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This page tells you a little about how we feel that our energy system is changing as we move towards Ascension: about the energy centres and foundations of the Unified Body and what their functions are; about two of the main energetic templates that we call the "Lotus of the Heart" and the "Lotus of the Soul"; and a little about the Higher Jewel Rays - those of the Precious Gems and Metals that we have been privileged to work with and uncover. Resources that have been useful during research include "What is Lightbody"; "The Aura-soma Sourcebook" ISBN 159477077-8; "The Emerald Modem" ISBN 1-57174-245-X and "Welcome to Planet Earth" ISBN 0-929385-98-5.

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new energy centres
(base artwork: old "linear" chakra system
from "Hands of Light" ISBN 0-553-34539-7;
New diagram "Unified Centres" © "School of Inner Light" 2007)

The Alpha Chakra, located 6-8 inches above the head and 2-3" forward of the central column acts as an anchor for the 7th Dimensional etheric blueprint.  It connects us to our Lightbody in the 5th Dimension, connecting the lower bodies (linear chakras 1-14 and 7 auric bodies/layers) with its upper-dimensional counterparts, including the Unified Field and energy body counterparts. It does this in part through the etheric matrix of the energy torus and also through the silver cord with its golden core that connects us to our Higher Selves — our Christed Self and Divine Self.

The Soma Centre is associated with achieving the mental clarity to achieve enlightenment and with all forms of perception and intelligence that are beyond normal sight. It is located between the (linear) Brow/3rd eye and Crown chakras and is situated above the third eye in the centre of the forehead, level with the hairline/top of the forehead. Its energies create the underpinning for the powerful thousand petalled Crown Chakra when in linear form and a connection with the Alpha chakra and the Universal centre when in Unified state. These centres link to form an energy triangle, within whose centre the pituitary and pineal glands become energetically linked, joining physical incarnation with spiritual awareness and awakening (wisdom). All three centres are very sensitive to sonic stimulation — sound waves — and certain sounds and scents (in particular those of the natural world) can bring them into balance. Being balanced aligns perception, communication and enlightenment, supporting forward progress and Higher Dimensional states of awareness. When in Unified state this centre allows the expression of three aspects of consciousness: 'Knowing; Feeling; Doing' and the emanation of truth, beauty and goodness. The realisation that these forms exist within all expressions of life is the expression of the highest state of living and to incorporate them into your life is the highest state of Being. In this state the ego subsides and once fully awakened the Soma centre allows one to achieve a non-dualistic state of Unity with All.

This centre is located at the base of the skull where it meets with the spine in the region of the cerebellum and has connections to the limbic centres of the brain. Sometimes it is called the base of the skull centre, or "the mouth of God". It aligns with Universal Life energy through intuitive communication and was a very active centre in our Ancient past, originating from DNA that was part of the original blueprints for the colonisation of Earth in days prior to Lemuria. Now it serves as an entry point for other Dimensions of consciousness, and is an inter-galactic and inter-dimensional communication centre allowing access to the Universal data banks. It is also a centre designed to support the exchange of telepathic communication, which is the normal mode of communion in Higher Dimensional worlds and as such an important centre for facilitating clear conscious channelling and psychic connections.

This centre spans the region of the physical heart; thymus gland and centre of the chest. It is the location of the Lotus of the Heart and the seat of the 3-fold flames of Divine Love, Wisdom and Understanding (more about these further down this page). As with the Universal centre this centre was active in our Ancient past, but became closed down as we moved into a denser and darker state of being. It is aligned with planetary life energies — those of our planet, Earth, and all the living and sentient life forms that inhabit her. It will support a return to living closer to nature and in harmony with natural laws, and hence bring us closer to the simplicity and harmony of Divine Source. Awakening and balance of this centre will lead to the ability to harness and work with the energies of creation and manifestation - including lessening density of the physical body; cellular regeneration and rejuvenation! On a physical level its awakening also stimulates and enhances the immune system and encourages hormonal balance and detoxification.

green man

The Hara centre is the centre or root of our soul energy. The region of influence of the hara covers the area between the pubic bone and the diaphragm. Here too is the location of the navel — the place where we were joined to our mother by the umbilical cord when in the womb, and through which we were nourished, both physically and spiritually. The hara centre includes:

This centre has an etheric connection with the 9th (linear) chakra, which is the gateway through which we may potentially gain knowledge of our True Self and all the parts of our Self and our "soul group" that separated from each other once we split from Unity with Source. Our 9th chakra also links the soul's purpose into our feelings and emotions, directed through the sacral chakra centre, for we may only truly know our Self by experiencing and understanding the feelings (and emotions) that inhibit us; addressing the beliefs and issues that do not truly support us; and making the life changes necessary to enable us to move forwards on our Path. Here too is the location of the Lotus of the Soul, which may become opened and activated as we grow and progress towards becoming 5th Dimensional (and higher) Beings (more about this further down this page). This activation includes opening to an understanding of the nature of creation and accepting responsibility for working with the Higher Jewel Rays. This also means accepting ourself fully and without reservation; recognising and acknowledging our shadow and light aspects (and hence our Divinity); and moving towards Unity with All.

The Omega Chakra, located 6-8 inches below and 2-3" behind the base (linear) chakra also acts to anchor the 7th Dimensional etheric blueprint and connects our lower bodies (linear chakras 1-14 and 7 auric bodies/layers) across their holographic grid of incarnations. It does this through the energy field of the torus and also through its golden grounding cords that connect in to the Earth and her gridwork, which in turn also connects us "up and out" to our Solar system, Galaxy and Universe throughout all Dimensions. Together with the Alpha chakra it anchors the two openings ("upper" and "lower") of the Unified Field energy torus, and supports the "Waves of Metatron", which flow between them and serve an Electric, Magnetic, and Gravitational function connected with co-coordinating our physical body changes to that of the Lightbody.


lotus of the heart
picture © Hilary Hargreaves & Arthur Brittain 2008

The "Lotus of the Heart" (THE DIVINE LOTUS OF ENLIGHTENMENT) holds the three-fold flames of enlightenment: Divine Love, Wisdom and Understanding, which each person is required to hold; take responsibility for; and work with, develop and understand as a fundamental part of their path to enlightenment on their journey home to Unity and Source. These three Flames are specific to the main lessons of this Solar System and Earth in particular, being primarily tools for use in Earthly embodiments. As such this Lotus is a template for just one set of "learning opportunities" available to all Souls. In physicality it is located between the heart and thymus centres in the centre of the chest, and working through its lessons is the primary goal of all Earthly lifetimes.

The Composition Of The Lotus Of The Heart:
The outer petals (tongues of flame) of the Lotus of the Heart are pure brilliant white: these are the Flames of Purity overseen by Annunciata, the Lady Hope, connecting to Gabriel's flame located at the Seat of the Soul. Lady Hope's flames enclose the 3-fold flames and act to protect, purify and energise them whilst Gabriel's flame holds and purifies the space wherein the Lotus of the Soul will be placed by Raphael if and when appropriate. All the layers of the petals of the lotus can fold up around each other like a flower in bud, fully enclosing and concealing each other and the gems at its core.
The inner petals comprise:

At the core you find an emerald cube with 6 faces (element of earth / physical plane). Surrounding and enclosing it is a translucent blue-white octagonal diamond with each face indented towards the centre, forming a 5th Dimensional 4-pointed "Melchisadek" star. This is a protective device designed to contain the emerald until the time is right for its release. When awakened the Melchisadek star will morph to form a sapphire octahedron with 8 faces (element of air / mental plane). Work with these gems is the precursor to activating the Lotus of the Soul, which may occur only once the Lotus of the Heart is fully open and the 3-fold flames are in balance.

Lotus of the Soul
picture © Hilary Hargreaves & Arthur Brittain 2009/11

THE ENLIGHTENED LOTUS OF DIVINITY is an energetic 5th Dimensional (and higher) template located within the physical body and sitting at the Seat of the Soul in a location between the root of the Sacral chakra and the Sacrum bone at the base of the spine. This template we have called the "Lotus of the Soul". It is a part of each person's True Self — that part which is the co-creative Self, fully awakened and aware of its True Existence and Reality as a Divine Being of Light and aspect of Divine Source. When in physical embodiment this Lotus is veiled, closed or hidden from view until such time as the "Lotus of the Heart" (see above) is awakened, open, functioning and empowered, and has been developed to an appropriate degree of understanding and balance. The "Lotus of the Soul" anchors the Higher / Gem Rays, which are usually only accessed and worked with during Higher Dimensional existences. These Rays are intimately connected with the 5 Platonic Solids and their fundamental role in the creation and manifestation of all things and as such draw directly on Divine Light; utilise the elements; and carry co-creative responsibilities. However once an individual has learnt and demonstrated a high degree of competence and trustworthiness in their spiritual practice and understanding, they can be connected to this template when in "Lower" Dimensional embodiments. Because of the necessity to act with integrity and respect for the power and potential of the energies of these Rays it is the Divine (Higher) Self in consultation with its Teachers who oversees the unfolding of the  Lotus of the Soul and the anchoring therein of these Rays, understanding that inappropriately timed access (consciously or misguidedly) might prevent, impede or damage the Soul's progress.

The Composition Of The Lotus Of The Soul:
All the petals of the Lotus are flames of Light, being Primary intense emanations of Divine Light (red, blue and green, along with clear, gold, pearl-white and silver) that comprise the inner core of our Divine nature. We call these the Higher Rays and they include the Gem and Metal Rays. The outer petals of the Lotus are Pure Pearlescent White Flames of the Light of Divine Source, placed there by Mareia (twin flame of Raphael) to purify, charge and protect the inner petals. The inner petals, initially closed up, are placed as a bud by Archaeon Raphael. They comprise:

At the core of these "petals" sits a dodecahedron that will anchor the Gold and Silver Rays (the Rays of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine), connected with the clarity and all-embracing potential and Power of God — Divine Source. Held within that is the icosahedron, which will anchor the Crystal Ray of the Christed-child, and that is our connection to our Christed / Buddha Self. And at the very centre of all this sits a sphere of condensed Energy. This is the Essence of LOVE — which IS God, and as such is our True Nature, for our True Nature is the Divine Spark that we once were, emanating from our Unified God-self and disseminated through the ethers to learn and grow as we journey "home" to unify once more. The energy that comprises the sphere is self-contained, yet highly mobile and charged, pulsing with tiny spikes of energy outwards into the dual platonic solids that enclose it. Within the sphere are miniscule sparks of pearlescent, gold and silver Light, which can be seen moving within and also travelling out and into the formations that contain it via the vibrating spikes of energy. At its very heart is the "Pearl beyond Price" — our God-spark itself; composed of the Diamond Light — black Light and white Light in perfect balance. This is the part of us that is our original Spark — the part that IS God, held as a holographic particle of the Whole that is Source /God himself, and as such contains the sum total of all that Source / God knows and has learnt.


Divine Father/Mother God holds the energy and structures of all Creation, but the space that was required to contain the energy is held by another. The one who volunteered for this immense task had to be powerful and dedicated enough to be capable of holding the energies of the best AND the worst possible excesses that could become manifest within the Divine Plan for its immeasurable duration, understanding that as such they would be reviled and despised for their role in holding these polar extremes. We feel that the one who took on this task is a Great Archaeonic Being and that his "fall", accompanied by many Angelic volunteers, was of his own volition and with the Creator's approval. He is called "Lucifer" (which actually means "Light-bearer") by many and we have been aware of his presence around us for some months whilst we have been working with those polar energies in connection with the Ascension series of workshops we are writing. In the guise of Lucifer he is incorrectly regarded by many as "the anti-Christ; the evil one; the devil" and is acknowledged for his hold upon the extremity of the "negative" pole. Yet rarely is it acknowledged that by definition he must also hold the opposite pole — that of the utmost Light. Just as humanity ignores and disregards their own shadow side, so too do they behave with this being they call Lucifer, fearing to open the doorways that open up the dark spaces of the past whilst fearing also to release 'the "devil" within'. Yet when each person has the courage to penetrate the diamond core within their heart and set free the emerald trapped within, in so doing they will embrace all aspects of themself — shadow and light — and through exposing their True and compassionate core they will KNOW all; BE all; and BE Light. In this way each person may realise their potential to act as a Divine Light-bearer. On 15/7/2009 this Angelic One stepped forwards and introduced himself to us, coming also to a friend on the same day. He gave two names to us, which when put together translate as "Eternal Light of Earth". He made it clear that the time is now right for humanity to access their entire BEing, and step forwards in the Light of Truth and make their choices for their future in full recognisance of who and what they truly are. For the present time we are calling him by the title of LuX'on, meaning "Great Light".

emerald skull

Some call me the Dark Angel.
You see me as shadow in front of the Light.
My form is not clear to you,
for the Light blinds your sight.
Be present with me
so that you may know the truth of the Whole:
the Light and the Dark; the good and the bad;
all that there is now, and ever will be.
For that is what you seek to know,
if truth be in your heart.

(channelled by Mark, July 2009)

If you like what you read here and want to use it yourself PLEASE NOTE that we have copyrighted all material that we have created and channelled on this site — which is ALL of it, unless alternate credit is shown. You may freely use any of it for private or personal use ONLY, but we ask that if you wish to use ANY of our material for publication or reproduction in ANY other shape or form, including using ALL OR ANY PARTS OF IT on other internet pages or sites, that you FIRSTLY contact us for permission... We will then usually ask that you use extracts only (NOT whole blocks); and that you credit us as the source of your information AND create a web link back to the relevant page(s) from which you took the material. We are happy to share our work, but dislike the very rude practice some people have of copying material without due credit to its original authors.