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1st AUGUST 2016:

Well, the cats have enjoyed their new gym - Milly most of all! She likes the higher platforms to sleep on, and is now adept at dashing along the skywalks. She also rests on these (her leopard on a branch impression!) perhaps because she knows that Sox and Snooze have not yet been brave enough to master them. 
Both have shown an interest and put a few paws on, but have been put off by the swaying - odd, as having been outdoor cats you would think this would be common when scaling trees.... but maybe they did not have trees to climb either!

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All 3 are now getting on much better - very little hissing now, and Snooze and Milly will sleep on our bed at the same time, albeit one on one side, one on the other. 
All still enjoy 'chase me' with Milly often taking the lead. Games with laces, especially if it involves jumping over our legs are also favourites! 
At nighttimes Snooze has commandeered our bed, sometimes sleeping on her back like a baby in the crook of an arm! 
Milly moves around, sometimes in Arthur's room (she enjoys his chair) or on the sofas. 
Sox mostly perches in odd places - on the piano stool, which is really hard, or on the rug by the front door. 
Milly also slept here when it was really hot, maybe to catch a cooler breeze from under the front door! 
They also all enjoy being outside in the evening, and sometimes need persuading to come indoors - maybe because they hope to find more moths!

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All are also putting on weight.... Milly is still a bit of a pig, and has developed the habit of licking all the jelly off a fresh bowl of food, then moving to stand sideways to do the same on the second bowl, whilst covering the first bowl with her coiled up tail. 
Oddly, Sox and Snooze tolerate her eating first - and in any case they still prefer their food at room temperature and in small quantities (unless treats are involved!!) 
They also still love crystal energy - although Milly has got her paws stuck behind the one on the windowsill, and had to rescued by Arthur! 
She is also the first to explore the cat-bunks, which we had bought new 'mattresses' for, hoping they might sleep in the kitchen (ha ha) and has found they are both huggable and warm! I expect this might become one of her favourite sleeping spots, especially if its cold...

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All have enjoyed visits from friends and work colleagues - in their own way of course! Snooze is always the most nosy when it comes to inspecting bags and shoes - whilst Sox is often first to greet new arrivals. 
Snooze has also been trying to teach Sox to retrieve... she has mastered the running up the stairs and batting the ball down again, but not the picking it up and brining it back. 
Meanwhile Snooze improves her ambidextrous foot-balling abilities daily, showing amazing dribbling and 'ball' control skills!

She is always up for a game, so callers are always welcome!

25th JULY 2016:


DSC08992.JPG (8684600 bytes)

HOW MANY CATS CAN YOU GET IN THE ROYAL MEWS???? - room for a few more, perhaps!

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Last night Milly enjoyed sleeping on the top of the Sky Tower when dusk fell, relishing the height and the cooling breeze. She seems to really enjoy being up high, and I think she also finds it the best place to know she is safe from Sox and Snooze when things all get a bit too rough! She also loves the sleeping box at the top of the mews - and uses it as a viewing platform, sleeping place and grooming area!

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Once again, she has braved the Skywalks - moving from Mews to Sky tower with only a little encouragement from biscuits and strings. Even the fact that it sways as she moves up / down / on / off it does not seem to phase her. I think she also will use it as a lounging place - she certainly seems to enjoy the view!

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Sox also enjoys the top of the Sky Tower, and likes being able to see the squirrels and next door's cat whenever they have the nerve to come near! She and Snooze have also found a great deal of fun in trying to 'dap' each other and/or dash between the different layers of the Mews!

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Snooze likes clinging to the rope-clad poles best, and is often (but not always) the first the ignore the ramps and go for the harder option! She also does her Meerkat impression when there are unwelcome guests in the garden...

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24th July 2016:



Yes, the Cat Towers have arrived, and all have been installed by Dave, their maker.

Apparently other drivers find it highly amusing when they are pulling their trailer full of bits - even taking photos! So if you see a load of rope-clad poles and complex creations of decking as you wizz down the motorway, it might be them.... Apparently their local RSPCA have just had a delivery of 30 towers for their cattery, so we are in good company.

Left (above) is the Sky Tower, which stands over 6 feet tall, with 5 steps leading to a sun and sleeping platform. The cats have to twist as they climb, which encourages their dexterity and flexibility. Some parts are rope-clad for extra grip and stropping opportunities - and in fact Snooze prefers to use the rope rather than the steps!

Centre (above) is the Royal Mews (custom edition) which has six levels, some linked by ramps. The poles are nearly all rope-clad and it has plenty of dangle-ropes, sleeping areas and hidey-holes. The customised version fits in the end of the cat-pen perfectly!

Right (above) Both are linked by suspended Sky Walkways - one just higher than the top of the sky tower, which crosses the lower one then slopes gently towards the top of the Mews. As they hang from ropes they swing, which the cats are taking time to get used to - Milly braving it first, Sox and Snooze more wary so far!

They all watched the installation with interest, and did not take long verturing out to explore it. Sox was first to the top of the Sky Ladder - and seemed to love the twists of the steps. Snooze was less certain - and kept missing out steps, simply hauling herself up by her claws - and falling off from the 4th level. Milly worked out how to climb it ok, but decided to jump down from the 4th step and bumped her nose on the concrete patio, which slowed her down a bit.

None needed much encouragement to explore the Mews - a few Dreamies and a dangling lace or two adding a good reason to check out all the levels. Not everyone used the ramps though - all are active enough to leap a few levels - or simply claw their way up the poles!

The only one to have walked all Sky Walkways so far is Milly, who needed no help to understand how to cross from one tower to the other. Sox and Snooze have ventured on, but not crossed it fully so far, being a little put off by the fact they sway and move, especially when moving on and off them.

The views however are great, and all like being up high and having a choice of perching points to overlook the garden (even if they would prefer to be out!)

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