, and am macerated and torn, spun into oblivion. All parts of myself broken down into particles of Light and then, when I thought I could go no further, split again and again… until I give myself over utterly to the process and accept what will BE. In absolute SURRENDER. Then I am spewn back, reconstructed in form anew: reborn through the fires of his Being and launched forth on his fiery breath. I have seen this face before, wreathed in blood and smoke. Feathers lain back from the face exposed in the passion that surrounds him. Yet this has also been a face of peace — of a peace that perhaps I shared, as with beaded headdresses we once were robed and through white marbled halls we processed, being ONE with those that held the energies of Amenti. This one is Fire.


I cast no shadow; carried upon the heat of desert winds, across the face of the sun, to throw myself upon the mercy of the merciless.
Mountains have fallen at my feet; without my hand ever having touched their brow, crumbled into dust, given up their secrets and spewed their hearts which flowed like tears until they met the embrace of the gentle Ocean.
These humble lips; kissed vast seas and stirred the depths into fury and maelstrom from which Hearts have been tested and dashed upon strange shores.
Opening to my presence changes the very structure of your reality.
That which once served as solid and sure, becomes insubstantial and intangible.
Waters may part and engulf.
Earth shudders and sighs like a lovers ecstasy.
Crystal sings and shatters, a symphony where once a soloist held the note.
Beloveds, you will shatter before you are rendered whole again.
And yet. . . . you seek me out in every moment.
When I am gone; the human heart embraces fear.
The Silence, Beloveds is my resting place.
Meet me there?


At first look this one looks like a "hair-raising" experience! And perhaps a little of Munch's "The Scream"… Then I see changes come, and a resemblance to Verdessae in the silver Light of the face and its features. And again an elemental aspect, this time watery, or perhaps an element that is not known to us but equates to our water, the staff of our Life-force, through which that which sustains us is carried. She looks at me with slight puzzlement — who is this one? What element is it of? What does it know? Her eyes too remind me creatures of the deep — shark-like and holding wisdom and awareness. Yet also there are strains of humanity — the orient and the Mongol, whilst the rosebud lips speak to me of Geisha: of feminine charms and skills. The right cheek disturbs me and seems at first to upset the balance and harmony of the features, as if it were a cheek swollen with pain or infection when suffering with an abscess or ulcer. What pain might she carry for us? Or is this merely her energy bursting forth, difficult to rein in or keep in check, expanding to the side where the armour is less. Silvery metallic masses shoal around her, like mackerel swimming in circles in the oceans, light reflecting from their scales. They seem inquisitive and irresistibly drawn to her Light. As I look at her head I see at first long, slender feathers anchored within a beaded headband, tribal energies and those of the shaman or one in authority. Incan; Mayan; Atlantean; Zulu… or a fine lady, hat adrift in a massive fan of bright feathers culled from the tails of those who gave their lives, translating their beauty to that of another, to whom in truth it does not belong. And then I look again and see great drifts of Light swept backwards and outwards from her brow, unstoppable radiance of the vastest kind suspended in space whilst her energies stream out to illuminate all that is about. Defiant and strong, unafraid to proclaim her presence and declare her identity — for those who have the courage to draw closer and seek to know it. And strangely if I half close my eyes within those features I see Abraxis, as if this one too is a part of those energies, and then the eyes crinkle as if with laughter and the mouth opens in an "O" of amusement. What does she bring me… Perhaps she brings me the Light to REVEAL my soul in all its beauty and all its pain. So that I might find it and know it once more in consciousness.


Two Pillars of Truth stand sentinel to the human soul.
One, has a softness, a sweetness, a flavour which pleases and satisfies:
it is perfectly ripe.
The other, is raw, a bitter pithy, unpalatable thing,
as inedible as an unripe fruit.
Both Truths are One.
Time; brings the unripe Truth, glorious into bountiful fruition,
becoming now succulent and palatable.
Truth is seeded in Time and germinated by knowledge,
wisdom and understanding.
When a soul is ready to know it; only then can it be accepted and
enjoyed, in its perfection.
Once it is known; it cannot be unknown.
Once tasted, the soul will recognises its flavour and fragrance:
texture and colour even when interwoven and seemingly hidden
within another Truth.
The ripeness of a Truth brings humankind closer to The All.
Time reveals Truth
The Heart recognises it and the Soul embraces it.
Truth is All.


Platinum and Copper standing side by side. Silver and Gold. Two shining precious metals, each one a transmitter of energy, one of the more Earthly kind, one of the more heavenly and sublime. One more masculine, one more feminine. Support and supported; lover and loved; dependant and protector. Two together who look with eyes that have seen it all, yet would bid me welcome! Come, enter our world and see all that could be when all live in harmony and accord. When each works according to his own skills and provides that which he is best suited to, creating a balance; creating a whole and complete world. These two speak to me of the love that they bear for each other, and give me hope that such a world is a possibility. That if the choices we make are open and clear enough this is something we CAN do. There is a sense of ease, of comfort and openness in how they are with each other. Each one able to be who and what they are, without censure or need to be something they are not. A contrast, yet a fit, for in their differences they each supply what the other cannot, to make a complete whole. Chalk and cheese, one to one role; one to another. Yet a UNITY still.


I Am: a vessel of Self.
The Divine Embodiment of the Sacred signatures of your own Truth, and Source, underwritten by the hand of Time and sealed by my own.
You made your mark Beloved, and charged me with its sanctity.
A Countermark between the Light of your Humanity and the
Light of The Divine.
The seal was forged; unique, incorruptible, encrypted to just two vibrations, forming a perfect note of unified harmony, a colour of unnamed perfection, a fragrance of pure un-breathed essence.
You have carried the memory of this seal throughout lifetimes, the knowledge has tantalised and tormented you until your soul has begged for mercy and release, even death has been a blessing when this unrevealed secret has echoed within memory.
Beloved, I heard the Calling, a summons from the Keepers of The Light to avail myself to you.
I Am; here, in all humbleness as your vessel of deliverance.
You are ready.
Ask for your Countermark to be brought before you now.
You chose its perfection and its flaws as a failsafe, it would always be known only to you.
When you accept; the seal be broken and the secret out; you must embrace wholly what you have unleashed, for it serves only you as your I Am: Self.
You are the Keeper and the Vessel, the living Contract, the Servant and the Master, the I Am and the Mystery.
I Am: Self


This one is right up front. All there, presenting himself in what feels like raw flesh. The starkness of his flesh white against the darkness of the background. Not emitting Light, but holding it. Although I see above and around his head smaller concentrated areas of energy, where the Light has density and form. It seems to be connected outwards behind his head deeply into space, with twin beams like searchlights travelling afar into the distance. They look logically as if they travel but a few feet, but in fact span an incredible distance. All around him I see eyes and faces, as if he is surrounded by the Gods themselves. Each one a part of some distant civilisation or race unknown to humanity. My sight is drawn to the lines of white Light upon his chest, and to the central one in particular. It is as if his chest has been hewn apart and the Light shines through the parts where the flesh is thinner; newer. It could alternatively be his spine, for as with Jyoi when I first saw him, this one seems to have two faces. The one that faces us now (perhaps this is the rear?), and another that is hidden from view — maybe that is the front side, and if that is so, then the tram lines of energy penetrating space would be emitted from his brow, connecting him mind to mind with some vast intelligence that exists in the innermost reaches of the Universe. What face might we see when turned... the side that gazes into the centre of All; that looks back over all of creation. Does it like what it sees? Love its handiwork? Revel in its glory? Or is it the other way round… does he stand sentinel holding back the forces that would prey upon the unwary, or trespass upon the plans of the Creator. Do they see a stern and graven visage, implacable and all-powerful, whilst we see the shaded side, the softer self that pities those who have not yet attained the lofty heights from whence he has come? Pities their struggles and their ignorance that denies who and what they are. In those eyes I see sadness and pain. If the voice were to speak the sound would shatter every bone in my body with its power. We see and know so little. We attempt to see ourselves as more — yet somehow we are thus less. He holds the boundaries. He has done for time immeasurable, and will be doing so for long after our souls have returned to the fabric from which they came. This one will not accept love. He cannot embrace love. He can only hold up a mirror and ask us to love what we see. He is untouchable, and cannot be freed of this burden that he has taken on until we FREE ourself, by accepting him as he is, and in so doing accepting our Self.

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